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"West Coast" Wednesday…Geeyeah!

by Eric on June 27, 2007

Compton’s Most Wanted-Music To Driveby

Geeyeah! Being from Pennsylvania, I grew up on the likes of Pete & CL, GangStarr, Run DMC, Public Enemy and EPMD. All I can say is thank God for N.W.A., had it not been for “Straight Outta’ Compton” I highly doubt that my ears would have ever been introduced to Compton’s Most Wanted’s “Music To Driveby”. What a shame that would’ve been. This was released slightly before (well, not really….about two years) the timeframe that “Menace II Society” was poppin‘ off and introduced the world to the one & only MC Eiht (Geeyeah) who hit the nail “head on” with his portrayal of “A-Wax” (it really seemed as if Eiht really didn’t have to get “out of character” for that role did it?). Preceding “G Funk” classics such as Dre’s “The Chronic” & Snoop’sDoggystyle“, CMW’s “Music To Driveby” used to bump in the Honda Civic “hatchback” on a regular basis. Listening to “Music To Driveby” today…well, I can’t front it does sound slightly outdated, but back in 92′ boy this sh*t knocked! Armed with a heavy array of Isaac Hayes/Barry White samples DJ Slip & MC Eiht did truly provide you with “rider music” not that bullsh*t “Ryder Music” that 50 is talkin‘ about either. There’s not a whole lot to mention about MC Eiht that you don’t already know…..he was definitely “one of a kind” with his immediately identifiable “drawl”. Let’s not overlook DJ Slip’s skills on the wheels of steel, as witnessed on “Who’s Xxxxing Who?” where you can literally feel Slip slicing the record right through Tim Dog’s (Fu*k Compton) chest plate. Oh, and tell me Eiht wasn’t going at EVERYBODY on “Music To Driveby” for a little sample check out “Duck Sick” (DJ Quik gets it), the aforementioned “Who’s Xxxxing Who?” (damn, it’s not so much Eiht’s hostile lyrics on this record, but more so Slip just slicing Tim’s vocal samples to death) and “Def Wish II” (yet, Quik again). To me, this is an overlooked but just as important a record for the West Coast as say…..”The Chronic”, “Ni**az4Life” or “Doggystyle” and it also served as CMW’s best piece of work…-Eric

Ice Cube-Lethal Injection

In what may be best described as the beginning of the end for Ice Cube’s solo career as an MC, Cube’s 1993 release “Lethal Injection” was not only a major disappointment to me but also the majority of Cube’s “die hard” listeners. Following on the heels of the post-LA riots, testosterone induced “The Predator”, Cube traded in the grimey sound lent from DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill for the more “laid back” G-Funkish rhythms of QDIII (Quincy Jones’ son) who produced over half the tracks on “Lethal Injection”. The feel good induced rhythms on tracks such as “You Know How We Do It” (which was actually a pretty dope single) & the 11 minute (yeah, 11 minutes!!) yawner “Bop Gun” which also featured vocals from Paliment’s George Clinton. Realistically, expecting the quality that Cube displayed on his previous three albums (“Amerikkkas Most Wanted”, “Death Certificate” & “The Predator”) and an equally important EP (“Kill At Will”) may have been demanding too much of Cube. Personally, I feel that the passion and effort just wasn’t there on “Lethal Injection” and maybe he was just trying to feed his acting “bug” as opposed to delivering a dope album. The enthusiasm and even more so…the aggression, that made Cube one of the most in demand and popular MCs (West Coast or East Coast) from 1990-1993 was nowhere to be found on this album. Were this album released from the likes of another “lesser known” West Coast artist say….hmmm, Ahmad or Poppa LQ than the album would suffice and we would’ve probably crowned it as a success for either of the two aforementioned artists. But C’mon man, this is CUBE and to be quite honest “Lethal Injection” was the last Cube album I ever purchased. OK, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch….I DID purchase “Bootlegs & B-Sides” just for the remix of “What Can I Do”. One thing that I found particular intriguing while searching for the cover art for “Lethal Injection”…apparently, there was an Ali Shaheed Muhammed (ATCQ) remix of “What Can I Do”. Have I been sleeping under a rock for the past 14 years? Has anyone else heard of this remix? I know that the video version of “What Can I Do” was indeed included on “Bootlegs & B-Sides” but I don’t think that it was the “Eastside Remix” done by Ali Shaheed Muhammed. In closing, am I pissed that I wasted my hard earned $9.99 for the cassette of “Lethal Injection”? Probably not, but I am pissed that Cube put out such an uninspired, lackluster follow up to his previous three CLASSICS. If you did enjoy this album, it had to be one of your very first Cube purchases or you had to be a “die hard” Cube fan…..and I mean DIE HARD!…-Eric

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Tim June 27, 2007 at 8:24 pm

At the time I kind of enjoyed this album, although having said I’ve never upgraded my tape to a CD – which probably says something about the record’s place in my collection.

As I remember, the opening ‘Really Doe’ was dope, especially coming off the back of that intro that ends with the gunshot.

There was also a dope remix of ‘You Know How We Do It’ that took the track’s g-funk smoothness to another level. I think I had it on a CD single, but it should be on the b-sides album too I guess.

Incidentally, this was the last Cube album I bought as well. Wonder how many heads that’s true for?

Straight Checkin Em June 28, 2007 at 1:04 am

I was at college when lethal injection came out. i remember listening to it as i walked back to my dorm, on my walkman. i threw it in the trash. I was so disapointed and for me, this was a signal as to the beginning of the end of true hip hop and the old school, the true school.

Anonymous June 28, 2007 at 3:49 am

I was in 3rd grade when the album came out so my opinion may not matter as much. I am a fan of Ice Cube (wouldn’t use the term DIE HARD). I have to say I thought it was a good album, not a classic like every other “decent” album gets labeled with nowadays. Of course nothing Cube does will ever touch Death Certificate, which I still listen to this day. I still don’t know why this album gets as bad a rep as it does. Now if you were talking about War & Peace, Vol. 2, I’d have to agree with you in a heartbeat. I guess I’m feeling it because it was when I thought Cube could do no wrong on the mic. Plus I love the tracks When I Get To Heaven, Really Doe, Ghetto Bird, & You Know How We Do It. Maybe people weren’t feeling Cube on those G-Funk “Chronic-like” beats or his dumbing down of his lyrics. I like this album, though it does come after Death Certificate, Amerikkkaz Most Wanted, The Predator, & Kill At Will on my list of rankings. I guess my taste are much different but then again I liked Niggaz4Life better than Straight Outta Compton, which was an all time favorite.

Tim June 28, 2007 at 5:53 am

As for CMW, it’s a good album – but for Eiht’s best, 1994′s ‘We Come Strapped’ is unbeatable.

Anonymous June 28, 2007 at 12:00 pm

man reading most of your thoughts on here, i agree with most of the things you say but i can’t go with you on this one. Lethal Injection is a dope album! i wasn’t disappointed in it at all, Bop Gun is my shit! i still pump lethal Injection from time to time & Ice Cube is still probably one of my real top 3 fav rappers ever.

Anonymous June 28, 2007 at 6:18 pm

good post. you basically summed up my and my two best friends thoughts when we heard this. it was ok but after the play his first 3 had gotten from all of is this was a huge disappointment. goddamn ghetto bird.

turtle June 29, 2007 at 6:45 pm

The Ali Shaheed Muhammed (ATCQ) remix of “What Can I Do” is on the re-release of Lethal Injection.

SniperInTheMist July 6, 2007 at 3:33 pm

you know how we do it and ghetto bird were quality, and for me the album was quite good.


As you say, its not as if this is a follow up to a Juelz Santana mixtape. Its a follow up to three CONSECUTIVE great albums (two classics) and a big-time EP. You really need to step up when your back catalogue is that impressive.

Sadly, I think Cube’s output got even worse after this one, so it doesn’t seem as bad anymore!

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