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Re-Ups, Requests, Re-Do's, Rehab, Reposts, ReRead…You Get The Picture

by Travis on June 29, 2007

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I finally wrote down all the requests and reups people have been asking for (I hope). I’ve noticed a lot of the zshare links have been dying rather quickly. I’m not sure if this is due to zshare cracking down on downloading or if it’s our resident deliquent fucking with them. None the less, I’m going to go back to Sharebee for these, sorry if it fucks anyone up, but I’m not left with a lot of choices (I’m not sold on Mass Mirror yet).

I have a couple requests myself. First one is a shitty bass album that got some play during the summer of ’96, but nostalgia can be a bitch. Quad City DJ’s – Get Up & Dance
The second one is something I posted up myself, but didn’t get to it before the link got pulled. That would be the Atmosphere Headshots Vol 1 that I posted up. Thanks in advance….
I apologize in advance for any re-ups I might have missed. Once you get over 30, your memory starts going, so if you sent an email or asked for a re-up in the cbox and I missed, just politely remind me again. Also if you post a request in an older comments section, there is a good chance I won’t see it. After a post has been up for a week, I stop checking comments pretty much and the email that the comments requests go to is so full of crap, it’s hard to tell whats what, so you are better off asking for requests in the cbox.

For once we have less of me and more of you…which might be a bad thing, but what the hell (I know, I know, a bad Jim Rome rip-off)…..lets jump on into it.

A1 Intro (1:48)
A2 On A Vibe (3:20)
A3 Time To Shine (2:59)
A4 Check It Out (3:20)
B1 Constantly At It (2:15)
B2 Rock A Show (3:43)
B3 I Thank God (3:53)
B4 Chill Out Zone (2:52)
I can’t remember if I’ve posted this before. I want to say no, but I’ve posted so much shit in the past year and a half that I’m losing track of it all. This is an NY duo consisting of Jack The Ripper and J. Blackstar. They were heavily involved with the D&D studios in the mid/late 90′s, but never really release more than this EP. If you are into the NY underground and the kind of stuff that appeared on Primo’s NY Reality release, then this right here is for you.

Cenobites – The Cenobites LP (Fondle ‘Em, 1997) (This is the original wax version, no the CD re-release, hence the missing track that didn’t appear on the LP version)
A1 Lex Lugor (3:50)
A2 I Was Forgotten (3:48)
A3 Kick a Dope Verse (4:09)
A4 Mommy (3:19)
A5 You’re Late (3:44) Rap [Featuring] – Percee P
B1 Rhymes I Sniff Aka Carlos Died (4:13)
B2 Keep On (4:34)
B3 How The Fuck You Get A Deal (5:38)
B4 Kick A Dope Verse (Remix) (4:13)

I can’t remember if I re-uped this not too long ago or not, but if not, here it is now. As I mentioned on top, this is the wax LP version that Polarity himself ripped from his collection and it doesn’t include one song that the CD version had. For those of you not up on this, this is Godfather Don and Kool Keith before Keith got all spacy and shit. Excellent album, grab if you’ve missed the first 5 or 6 times I’ve posted it up here.

A1 Davy’s Ride (3:43)
A2 Get Busy (We Ain’t New To This) (2:53) Featuring – Hurricane
A3 Keep Your Distance (3:58) Featuring – Hurricane
A4 Feel For You (3:11)
A5 Bustin’ Loose (4:39) Featuring – Hurricane
A6 Your Love Is Like Money In The Bank (1:36)
B1 Live On Hollis Day (3:02) Featuring – Hurricane
B2 Ohh Girl (4:31)
B3 Have You Seen Davy (3:22)
B4 Do Ya Do (3:31)
B5 Bring It (3:51) Featuring – Russell Simmons
B6 Let’s Rock (1:43)

Someone sent me an email yesterday wanting this after reading about it on the Philaflava tournament thingy going on. It doesn’t include “One For The Treble” but it’s not all that bad. Kind of in that Afro’s, Hollis Crew, Run DMC, Hurricane vibe that all those artist seem to have going at the time.

No track listing

I’m not even sure this is a legit project, since I can’t find shit about it anywhere, but then again its filled with songs I’ve never heard before. The tracks are not named which kind of sucks. Deacon is pretty much the lead MC for Cunninlynguists which are one of my favorite groups out now a days. This is kind of lack luster, only a couple Kno beats I can pick up on, not sure who did the others, maybe his own stuff

01) D-Flow & A-Bless: ‘Ridin and Rollin
02) Brand Nubian & Diamond: ‘I Flip Styles’
03) Fat Joe & Big Pun: ‘Best Behaviour’

05) AG & Diamond: ‘Put it in Your System’
06) DITC: ‘Stick Up’
07) OC: ‘Half Good, Half Sinner’
08) The Omen (Sadat X, Diamond & Kamari): ‘It’s Our World’
09) DITC: ‘Dignified Soldiers RMX’
10) Diamond: ‘With The Dope Sound’
11) OC: ‘U-N-I’
12) Milano: ‘Deal With A Feeling’
13) Big L: ‘How Will I Make It’
14) A-Bless: ‘My Life’s On the Edge’
15) The Omen: ‘Do It Now’
16) Diamond: ‘The Hiatus RMX’
17) OC & Showbiz: ‘Showtime’
18) Sadat, Diamond & Finesse: ‘You Can’t Front’
19) A-Bless: ‘That’s Bless’
20) Fat Joe & Big Pun: ‘Best Behaviour RMX’
21) DITC: ‘Themes, Dreams & Schemes’
22) Lord Finesse: ‘In The Ghetto’
23) A-Bless, Party Arty & D-Flow: ‘Rap Game’
24) The Omen: ‘Get On Up’
25) A-Bless, OC & Party Arty: ‘Bad Reputation’.
26) John Dough, Big Red, K. Terrobul & Ras Kass: ‘You’re in the Wrong Place’
27) DITC: ‘We Known For That’
28) Milano: ‘Rep For The Slums’
29) Big L: ‘Put It On RMX’
30) Party Arty, A-Bless & AG: ‘Hold It Down’
31) Diamond & John Dough: ‘MC2’
32) DITC: ‘Wildlife Theme’
33) OC & Jay Z: ‘Bonafide’
34) Lord Finesse & Diamond: ‘Do Your Thing RMX’
35) The Omen: ‘Half Steppin’
36) Lord Finesse: ‘Down For The Underground’

I think the links for these were still good, but someone wanted to know if I could re-up them in something other than megaupload and since they caught me on a good day I went ahead and did it. Plus this was back in Nov or so, and I know some of y’all are too lazy to go back that far, so here they are again, and no corrupt tracks thsi time.

Not sure of the story behind these, these were another thing Polarity sent me (damn I need to send him his CD’s one of these days, no wonder he doesn’t post anymore). Mostly comprised of 12 inch releases and the such.

1. Into the Future
2. Soundwave Sermon
3. Common Knowledge
4. My Vision
5. Life Of an Entertainer
6. Hole In My Pocket
7. Something About It
8. Brainstorm
9. I’m Slammin’
10. The Rell Thing

No one mentions this all this album much and it’s not a bad album for the most part. I had completely forgot about this myself until a year or two ago. It was one of those tapes I had for awhile and disappeared never to be thought of again.

Rell sounds like a cheap rip off of Rakim, but is that really a bad thing?

1. Aggravated Mayheim
2. Mad Nigga
3. Record Deal
4. Life
5. Runaway Slave
6. Da Hood
7. What You Say
8. Da Bullet
9. Cold World
10. Me By Myself
11. Have You Ever Heard
12. Last Driveby
13. Kill Whitey

Knucklehedz – Strictly Savage, 1993 (Not Offically Released, though seems to be some promos floating around)

1. Hedrush
2. Savages
3. Wuntz Upon A Time
4. Party Wrecker
5. Uglee Picture
6. Girlies Keep Screamin
7. All She Wanted
8. Trouble Makas
9. 5 Hoods In A 4 Door
10. Who Called The Cops
11. Joy Ridin’
12. Merlin

If you don’t know what this, then you proably shouldn’t be downloading it haha…Short story about this since I’ve typed it a million times. These white boys were supposed to be the next in line in Hit Squad releases before the EPMD break up. It never happened, that coupled with the fact they were on East/West records who dropped more balls than Jose Canseco playing Center Field and they were doomed to be never heard from again. Some people say this was released, but I’m 99.9% sure it never was although there seems to be numerous promo copies floating around.

1. Autobiography
2. An All Out Bash
3. Motivated
4. Intermission
5. Take Heed
6. I Came Back
7. Motivated Reprise
8. My Bass In It
9. Let’s Get Physical
10. Make It Funky
11. King Of The Swing
12. I Bring The Funk
13. Meeting Of The Minds

If you’ve read this blog long enough, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of ADE’s “How Much Can You Take” which I will call the best Miami Bass album of all time. This was the follow up to that release. While not as good, it definately has its stand out cuts. This one is a little more “hip-hoppy” in the terms of music.

I bought this when it dropped way back then the day, only to lose it like probably about 50% of my collection over time. Dread at Bust The Facts hooked me last year but I finally broke down and bought a copy on amazon after searching all the local stores for it.

1. I like Cherries – Audio Two
2. Chillin’ – Audio Two
3. The Freshest Slow Jam – Audio Two
4. Where’s The Fellas – Alliance
5. We Got A Beat Pt 2 (Rough Rough) – Alliance
6. Why Oh Girl – Alliance
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