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by Eric on June 29, 2007

  1. “SHOCKER” of the week….Does the man in the pic above look familiar to you?? Well, if you visit this “blog” you should know who it is. That’s right folks Kool Kim, better recognized as 1/2 of the UMCs. I was listening to Kim’s errrNYOils‘ “Hood Treason” briefly this week after seeing the “no frills” video for “Ya’ll Should All Get Lynched” (Damn, whatever happened to “Blue Cheese” dude?) and judging from the “skits/interviews” that appear on the album, the current state of Hip Hop has got him well….”pissed” would be saying it politely. I still need to give this joint a few “hard” listens before I comment any further. I can definitely see where dude is coming from though.
  2. Alrighty, everyone in the “blog” community already knows the hype that I created for Ill Poetic’s “The World Is Ours”. Most of your e-mail responses are in the vein of “Yeah Eric, I like the album too, the production is dope, but I’m just not feelin‘ the album as much as you are”. On the other hand, a handful of our readers do share the same regards for “The World Is Ours” that I do. Straight up and down, no BS…I haven’t played an album in succession like I have “The World Is…” in a long time. Truly, I’d have to say the last album that I enjoyed this much in recent memory was probably “Madvillinary” (and I’m not a Doom fan AT ALL) or well, I played “The Black Album” quite a bit when it first dropped as well. To truly enjoy Ill Poetic’s banger you have to listen to it with a good pair of headphones on to really appreciate the INCREDIBLE production that Ill handles himself. Honestly, this album has “blown me away”. After three weeks of listening this album has surpassed “The Weatherman” by far for my top album of the year. Believe it or not, I actually received Ill’s debut “Illumination” in the mail today and after about two full listens I’m extremely impressed with it as well. Oh, stay tuned this week…Ill was gracious enough to grant “When They Reminisce” interview privileges to hit him off with “20 Questions”.
  3. In my never ending quest to capture every album that I remotely recall listening to, I came across E.S.P.’s’ “Valoompadoom Pink” over at Bust The Facts. After sitting on my hard drive for the better part of two months I finally decided to give it a listen this week. While “Valoompadoom..” is by no means…”groundbreaking” it is a decent listen and the production (especially on “Makin‘ Nat Green”) is pretty dope. Correct me if I’m wrong here, but..didn’t Howie Tee do some of the production on this album? Yet, what would have been a great post for the Select Records “Selections” that I finished up last week.
  4. Oh, and guess who else is joining the likes of Marley Marl, Krs One & Kool Kim aka NYOil on the comeback quest? That’s right people, Krazy Drayz 1/2 of the duo diggedy Das Efx. Just stumbled upon this today at HipHopBootleggers. Check It Out HERE . Damn, I hope this double mix CD is better than Das‘ last album “How We Do”…that sh*t was a hard listen from one of my favorite duos.
  5. While we’re on the subject of “Duos”. Recently, Guru of the legendary GangStarr released “Jazzmatazz Vol. IV” which featured production mainly handled by Solaar (formerly the French MC Solaar). Has anyone heard this yet? If so, what’s the reaction?
  6. Damn, if you haven’t seen it already (prepare yourself for a PLUG) , I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by the one and only Travis from the massive “Wake Your Daughter Up” it HERE. First of all, I must say thanks to Travis (who’s really taken me “under his wing” more or less in the “blogging” world) for the opportunity…you wouldn’t believe how enjoyable it was to just take an hour or two out of my day to touch upon something that I love so much. Secondly, for all the blog “authors” out there you need to jump on the opportunity when it presents itself. Trav does some a good job of probing and I’m sure you’ll receive the same gratification that I did as well when it’s all said and done. On a side note, a publication for my work that goes out to each of our, hell….I’d say hundreds of thousands of clients did a four page interview with me some time ago and I finally got a copy of it yesterday. That coupled with Trav’s interview and an interview with Ill Poetic on the way…let’s just say it was a damn good week! My wife said the only problem is my head’s havin‘ a hard time fitting through the door!
  7. I’m always up for new music recommendations. I know that I spend alot of time hippin‘ everyone to what I think is “gonna’ blow” and what I think is dope. Does anyone have any recent albums that fly under the radar that I may need to give a listen? I’m all open ears.
  8. Something else I just discovered this week. Lord Finesse produced Double XX Posse’s “Money Talks”? Damn, I never knew that and I play the hell outta’ that joint. I swear, if I ever make a movie that song is gonna’ serve as the opening theme music….the damn horns are RIDICULOUS!!!
  9. As promised this week….the drops have been more frequent and “WTR” is back up and runnin‘ the way it should be and this is largely due in part to the return of Rasul. Shit, I thought Ra had fallin‘ of the map at first. Extremely good to have him back, Ra fills a much needed void with this site (read: he doesn’t always agree with me….Ra, trust me Ill Poetic’s joint will grow on you..just give it time, ha ha!). Most importantly being an MC himself, he has a DEEP passion and appreciation for the art form we cherish. Good to have you back Bro!!
  10. Just a final thought, and I’m not tryin‘ to be overly sensitive or cheesy or self righteous here but…..If you don’t appreciate each day for what it’s worth or you think the world’s shittin‘ on you things could always be alot worse. So where is this comin‘ from? Well, this past week I spent a little bit more time in my office than what I usually do and let’s just say…especially on those mid-summer days…I have a pretty good view out of my office window. Everyday though, I run into or watch this fellow….struggle to make it through the front doors of our office building. When I say struggle, I mean it’s almost like “Turn your head the other way, it’s too painful to watch him try to walk” painful! He works in the office across from mine at the Arkansas Agriculture Dept. Literally, this man has to be partially paralyzed or something related to that…I mean, I’ve literally never seen anything or anyone struggle like this to get from Point A to Point B. While I have spoken to him in passing, a simple “Hello” or “How ya’ doin” at the most, I’ve never had the courage to ask him what caused his paralysis. He still drives and does everything that you or I do, it just takes a helluva’ lot more time & effort. He has to go through about two pairs of sneakers a month because when he walks he drags the insole of his left foot violently across the hot concrete. Where I’m getting at is this fellow is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, I have NEVER pulled into our office parking lot and not seen his truck (an old beat-up Ford Ranger) there..meaning he never misses work. I mean, that sh*t would have to suck….I’ve never seen anything like this, most people would revert to a wheelchair or walker but not him! Sh*t, I really don’t no where I’m going with this but it just really put things in perspective for me today and made me appreciate all that I’ve been blessed with.
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Alvs June 29, 2007 at 4:45 am

Yo, I just read item 6 (the interview with “Wake Yr. Daughters Up…”) and you were asked if you listen to anything else besides Hip-Hop, replying you like some R&B and such. Well, if you’re looking for more stuff other than Hip-Hop i suggest checking out The National’s 2007 album Boxer and Panda Bear’s 2007 album Person Pitch. Those are some hot albums from ’07

BTW: Great blog man.

a-one June 29, 2007 at 5:41 am

re: Das Efx

I just saw an interview on them on Allhiphop & they’re working on a new album together. Which leads me to believe those Drayz mixtapes on HHB aren’t brand-spanking new but its my first time seeing them so I’m not complaining. I heard some solo Dray songs awhile back & they were different than I expected.

Krisch June 29, 2007 at 8:23 am

“Superproducer” Solar is not MC Solaar from France with whom Guru worked on Jazzmatazz 1.

Hugo the Dude June 29, 2007 at 9:44 am

Alright, it took you a bit of hustle Eric but you finally made me wan’t to here that ill poetic album haha. I’m downloading it right now and will listen to it later..

you should check out the new Access Immortal joint
(from, if there’s a password that’s it)

great post!

AaronM June 29, 2007 at 2:34 pm

Eric, you heard that new Camp Lo yet?
Black Hollywood is DOPE.

Anonymous June 29, 2007 at 2:47 pm

Eric, i’m with you on that Ill Poetic joint, ish is fire, I’m surprised more people haven’t caught on to it.
I have a recommendation for ya, Hilltop Hoods – The Hard Road Restrung. Dope record by an Australian crew. – adrm

Eric June 29, 2007 at 3:07 pm

@krisch..damn, you always set me straight…that just goes to show why I need to listen to the album

travis July 2, 2007 at 2:26 pm

WYDU? who the fuck are those guys???


I spent all weekend listening to old shit, so I won’t be any help about the new stuff.

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