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Ultimate Force – the remix

by Staff on June 30, 2007

Sup, people, I don’t really have much time since I just came home from my 7 days -only – drink -beer -and -vodka -eat -burgers -and -pizza -while -driving -with -a -nine -seater -2500kilometers “holiday” to celebrate the end of my school days having successfully passed all of my 9 exams. Well I will quickly quote Jaz from coldrockdaspot what he posted over at discogs considering the following album:

“Never before released, album from legendary Bronx producer Diamond D (then known as the Supreme Diamond D) and MC Master Rob.

Jazzy Jay has re-mastered this album and finally released it to the public, 17 years after it was originally supposed to be released.

The album is a Special Edition Extended Play Double Disc includes all album tracks as well as full instrumentals and acapellas for each song, thirty six total cuts, housed in a deluxe six-panel digipak with additional liner note booklet written by Brian Coleman, with input from Master Rob and Diamond D themselves.”

Well off course since it took only 17 years to be relased, I’m not going to post this simply up here and leave you with this, no! So to finally give you the hunger for more, leading you to finally decide to go into your favourite record shop or website and buy this, I’ll post the remix album from StA who is also from Luxembourg and who I used to know when I was little. In my opinion he did a great job remixing those 11 tracks, so go get them and if you like he’s stuff go check his myspace page and finally go out and buy the original copy as I did immediately after hearing the remix album.

Here’s what he had to say about the remixes of the Ultimate Force – I’m Not Playing album:


my new record is out. It’s a remix of the ultimate force album I’m not playin…
check it out on for free download.

peace StA
download here (covers included)


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