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Early Week Lite: WYDU Classics July 07

by Travis on July 2, 2007

I’m sure this is bound to be a most unproductive work week for us American workers. We have a national holiday smack dab in the middle of the work week (Independence Day) so not much is going to get done before or after. I have gotten absolutely nothing done today and probably won’t either. Who said American work ethic was gone?

I picked up Brian Coleman’s “Check The Technique” book on Thursday and I must say, I love shit like that. I didn’t get too far, only up to Black Moon’s “Enta Da Stage”, but I take my time going through the chapters, listening to the album as I go. Then of course I get side tracked listening to remixes, sample sources and the such. It even inspired me to bust open my fruity loops and play make believe producer for a few hours last night. Kind of fun and the beat I’m working doesn’t even sound all that bad, if I have to say so myself.

I suggest anyone that is a “hip-hop nerd” to grab that book.

The State of Hip-Hop Journalism

I got this link from my mom of all people. It’s a interview with Complex mag editor Noah Callahan-Bever, freelance write and former Source editor Dream Hampton, Source magazine editor Soren Baker on NPR (National Public Radio). They discuss the current state of Hip-Hop in print and how journalism must change to keep up with the times. As you would think, Dream Hampton comes off as the smart one. Worth a listen if you are into that kind of thing.

On a similar subject, I see that Noah Callahan-Bever has a book out called “The Music Libary: The History of Rap & Hip-Hop”. Wonder if anyone had read this? I looked on Amazon and didn’t see any reviews on it what so ever. I’d be down to read it if it wasn’t the same ole same ole story we’ve heard a million times.

WYDU Classics July 07

As usual, I make these with myself in mind and everyone else second. I found a lot of sites that have been posting some cool 12 inch singles and maxi cassette singels that I used to have, so you’ll see some of that stuff that has been seen on other sites. So props go out to those who have originally posted this stuff elsewhere and a big thank you as well. Enjoy…..

WYDU Classics July 07

1. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Summertime (Jazzy Jeff Mix)
2. Pharcyde – Soul Flower (Wrong Tree Mix)
3. Master Ace – Go Where I Send Thee
4. Heavy D – Gyrlz, They Love Me
5. Def Jef – Give It Here
6. Afro Rican – Give It All You Got
7. DJ Laz – Mami El Negro
8. Nemesis – Ali English & The 40 Oz. Theives
9. Hi-C – Fuck a 40 Oz.
10. Native Nuttz – 40 Oz. (Original)
11. Raw Breed – Jimmy Crack Corn
12. Lord Finesse – Fuck ‘Em
13. Intelligent Hoodlum – Mad Brothas Know His Name
14. Brand Nubian – All For One (Tramp Remix)
15. Positive K – Nightshift (Remix)
16. Method Man – The Riddler
17. Downtown Science – The Topic Drift (Remix)
18. Nikki D – Lettin’ Off Steam


First Priority Music Family Basement Music

Trav’s Spins For The Week

1. Black Moon – Enta Da Stage

This shit is HIP HOP. I read the chapter in “Check The Technique” and had this album going. Just reading what went into the album makes you appreciate the album even more. Dirty sound, raw as fuck vocals. Damn, what was I thinking not having this in my top 25 albums earlier this year?

2. Master Ace – Take A Look Around Deluxe Version

Me listening to an Ace album??? Crazy, I know, but here is another album that is better than I originally gave credit for. The beats are up there with Biz and Kane’s releases and in a way, Ace makes a more “complete” album. I’m not going to say I like this better than either one of those, but it’s better than I thought when it was released.

3. My Big Four (Senim Silla, Ill Poetic, Buff 1, and Blue Scholars)

Enough said, I can’t say anymore about this.

4. Mr. J – The New Album (too lazy and strapped for time to look it up)

I’m not sure what I think about this album yet. I like some of it, other parts I’m….not sure. I give it some listens though.

5. T.I. – TI Vs. TIP

I’m not much on mainstream or southern hip-hop, but I’m also not much into labeling stuff, if shit sounds good, it’s good, I don’t give a fuck it’s from antarctica and I’ve liked his last two albums, so I had to check this. Not sure what to think. I get kind of bored about half way through it, so we’ll see


Why is A-Rod’s wife stupid enough to wear a shirt to a game that says “Fuck You” on the back of it….classy, real classy.

Why do some new cats not appreciate the importance and greatness that was Run DMC, like them or not, give them their rightful due as probably the most important group ever in hip-hop.

Why did I have my first “Rock” aka Non Hip-Hop day as far music goes in probably two years

Why did I go right back to hip-hop the next day

Why is this some of the funniest shit, fuckin’ poser….told ya, don’t mess with C.C.

Why can’t I think of anything else to bitch about…..

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