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I Can't Stay Away

by Staff on July 2, 2007

ok, so i told Trav that I didn’t want to write for his site, or anyones site. Not that anyone is clamoring for me anywhere anyway. Then Trav didn’t respond to my email when i tired to quit his blog (update: he did write me back and was his normal great self) and Alley Al wrote a note to me in the c-box. So, my sporadic and seemingly unstable personality (as it would probably appear to Trav) has made me feel downright guilty and I can’t stop thinking about it. So here I am again. Back to writing again for Trav’s blog. Why? cause I think Trav’s blog is GREAT and I have been lucky enough to be someone that he has asked to write for him.

First, I would like to saw that, yes I am totally 100% mental and it is due to the fact that I am not mature enough to wrap my head around the new hip hop of today. I have listened to the White Stripes “Icky Thump” more times that any hip-hop made after 1996 combined!

I digress… I walked out my door this morning to go to work at 7:30 am and its 90 fucking degrees already. And naturally the first word out of my mouth is, “Fuck.” Here is the part where you all can hate me, I work literally 1 mile from home. So, tell us Brian where in THE hell are you going with this story? Well, I always want some thing to listen to that can get me fired up for the day. So I literally have one song chance to set the tone of the day. So, I popped in a CD I found under my seat and low and behold I had MC Ren’s lost CD laying in my car.

It is from early 2000′s and it’s called “Reincarnated” with John Doe. I like it it isn’t much different than any of his other solo work other than “Shock of the Hour” which was largely Muslim influenced. But, this was never put out commercially. I honestly think that Ren may be THE hardest dude on wax. His booming voice and harcore tales of gangsa-dom just always got me fired up, “Yeah fuck the man!”. Anyway here ya go…enjoy.
check it out here:Reincarnated

Did anyone else see the re-airing “…And You Don’t Stop” on VH1 last week/ They aired all 5 episodes again. I know that opinions are like assholes. But, I almost cried watching that show. I love that old school shit so much! It means so much to me. Hip hop was there for me when no one else was. Eazy-E’s tales of 8-Ball’s and OE and neighborhood bitches got me through with plenty of laughs and anger to make me think I was tough.

anyway check this dude out, please, he just made the post of a lifetime recently:
Time 4 Sum Aksion

For anyone who cares. I am receiving my professional grade VCR this week and hopefully purchasing my 1TB hard drive next week. (Even though I have to pay my final $200 on my court case that I actually got framed for doing nothing. Which involved a cop coming to my house 2 hours after the alleged incident, a $800 lawyer and 4 points on my driving record). I am going to concentrate on converting my old VHS to video. Would you guys like to get your hands on some rarer videos? So far the more rare vids I have, Masta Ace “Jeep Ass Niggah”, Willie Dee”Bald Headed Hoes”, X-Clan “A.D.A.M.”, Def Jef “Black To the Future and a few others. I also have the 6 segments of a Rap City episode when Black Moon hosted and they talked about what they were up to and introduced videos. Let me know if this is something that your guys are in to.

finally I was feeling extra guilty so I put together another mega mix. Some of these remixes were ripped from cassette so i can’t help about the quality.
Track list:
1)DOC – Return of the Living Dead (Remix)
2)D’Angelo (feat. Kool G Rap) – Brown Sugar (Remix)
3)Da Youngstas – Hip Hop Ride mellow Mix
4)Del – Made in America (Stimulated Dummies B-Boy Mix)
5)EPMD – Crossover (Color Me badd Remix)
6)Muro (feat. Lord Finesse & A.G.) – The Vinyl Athletes (Lord Finesse Remix)
7)Nemesis – Temple of Boom (Remix)
8)Nice & Smooth – Sometimes I Rhyme Slow (Stay Faithful Mix)
9)PMD – Shade Business (Beatnuts Remix)
10)Prefuse 73 (feat. Ghostface & El-P) – Hideyaface (OG Mix)
11)Private Investigators – Mash Up The Mic (Remix)
12)Rolling Stones – Miss You (Dr. Dre Remix 2002)
13)Run DMC (feat. Ice Cube & Chuck D) – Back from Hell (Remix)
14)Sadat X (feat. Grand Puba & Lord Jamar) – The Lump Lump (Nubian Mix)
15)Sam Sneed (feat. Dr. Dre) – U Better Recognize (Remix)
16)Volume 10 – Sunbeams (Remix)
17)W.C. And The Maad Circle – Caught N Fad (Reggae Version)
GET IT HERE—>Mega Mix 2

And since I am so geeked up that the Wascal’s Greatest Hits was finally released. I am giving you the Source review from the April 1997 issue:

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