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Philaflava & The Fourth

by Travis on July 3, 2007

Happy Fourth!

Well the week of no work continues. I won’t be around tomorrow and in fact I plan on starting my holiday in about 2 hours at noon and go from there. I already have a little poker game lined up tonight which usually consists in some beers and fun. I’ve been on a poker kick lately, playing twice last week including Friday night then playing last night (Ace Ace no good) and tonight. It’s just a local free tourney they play in bars and around town, but its kind of fun.

NPR’s (National Public Radio) Month In Hip-Hop

I already posted one week from the month long coverage. I started listening to some of the other shows in the series and found some very educational and interesting discussions that I think some people might find useful. Topics such as “Does Violent Music Beget Violence”, “Inside Los Angeles Hip Hop” with Stones Throw Peanut Butter Wold, “Picturing Hip Hop” with famous hip-hop photographer Ernie Paniccioli, “History and Legality of Mix Tapes” and others, if you are at all interested in self education I suggest taking the time to listen to some of these.

Links to all show can be found here:

Hip Hop Month On NPR

Philaflava’s Greatest 80’s Song: Round One Group Four

Just Ice – Cold Getting Dumb Vs Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde – Genius Rap

The Match Up
Just Ice used to scare the fuck outta of me when I was a kid just getting into hip-hop. I remember seeing that album with his gold covered grill on the cover waaaaay before any of these southern cats and it was scary. With that being said, when I heard this song for the first time, I knew it was some raw authentic NY hip-hop, which is exactly what it is. This track just makes you want to grab the nearest herb and box his ears in with the quickness then show him your five fingered ring up close incase he wants to act up.

I thought Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde were on soft sissy shit back in the day, somewhere in between Whodini and Boogie Boys, which I guess is kind of what they are, a poor man’s Whodini. Regardless this “Genius Rap” track was enough to make you want to get up and shake your ass or do the “kick step” with Kid N’ Play or some shit like that. Mariah Carey kind of ruined this for me though, which sucks.

Trav’s Pick: I wouldn’t mind seeing “Genius Rap” move on, but not against something as raw as “Cold Getting’ Dumb”. Seeing it lose to something that Mariah Carey sang over would be one of the biggest injustices of the world.

Prediction: Just Ice would come beat everyone and their mother if they didn’t vote for him, so “Cold Getting’ Dumb” will win out.

Bizzie Boys – Droppin’ It Vs Geto Boys – Gangster Of Love

The Match Up
I’ll say first that I’m a big Ski fan. For those of you not familiar with the Bizzie Boys, it was Ski’s original group, before Original Flavor and before his classic production on “Reasonable Doubt”. As far as my history with this album, it’s kind of shady. I want to say I remember seeing this tape in the record store back in the day. But then again, there were so many “boys” back then, it was what rappers named “lil” are today. It wasn’t until about four years ago, on soulseek that I ran across “Bizzie Boys” and an album for them. They sounded familiar so I downloaded it, the only bad thing it wasn’t the whole album. I was immediately entranced by the beats and Ski’s enjoyable flow. “Droppin’ It” became one of my personal favorites, I just wish I would have had the last 17 years to enjoy this album and “Droppin’ It”.

On the other hand though, “Gangsta Of Love” goes waaaaay back for me. Being a snot nosed high school kid, stuff like 2 Live Crew, NWA and Geto Boys was our music of choice. It was offensive, violent, and sexist and we loved it. I remember buying the tapes with the shitty ass covers and they were still spelling it the “Ghetto Boys”. Then somehow they got associated with Def American and released the self-titled Geto Boys album, which was basically an accumulation of their earlier stuff. This song and “Assassins” were our personal favorites. It’s good to see the original version up here instead of the one that appeared later on the re-release. I guess Steve Miller wasn’t fond of his song being used in this song, so they jacked The Eagles instead, but the Steve Miller version is much better. I had a Volkswagen Jetta that had two twelve’s in the trunk being pushed by a Fosgate Punch 150 and this song absolutely BOOMED in that car, which was another reason we played the shit out this song.

Trav’s Pick: Maybe three years ago, I would have easily went with “Gangsta Of Love” just for all the history associated with the track. But in my older years and adding in how much I love “Droppin’ It”, the match up is much closer. I’m afraid I’m going to have to go with “Droppin’ It” since I feel it’s over all a better song, or maybe closer to what I think is classic hip-hop now a days.

Prediction: It seems to me that Philaflava is kind of east coast biased, not that I’m complaining since I probably am as well, so I think Bizzie Boys win out on this one.

Big Daddy Kane – Ain’t No Half Steppin’ Vs Steady B feat Roxanne Shante – Just Call Us Def

The Match Up
First off, as much as I like “Ain’t No Half Steppin’”, I

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