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by Eric on July 7, 2007

Eric’s Most Played For The Week & TREATS

  1. “Ride Thru It”-Ill Poetic….doesn’t get much better than this folks when talking about the “perfect” summertime joint. Just pop this in the deck and ride!
  2. “Loyalty”-Blue Scholars…may have overtaken “Nostalgia” as my favorite track this year. Man, that bass line in a creeper! I hope “Bayani” brings Sabzi a few production gigs.
  3. “Simply Amazin“-Blu & Exile…taken from “Below The Heavens”. Wow, this album is slowly becoming one of my favorites of the year. Exile is a beast on the boards and Blu is the next generation of emceein‘ and he rhymes as if he knows it already. Solid album, don’t sleep!
  4. “What You Know About”-T.I. I’ve never been a T.I. fan, but there is no denying the overall feel of this track. Hell, I can’t even remember who produced this..but I’m still bumpin‘ it a year after the height of it’s popularity…definitely T.I.’s best single he’s ever released.
  5. “Highway Is My Home”-The Green Brothers…Taken from “Everybody’s Green”..With a title like that, one can only imagine the bulk of the contents of this album. I peeped “Everybody’s Green” over at “BossPlayer” based on the fact that it was released from the same label (Dove Ink Records) that brought us Ill Poetic & Illogic. Real dope, bouncy track (peep the harmonica….yeah, harmonica)….I swear these guys are the 2007 version of Total Devastation (of the “Many Clouds Of Smoke” fame)!!! Peep the album HERE.
  6. “Firewater”-Fat Joe f. Raekwon & Big Pun…the B-side to Joe’s “Envy”. I remember this track was produced by “The Born Lords” anyone have any info on them? All I know is they laced Joe with a BANGER in a time Fat Joe was bringin‘ it!!
  7. Crooklyn Dodgers”-Masta Ace, Buckshot & Special Ed…I still don’t know if I favor this over the Primo produced “Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers” that featured Chubb Rock, Jeru & O.C…….Decisions, Decisions!
  8. “Fall In Love”-Slum Village…For some reason, I’ve been playing “Fantastic Vol.II” alot lately and this just happens to be the track that gets the most play from that monumental CLASSIC
  9. “Letterman”-K-Solo….another summertime anthem from 1992…Damn, P.R. killed this beat, the organ sample is the icing on the cake….”K-E-V-I-N M-A-D-I-S-O-N, the L-E-T-T-E-R-M-A-Nnnnnnn!”
  10. “2 Deep”-GangStarr….off of another 1992 banger (can’t wait to do a rewind to 92′ post) “Daily Operation”…Primo slices the chours to shreads and Guru is well….Guru.

K-Solo-Tell The World My Name

In what may very well be one of the most under appreciated efforts during the “all too brief” Hit Squad era (EPMD, Das, Redman & K-Solo..oh, don’t forget about the Knuckleheadz either, Tom J in tha house!), K-S-O-L-O came correct (oooh, more 90′s terminology!!) with his 1990 debut “Tell The World My Name”. I’ve always loved K-Solo from the get-go and even his most recent appearance on Psycho Les’ solo album has got me fiendin‘ to hear more from the “Spellbound MC”.Although K’s voice has albeit deteriorated (dude’s voice gets any more hoarse, (he’ll be soundin‘ like the D.O.C. On his “comback” “Helter Skelter“!), you can still feel his passion for Hip Hop within LL, Big Daddy Kane-esque flow patterns. K-Solo gained most of his notoriety by spelling out what seemed at the time of this album….most of his lyrics. “When I S-P-E-L-L, very W-E-L-L”….and you get the picture. Although, later DMX appeared in The Source’s “Unsigned Hype” crying wolf, claiming that “K -Stole It”…and that he, not Solo was the sole originator of the “I can spell” rhyming stylee. Whatever X, I’m rollin‘ with K Solo on this one! While, “Tell The World….”wasn’t quite up to par with K’s more polished sophomore effort “Time’s Up” it did posses it’s share of highlights. I think that I was introduced to “Tell The World….” through the video for the lead single and my favorite track “Spellbound” but I’m not quite sure. “You Mom’s In My Business” almost immediately capitalized on the impact felt by “Spellbound” being released as a second single. K Solo’s story-telling abilities went largely unnoticed as such vivid and twisted tales like “Tales From The Crackside” and even “Sneak Tip” from “Time’s Up” are seldom mentioned amongst some of the greatest HipHop tales ever. By the way, just why isn’t “Times Up” even mentioned in anyone’s Top 100? One last thought, wouldn’t it be nice to see entire Hit Squad reassemble for just one more album á la Boot Camp Click’s “For The People”? At any rate a very solid debut from K Solo that is criminally overlooked when discussing important albums in the early nineties. Oh, and I almost forgot word is that K-Solo signed to Death Row Records around 1996 and actually completed an album. Does anyone have any info on this? Or possibly a few leaked tracks from the unknown album? Now that would be a good find my friend!!!…Eric

Spice 1-Self Titled

Boy, this was a tough decision….”187 He Wrote” (which featured my favorite Spice 1 track “Dumpin‘ Em’ In Ditches”) or Spice’s “self titled” second album (first studio album) released on Jive in 1992 (damn, I’m itchin‘ for that best of 92′ post!!) Well, as you can see I went with his “self titled” effort simply because I just don’t see this album floating around the net’ very often. Secondly, I knew that I hadn’t listened to this album in probably five years and I figured “if I’m gonna’ post it I’d better know what the hell I’m talkin‘ about”, ya dig? Anyway, yet another one of my purchases based solely on it’s appearance in The Source’s “Best Buys” feature. Surprisingly, while doing a little research on this album for the cover art I found a piece noting that The Source actually declared this album as one of it’s “Top 100 Hip Hop Albums of All Time” (which kinda’ tripped me out!! I didn’t think it was that good!). Also, Spice’s “self titled” album went Gold, which was yet another shocker to me (but that is when you acutually bought albums). Reading the aforementioned tidbits actually got me amped to revisit the album and sit down to give it a thorough listen. Upon first listen anyone can notice that “Spice 1″ is full of the keyboard reliant production and “earth shattering” basslines that one can typically expect from Ant Banks (who handled the bulk of the production). What I seem to remember Spice 1 most for is his random “reggae tinged chatting” that he sprinkled all throughout this album (see “Eastbay Gangsta” & “1-800-Spice”), I always thought that was “unique” coming from a West Coast artist…that was something that you usually didn’t hear or see back in 92′. Listening to this album for the first time in five years, one would have to bet that the first single released from “Spice 1″ would have to be “Welcome To The Ghetto” as it is the most radio-apt and “clean” track on the album. If I had to pick a favorite it would be “In My Neighborhood” which uses the same sample that Cube used for his Hammer spoof “True To The Game”. Mobb Deep’s “Drink Away The Pain” didn’t have shit on “1987 Proof” as Spice was flippin‘ the whole “drink as a character” theme 4 years prior to QB’s finest (also, be sure to check the “drug as a character” “187 Pure” (which I actually prefer), that closes out the album nicely. Funny thing, I really didn’t know what I’d post today…who would’ve thought that I would have picked two emcees (Spice & K-Solo) that both showcased their own “unique” style and individuality that many fail to recognize today?…-Eric

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AaronM July 8, 2007 at 3:19 am

Eric, I’m seriously diggin’ Blu & Exile.
Thanks for the awesome recommendation, man.
When that album coming out? August sometime?

Dart Adams July 8, 2007 at 5:06 am

My two favorite Spice 1 tracks are “Triggas Got No Heart” and “Dumpin’ Em In Ditches”. I used to freestyle to those instrumentals a lot back in the days. One.

Krisch July 8, 2007 at 7:39 am

K-Solo recording an album for Death Row, would correspond with the fact that Sam Sneed, who was down with Death Row at that time, did production on “Time’s Up” four years earlier. I always didn’t get this connection. Does anybody know where Sam Sneed originally came from?

Hugo the Dude July 8, 2007 at 11:00 am

wow now i’m really reminiscing! i remember my big brother bumping that spice 1 record when i was like 10 and not really in to any music at all.. probaly haven’t heard it in 7 or 8 years.. 187 proof was my favourite track, still is…

Anonymous July 15, 2007 at 6:53 pm

props i’ve been looking for a good link for Spice 1!!

Anonymous July 18, 2007 at 6:34 am

Blu & Exile’s joint, Below The Heavens, comes out on August 14th, but is available now at ITunes….


Anonymous August 27, 2007 at 5:49 pm

Spice 1 needs a re-up if you have a chance. Thanks!

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