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Re-Ups and Stuff To That Effect

by Travis on July 11, 2007

I got an interesting email the other day. I think I’m a pretty nice guy, for the most part and try to help others if they ask for it, but I’m also intolerable of idiots and the “suburban gangsta douchebags”. I remember picking fights with kids in high school that didn’t have a clue what hip-hop was, but still did all that gangsta shit….it just pissed me off. I’ve mellowed a bit in my older age, but its still something that gets under my skin the quickest

Douchebag who writes me to wonder why his link isn’t on my site:
Yo wHaTUP?? ThIS P DaWG. IZ WonDErin WhY UZ doNT hAVe A lINk to mY BloG? I goT u LiNKeD. ShOW A HomIE SuM LoVe BRo!!!

Immediately, my “poser” radar goes off. Maybe it’s the fucked up typing (just doing that up there was a pain in the ass, but I guess thats GANGSTA!!!), or the slaughtering of the English language, one of my big pet peeves, but I’m immediately thinking “oh dear god”. But being the nice guy that I am, I reply back:

What’s the site name? I’ll take a look at it and if it’s something I’ll check out on the norm, I’ll link it up. Thanks, Travis

Gangsta Douchebag writes back:

YO! DaTS KinDA fUCked UP ThAt U WoNt LiNk mY BloG uP. I puT A LinK Up To URZ. FuCk YoU!

At first I’m thinking “Someone has to be fucking with me”, but then I realize thef internet brings out all kinds of people who don’t get out nearly enough and I just chalk it up to a moron being a moron. I had a laugh and sent the email to a couple of friends just for the laugh factor. I haven’t heard from Gangsta douchebag boy in while. I still don’t know what blog it was, but if it’s run by someone like that, I’m guessing I’m probably better off not knowing.

Re-Ups and the such…….

Some one wanted all the top first half 2007 songs

DJ Spinna – Strange Games & Things (BBE, 2001)
Buy Here

1. 90% of Me Is You [DJ Spinna Mix] – Gwen McCrae
2. Reasons [DJ Spinna Mix] – Minnie Riperton
3. Mademoiselle [DJ Spinna Mix] – Foxy
4. Save Their Souls [DJ Spinna Mix] – Bohannon
5. Elevate Your Mind [DJ Spinna Mix] – Linda Williams
6. Another Day [DJ Spinna Mix] – Al Goodman
7. You Can’t Run Away [DJ Spinna Mix]
8. How Could You Break My Heart? [DJ Spinna Mix] – Bobby Womack, Bobby Womack
9. Strange Games and Things [DJ Spinna Mix] – Love Unlimited Orchestra
10. Hollywood Dreaming [DJ Spinna Mix] – Father’s Children
11. Mary Jane [DJ Spinna Mix] – Rick James
12. Easy Money [DJ Spinna Mix] – Dee Dee Sharp
13. If I Can’t Stop You [DJ Spinna Mix] – Johnny Bristol
14. Can’t Hide Love [DJ Spinna Mix] – Creative Source
15. Passion Play [DJ Spinna Mix] – The Sugarhill Gang
16. Wind Parade [DJ Spinna Mix] – Donald Byrd
17. Keep It Up [DJ Spinna Mix] – Milton Wright, Jr.
18. Lucky Fellow [DJ Spinna Mix] – Leroy Hutson
19. Secret Rendezvous [DJ Spinna Mix] – René & Angela
20. Girl You Need a Change of Mind [DJ Spinna Mix] – Eddie Kendricks
21. Hunk of Heaven [DJ Spinna Mix] – Lemuria
22. Magic Ride [DJ Spinna Mix] – Bobby Lyle
23. Life Is Just a Moment, Pts. 1 & 2 [DJ Spinna Mix] – Roy Ayers
24. Heart’s Desire [DJ Spinna Mix] – Don Blackman
25. Bring Your Sweet Loving Back [DJ Spinna Mix] – Starpoint
26. California Dreaming [DJ Spinna Mix] – José Feliciano
27. It’s a Desperate Situation [DJ Spinna Mix] – Marvin Gaye

Sorry for the half-assed post, but it is what it is…

Derek B – Bullet From A Gun (fuck zshare)

1. Bullet From A Gun
2. Goodgroove
3. Power Move
4. Bad Young Brother
5. We Got The Juice
6. Def Beat Boy
7. All City
8. Rock The Beat
9. Human Time Bomb
10. Get Down
11. Success
12. It’s Alright Now
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