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by Eric on July 13, 2007

1. “Eric eats his worlds Pt.II”…Okay, first of all the only “recent” joint that I may have pegged wrong or jumped the gun to crown it’s superiority was DJ Babu’s “The Beat Tape Vol.I”…nuff’ said!. Just so you know, it’s still a decent instrumental album that I wouldn’t steer you clear of. A few months ago, I proclaimed El-P’s “I’ll Sleep When Your Dead” as garbage while stating “I’ll never listen to this ish‘” and “Def Jux sucks!”. Don’t ask me why, but I decided earlier in the week to give this album another “go round”. After letting “I’ll Sleep…” ride for three complete listens, two things stood out. First of all, the album is pretty decent but nowhere near “album of the year” status that folks are proclaiming throughout various publications and “blogosphere“. El-P is straight up, no joke on the mic….a very intricate, talented lyricist. The problem that arose for me throughout the album was that there is soo much going on within each track musically that it’s sometimes very difficult to decipher El-P’s lyrics. Lastly, the finale track (but not so much the reprise ) “Poisonville Kids No Wins” is SERIOUS. Yesterday and today while at the gym I just let that track play on repeat for a combined two hours straight, that cut is just…..Ill….Period!! Too bad there’s not a whole lotta‘ 808 thrown in “Poisonville…”, that would have just taken it to a whole new plateau for me. Another highlight on “I’ll Sleep…” is the “reprise” of sorts that rounds out the Aesop Rock featured “Run The Numbers”. I highly doubt this album will even break my top 10 for the year, but I bashed this album horribly from the start. I’m just glad I gave in a listened to it again, even if just for the superb “Poisenville Kids…”

2. After listening to Kanye’s first two offerings “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” & his newest single “Stronger”, my expectations for the forthcoming “Graduation” (the album cover two the left is supposedly not even the actual cover) have been drastically lowered. I mean, “Can’t Tell Me…..” sounded more like a Young Jeezey joint and Ye’ needs to give the beat to “Stronger” back to Daft Punk. Damn Kanye, we already know your an asshole but at least you surprised us with some decent singles in the past (except for “Workout Plan”, what the hell was he thinking?). Also, why in the hell do I keep seeing the John Mayer featured “Bittersweet” included on the supposed track listing that’s popping up everywhere. Please tell me that (“Bittersweet”) garbage isn’t going to make the final cut!

3. “Guilty Pleasure” of the Week….Rhymefest’s “Stick” taken from Fest’s overlooked “Blue Collar” released around this time last year. If this (“Stick”) isn’t the best present day booty music selection, I don’t know what is! BTW, after giving “Blue Collar” a few spins this week I’ve come to the conclusion that it is indeed a very solid effort that was spoiled from the inclusion of earlier leaked tracks that were already played out (“Brand New”, “Devil’s Pie”, etc.) by the time the album dropped. No I.D killed it on “Fever” though.

4. After singing the praises of Blu & Exile’s “Below The Heavens” (Damn, that album is DOPE) earlier in the week, I decided to dig a little bit deeper into Exile’s production credits. Where the hell have I been? I NEVER knew that Exile & Aloe Blacc (whose “Shine Through” released last year was very similar to Wyclef Jean’s “The Carnival”) comprised the group Emanon. I actually ran across THIS site which features a nice assortment of “underground” goodies. Needless, to say I have yet to let Emanon’s “The Waiting Room” play out beyond the first track “Count Your Blessings”. Don’t get it twisted, in this case it’s a good thing as “Count Your Blessings” features incredibly dope production as Exile freaks the Sister Nancy sample that Main Source made soo popular with “Hangin‘ Out”. If your diggin‘ “Below The Heavens” and Exile’s “Dirty Science” half as much as I am you may wanna’ check this (The Waiting Room) out.

5. I was pulling Rasul’s leg earlier in the week in regards to his most recent thread “Paradise Lost…”. “Damn Ra! I do 3/4 of the posts on this blog and I have yet to have any of my post receive 15 comments!”. Seriously, make sure you also check out the comments below his post as there are some pretty argumentative statements intertwined amongst each reply that quickly becomes quite interesting. Still, that was a great post!! That’s why he’s (Rasul) here, Lord knows my head would be spinning like the exorcist if I attempted to get that deep! HaHa!

6. A prime example of “it’s who you know” in the industry. God love Big Shug! Dude’s been around for quite some time…I even remember copping one or two of his cassette singles in 95′. On a serious note, Shug can’t….and never has been able to rap for shit!! I mean, no joke I don’t pretend to be a rapper nor do I want to be but I honestly think that 95% of rappers who have a deal would tear Shug down lyrically. Yeah, I’m as big a GangStarr fan and Gang Starr Foundation supporter as you are but c’mon! Dude gets like three tracks

from the legendary DJ Premier and the other 3/4 of his newest release “Street Champ” features production from an up and coming beatsmith named Moss (who is definitely someone to look out for in the future, I think he actually did a track or two on Tek & Steele’s “Reloaded” as well). How does that happen?? I gave this album a listen on Sunday and hearing Shug trying to put 16 Bars together is sometimes painful at best. Check the advance out HERE, the beats alone our worth the download. Sorry Shug, time to hang it up. Well there’s always….naaah, that’s not gonna’ work either…Guru & Primo already denounced bodyguards on 1993′s “Hard To Earn” with “Suckas Need Bodyguards”.

7. Common, Common, Common! What in the hell is going on with the album cover for “Finding Forever”. Damn, Erykah Badu has turned dudes out, right?? Whatever the case may be, I’m actually kinda’ amped with Com’s forthcoming release “Finding Forever”. From the leaked tracks that I’ve heard thus far I’ve been impressed with two outta’ three, which isn’t half bad. While the first single “The Game” (which featured the aforementioned DJ Premier on the cut) didn’t really move me, Common’s newest single “The People” (featuring Dwele on the hook) is pretty nice even if the Kanye laced beat sounds real similar to the throwaway beat he gave Mobb Deep for “Throw Ya’ Hands (In The Air)”. Plus, “Southside” will surely be a favorite for Common fans everywhere. Hell, anything beats “Electric Circus”!

8. Wooooooooo! Prepare yourself people! After reading Trav’s spill @ Wake Your Daughter Up regarding EMC’s new single “What It Stand For” I decided to head on over to their MySpace page and check it out (thanks for pointing me in the right direction Trav). Needless, to say the video and song are Nuts!!!! Oh, and of course I’m sure you know who EMC is =Masta Ace, Strick, Wordsworth & Punchline. BTW, is it just me or is Wordsworth one of the dopest emcees out right now?? Matter of fact, as a homework assignment for the weekend I highly recommend listening to Words’ 2004 release “Mirror Music”. Hell, here I am telling you what to listen to and I checked checked my hard drive and CD’s for the album now I can’t find it! Anyway, I’m not big on posting more recent music but you can peep “Mirror Music” HERE, but I highly suggest you buy this album as it’s worth every last cent. Before you listen to anything, be sure to peep “Be A Man”.

9. Props to Mystik Journeyman for shooting me the link to the video for Juganot’s new “Five Boroughs” anthem “En Why Cee” featuring Joell Ortiz & Uncle Murda. Okay, once you overlook Juganot’s unoriginal moniker (uhhh, ever heard of Breezly Brewin dude?) and Uncle Murda’s “I’ll never release an album, just 493 mixtapessteez (Joell Ortiz is fine with me, I’m actually listening to “The Brick:The Bodega Chronicles” as I’m typing this) you’ll soon hear why this track is THE SHIT!! I first heard this at about 6am this morning and I’ve been playing the video all day (someone please shoot me an MP3 of this, I can’t find one anywhere!!!) Man, Joell Ortiz has been a big part of the attempt to bring New York back with “Brooklyn Bullshit”, the Tony Touch track the he’s featured on (someone shoot me an MP3 of that as well, seeing I don’t even know the title of the track!!) and now this. “En Why Cee” could very well be the summer anthem for the city of New York. Watch the video below.

10. Why did this edition of THOUGHTS almost take me and hour and a half to type??…Oh well, everyone have a great weekend filled with lots of great music!!

Juganot f. Joell Ortiz & Uncle Murda-”En Why Cee”

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Krisch July 13, 2007 at 11:07 pm

Exile also produced Mobb Deep’s “Pearly Gates”, one of the stronger tracks on “Blood Money”

Hugo the Dude July 14, 2007 at 9:22 am

wordsworth is definatley one of my favourite rappers, glad to see someone write him up! he actually got a couple of decent mixtapes out too, not as great stuff as mirror music but still..

great post!

AaronM July 14, 2007 at 10:17 pm

Great post, Eric.
Moss is a good friend of my cousin and also had some great productions on Ghost’s “Kilo” off Fishscale and a handful of tracks off Sean Price Superstar.
That Rhymefest album was great, very unappreciated.
Apparently, he’s getting tracks from Premo on his next one, sounds pretty dope.

Nokizm July 15, 2007 at 4:27 am


BRANDONIAN 'the talking head July 16, 2007 at 4:55 am

itsssss newww yorrrrrrk, dope

Fer August 1, 2007 at 8:37 pm

Hi, I discovered this blog a week ago and I´ve been reading it everyday since then. I find it amazing, it’s really great.

For my first comment, just a personal opinion, I don’t think Aloe Blac’s “Shine Trough” and Wyclef’s “The Carnival” are very similar. I’d take the second any day of the week.

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