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Most Played For The Week

by Eric on July 14, 2007

  1. “Dancing In The Rain”-Blu & Exile….Once you get past the corny title (BTW, the album cover wasn’t the best choice either), in seconds you’ll be bobbing your head uncontrollably to this breezy Exile production. I hate to admit it, but I think that Blu’s crooning attempt for the chorus is what makes this track so irresistible. Did I mention that Blu is quickly becoming one of my favorite emcees???
  2. Poisonville Kids/No Wins Reprise”-El-P….Damn, this track sounds soo similar to a track that I’ve heard recently but I just can’t quite put two and two together!! Nevertheless, El-P blew me out the frame with this one. There may be some logic for never hearing this track until this week, it’s the last track on “I’ll Sleep When Your Dead”….Hell, up until this week I hardly doubt that I ever let the album play past track 6 (Dear Sirs)…Damn, I hate to say it, but I love this sh*t!!
  3. “Ride Thru It”-Ill Poetic….I had to let “The World Is Ours” cool off a bit this week in fear of overplaying it, but a day couldn’t go by without the urge to play “Ride Thru It”. Whatever you do be sure to cop Ill’s highly slept-on “The World Is Ours”. While your at it, pick up Blu & Exile’s “Below The Heavens” in August when it drops as well. Support good music people!
  4. “Opening Salvo”-Blue Scholars….I couldn’t begin to tell you why I played this track so much this week after passing it up for “Second Chapter” or “Loyalty” in most instances….Still, Geo has grown on me lyrically and Sabzi provides a nice change of pace within “Opening Salvo”, and the bassline wins!!
  5. “Simply Amazin‘”-Blu & Exile….Now this cut really showcases Blu’s lyrical abilities as well as Exile skills as a beatmaker. In my opinion, the best track on “Below The Heavens”. I’m anxious to see where this album will end up on “year -end lists” in blogosphere.
  6. “A Day In Cali”-Tiffany Paige f. K-Hill….Now this chick can sing!! After providing vocals for the likes of Buff1, Raks One, John Robinson, Silent Knight, Median, etc. I decided to peep here “BreakinBoundariesMixtape. This is the opening cut on the mixtape and even though the sound quality of the track isn’t the greatest, it’s still good for a few plays in the headphones. If the track had just a tad better sound quality this would have received some serious plays in the ride, it’s the perfect summertime evening track to just vibe out to with your lady.
  7. “You Know What It Is”-T.I. featuring Wyclef…Now, in my opinion T.I.’s new album “T.I. vs. Tip” is nowhere as dope as “King” (not that even “King” was that great), but after catching the video for this last Sunday It’s been a welcome addition to my playlist. Clef’s guitar licks are what make the track soo damn catchy, without a doubt!
  8. “Time Has Come”-Exile featuring Slum Village….taken from last year’s “Dirty Science”….Man, I ordered some stuff from underground Hip a few years back and this track was included on a DJ Food Stamp Mix CD that shipped out with my order. This was the only cut that I really cared for on that mix CD, but after doing a little reading up on Exile this week…Well, you can only imagine how hyped I was when I realized that this track was featured on “Dirty Science”. It didn’t really hit me the way it did in 04′, but it’s still fresh nonetheless!
  9. “The People”-Common featuring Dwele….Hell, up until a few days ago I never knew that this track was featured on Kanye’s “Can’t Tell Me Nothing Mixtape“. I’ve been beaten over the head with this track numerous times this week thanks to Shade 45 and it’s finally grown on me. I never understood why rappers spit the same verse twice within a track though, as Common does on “The People”.
  10. “En Why Cee“-Juganot f. Joell Ortiz & Uncle Murda…..I conducted a blog search for this track last evening and wound up on DJ Hyphen’s MySpace Page and found a downloadable mix show from his Sunday Night Sound Session mix show which had this track featured on it. “En Why Cee” has produced enough spins just between last nite and this morning to wind up at #10. Lose Uncle Murda’s verse and you have a certified classic! On a side note, I’ve downloaded a few of Hyphen’s mix shows and they are all pretty dope. It’s also nice to see he sheds light on acts that have been getting a lot of ink in the blog world (i.e, Buff 1), so check him out!
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Mike July 15, 2007 at 11:54 pm

Whats up man…really digging your site recently…checked out the new ill poetic album and its pretty good so good job spreading the word.

I just started my own blog if you could check it out and link it if you enjoy the material


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