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Mid-Week Lite: Blog Love, You Know The Scenerio

by Travis on July 18, 2007

Wow, this month has been a whirl wind of stuff. Between some crazy stuff going on at work, no home internet, some serious finical woes, daughter being in the hospital, playing too much poker (it’s free at a local bar series, so thats not the reason for my finical woes, although I am probably spending more money on food and drink than I should, but I did miss a free trip to Vegas by one place Saturday) and taking the cop out route to forgetting my problems by living out of a bottle the past weekend, I feel like I’ve really neglected the blog. Also for the first time in I don’t know how long, I haven’t downloaded a single album in over two weeks. Crazy, I know. I also feel pretty out of touch as far as the blogging circuit is going, only checking a handful of sites over the past couple of weeks. If I haven’t been commenting on your blog as much as I have in the past, its nothing personal.

Link Love——–

Since I haven’t shown some of the new sites much love lately, I figure it’s time to take a trip around the blogging circuit and let everyone know what I’ve been digging. Admittedly, I’ve been a little out of touch the past couple of weeks, but I still try to keep up on all the new stuff if someone wants me to look at it. Here are my favorites since the last spotlight I did.

SLurgs “Press Rewind if I Haven’t Blown Your Mind”, which specializes in posting up old Magazine articles has changed address. The new link can be found here and in the links section. Be sure to update you

Hip Hop Bootleggers have also been updated in the links.

ATTENTION: There was a blog that I ran into while searching for something. I can’t remember what I was searching for or the name of the blog, but it had some great writing and low and behold, WYDU was linked on it. I think it was ran by a woman out of New York and some of the stuff I read dealt with a Pharoahe Monch show, the upcoming Jaylib rerelease and some Stones Throw stuff. Like an idiot I forgot to bookmark it. If this is your site or you know which one I’m talking about, hit me up with a link. Thanks.

Edit: Soul Psychadelicyde is the name of the site and its a pretty good read. Kind of reminds me of another favorite blog of mine, Souled On, in that it covers a bit of everything from hip-hop to funk, soul, and jazz and I really get into blogs like that anyway. Thanks to ZK for pointing it out for me.

Living Under Water
My man Fritz the Cat aka Ryan Sommers is back at it again with a blog/wordpress spotlighting all Canadian Hip Hop. Our neighbors to our north have always put out some good music (I’ve always been a big fan of T Dot hip hop especially) and Fritz and friends have brought it all to the table. They bring everything from Supreme Being Unit, Ground Control, and Swollen Members and some stuff that I wasn’t up on. Check it out now, before you mom disowns you.

Time 4 Sum Aksion
This blog is one of my favorite blogs to pop up in the past couple months. The new fad in the blog scene seems to be posting up the old cassette singles and stuff. I used to by cassette singles by the truck load. I always had to have the remixes and b-sides. Unfortunately, I’ve lost probably 75% of those from moving or having my parents throwing out a couple of full boxes of them when I moved out of their house. This site is single handily responsible me getting a lot of those back (including the “Who Got The Props” 12 inch he just posted up). I do backflips when I see a new post and he was pretty much responsible for the last WYDU classic since I used a lot of those remixes and b-sides on it. He is also responsible for me taking so long to p
ost up a new “link love” post since he has been on vacation for the past month and I wanted ILLustrious to be able to show any new people that I send his way all the goodies he has coming.

Underground For U Neck & Mind
Another blog specializing mostly in cassette singles and 12 inch releases, which is all great to me, since they are mostly the things I’m looking for this day in age. Also a sprinking of a few hard to find albums dot the landscape of this blog as well. Not much writing, but not everyone wants to listen to us rant on and on about shit.

Nisun Day
I’ve always said I’m a sucka for a blog with good writing. I know some people could give a rats ass about what we have to say, while others really dig that kind of thing. This blog is for the later. One of the better written blog out there with some good insight and commentary. Swiftus is on top of his shit and needs to have the trumpets blow for the arrival of his site. If you enjoy a good read, stop reading this and head over to Nisun.

Other freshly squeezed blogs that are worth pointing out.

Brews Rhymes With Crews
Rubbish Heap
Milk Crate Breaks
Northern Author
Invincible Bully
Good Ole Love
Hip Hop State Of Mind

Camp Lo Tracks From Up Coming “Black Hollywood” LP

I’ll admit, I’ve been looking forward to this release since they dropped that dope mix tape last fall. I know these mp3′s will be obsolete whenever the album leaks all over the net (go buy it!), but I haven’t seen that happen as of yet, so here are a couple tracks that were slid my way that will hopefully hold you all over. And no, I don’t have the album, so don’t ask.

Soul Fever
Suga Willie’s Revenge
Black Hollywood

NYCUG Hip Hop Series:
For all of those in the New York City area looking for something to do this coming July 27th, is sponsoring a free show on that date. They also plan on doing a monthly series of Hip Hop shows for the foreseeable future. Any interested artists should contact Michael at

Further info is available at NYCUG

Trav’s Top Spins Of The Week

1. Blu & Exile – Below The Heavens
I’m growing to really love this album. With the way shit has been going for me these past couple of weeks, it’s been kind of therapeutic.

2. The Big Four (Ill Poetic, Senim Silla, Buff1, and Blue Scholars)
I’m probably going to have to drop the Buff1 from this list since I didn’t listen to it nearly as much as the other last week.

3. Junk Science – Feeding Einstein
Its a few years old, but new to me. I’m digging it.

4. Cypress Hill – Cypress Hill
Another album I drug out and listened to over and over again thanks to “Check The Technique”. I don’t know why I don’t mention Muggs as one of my favorite producers since he sounds like a weeded out Bomb Squad member back in the day.

5. Storm Davis – Kegstand Poetry For The Recovering Alcoholic
I do this from time to time, find an album, listen to it for a couple of weeks, then put it away. Then something will remind of the album and I’ll pull it out again and realize it was much better than I originally thought. This is one of those albums. I found it online earlier in the spring. I liked it enough to buy it when I ran into earlier this summer. Then when I posted my favorite first half songs, I pulled out again, after listening to the “Kegstand Poetry” track a few hundred times that night. Its been in steady rotation this past week and I’m enjoying it even more.

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