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The Re-Up Crew

by Travis on July 19, 2007

Not much to write up today. Just waiting for the epic floods that are forecasted to take place this afternoon in Denver. As I figured when I moved the contact info in an more accessible place that I would get more emails and requests, which was the point of moving it I guess. So here is some of the stuff I could find quickly in my stack of CD’s laying around in books and boxes in my apartments.

Beatnuts – Unreleased Material EP (1996)

1. Fluid
2. 40 oz.
3. Sandwiches (Remix, extended version)
4. Hellraiser (remix)
5. We Came Here

I’m pretty sure I’ve posted this before, but for those who have missed it the first time, have at it. The quality is suspect, but it is what it is…..

Boogie Down Productions – Pre Criminal Minded EP

No track numbers
Pussy Is Free (Original Version)
Crack Attack
D-Nice Rocks
Boogie Down Mega Mix

KRS talks about these tracks in both of Brian Coleman’s books, “What Rakim Told Me” and “Check The Technique”. Not sure if it was a legit release or not, but they are worth a listen.

Da Ruckus – Episode 1

1. If The Beef…
2. 150 MC’s
3. We Shine w/ Eminem
4. No Doubt
5. My Block
6. Paperchase W- Swift
7. Life Is A Gamble
8. Live ’98
9. We Came Here To Party

1 Would You Die 4 Me?
2 Action
3 Inner City Hoodlum
4 Nickel Slick Nigga
5 Meditation
6 Dope Sound Boy
7 Keep The Flavor
8 Brain On Kane
9 Just A Friend
10 Pure Kane Nigga
11 B.O.P. (Big Old Pimp)
12 Pimp Mentality
13 …Business
14 U.S.C.’s Finest

I’ve always liked this debut release from “Kokane”. He gets some of the boys from Above The Law to help out and is a quality Ruthless release that gets over looked way to often in my book

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