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Most Played For The Week

by Eric on July 22, 2007

  1. “Vermilion”-Moka Only….Nice little ditty from this former Swollen Members over Dilla-esque production….BEWARE: as I mentioned earlier don’t expect too much from dude lyrically or you will be sadly disappointed….still, a real nice track.
  2. “None Shall Pass”-Aesop Rock….if you would’ve told me last week that a track from Def Jux affiliate Aesop Rock would be in my “Most Played” for the week I’d laugh you outta’ the building!! This track is a nice change of pace for Aesop (read: it’s not layered with robotic, frantic production that drowns out his words) & lyrically he’s always been impressive.
  3. “Simply Amazin“-Blu & Exile….Believe it or not, Blu is probably my favorite emcee right now. This track is the cream of the crop on “Below The Heavens”, but there are seriously 7 or 8 tracks that are “single” worthy from the album. Someone left a comment below the post for “Below The Heavens” a few weeks ago stating that “Blu sounds like Nas on “Illmatic“…damn, those are some pretty hefty words….I guess we shall see.
  4. “Misunderstood”-Common….from the freshly “leaked” “Finding Forever”. The jury’s still on out Common’s newest LP, but this was one of the highlights from the album for me. Very soulful production from newcomer Devo Springsteen (anyone have any input on this dude? I’ve never heard of him up until this point).
  5. “Jack N Jill”-Camp Lo….taken from Lowa’s new lp “In Black Hollywood”. Man, as bad I as I want to love this album I’m just really not diggin‘ it…..but, this is my favorite track from the album and it also yields the best production.
  6. “The People”-Common….It’s taken me a minute to catch on to this song, at first I didn’t really care for it but it’s really got the best of me this past week and it does start off “Finding Forever” quite nicely. Dwele on the hook adds more appeal to the track. I’ve heard better from Kanye with the production
  7. “Ride Thru It”-Ill Poetic….it just wouldn’t be right if I excluded Ill Poetic from my “Most Played”, I can’t say enough good things about “The World Is Ours” that you don’t already know….but Blu & Exile’s “Below The Heavens” is gaining on it fast!!
  8. “Be A Man”-Wordsworth….Taken from Words’ highly overlooked lp “Mirror Music”….dug this album over the weekend in anticipation of the new Emc album…this has gotta’ be one of my favorite songs EVER!! “Wave your hands side to side,wave your hands side to side, wave your hands side to side”……
  9. “Can You Believe”-Robin Thicke….c’mon ya’ll!! My wife & I actually got some “alone” time (for the first time since my 2nd daughter was born in early May) since ma dukes was in town. I don’t know but this sh*t sounded hella‘ good in the whip with the lady cruisin‘ home from dinner & movie. Gotta’ switch it up 1nce in a while!
  10. “They Say Vison“-Res….Taken from her 2002 debut “How I Do” (do a blog search it’s posted here in the archives)….man, this song was all over MTV when it dropped…I hope she drops a new album soon after hearing her on Talib’s “Ear Drum” & Evidence’s “The Weatherman”.
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Mike July 25, 2007 at 3:03 am

I’ve been playing “forever begins” off that common album the most.

Devo Springsteen is Kanye’s cousin and produced some songs for John Legend. I think he produces mostly for Kanye’s understudys (Consequence, Rhymefest, GLC)


SniperInTheMist July 28, 2007 at 3:18 am

Strangely enough I too am not a fan of Aesop’s recent output because of the production. The frantic basslines don’t mix well with his baritone and he seems to be trying to ape El=P in a way. I loved his album ‘Labor Days’ from 2001, which was pretty much him and blockhead putting out the music they did best – brooding and fierce.

But, again, like you, I’ve been hooked by the title track of his new LP. I’ve not heard the album but I love the production on it and the chorus samples/music. My girlfriend even likes it and has it on her iPod and she hates most of my music, she likes amy winehouse and all that.

Plus, I loved that Res album when it came out. Its kind of just went into the big pile of CDs in recent times but it has some really great songs on it. Golden Boys is pretty good as i remember.

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