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All The Way Live….

by Travis on July 23, 2007

I really need to hit up more live shows. In my older age, I guess I just don’t really want to deal with all the goofy ass people and such. In my younger years, I was one of those goofy ass people. I didn’t go to a show unless I had at least a six pack in my system and was always trying to run around acting like a moron. As I’ve grown older, I still don’t mind an occasional drink or two, but I’d much rather just kick back and enjoy the music. Maybe it’s my intolerance of morons in my old age, but I don’t care if you go to a Atmosphere concert or a Masta Ace concert, there are always some idiot that just doesn’t get it. Some idiot doing some hyro gyro bullshit, or some dumb chick dancing some bullshit dance.

When I went to see Ace last December in Denver, for the most part it was just real hip hop heads enjoying real hip hop music. But of course there were a group of white kids doing this rave dance bullshit….At an Ace concert??? To to top it off, they are getting all pissed cause they don’t have room to dance in the front row like a moron with eplispy. I was getting ready to mash someone in the mouth if they bumped into me one more time, but didn’t want to ruin a great concert. But YOU’RE IN THE FRONT ROW! Give me a break, of course your not at some tribal drum circle, you idiot, so of course we are not all going to form a circle around you so you can do your tree hugging dance…jackass. Going to shows up in Boulder is always an experience in of itself. Boulder is kind of a liberal tree hugging place to begin with. I saw Little Brother there last year or the year before and the mix of people was amazing. You had your traditional hip-hop people, you had the hippies, you had the neo-soul junkies, you had your normal run of the mill college kids. I had a good time just watching all the different people

Then the girls, we’ve all seen it, but you have some some tree hugging, hairy, smelly chick doing some wind walking whispering water dance. You’ve probably all seen it at a show at least a couple times in your life, the beat is rocking, and she is dancing like she is a sloth on an acid trip. This particular chick wasn’t at the Ace concert, but I’ve seen them at Cypress Hill and the Roots before. Then you have the groupies. At the Ace, two chicks were pretty much standing on stage, grabbing either Punch or Ace everytime the got close enough….DURING THE CONCERT….they gave them both some bracelet….those yellow ones (don’t get me started on those)…Punch actually put his on, but Ace looked at it and shoved it in his pocket. But every time they walked by, they would grab on them. Fuck, I didn’t pay to see you grab on the performer on stage, or see your ugly ass trying to dance on stage….

I bring this up because I’m planning on hitting up the “Rock The Bells” tour that is coming through Denver in August. With groups like Wu, Cypress, Talib Kweli, Nas and Immortal Technique, I’m expecting a little bit of everything. I’ve seen Cypress back in ’97 on the “Smoking Grooves” tour with Parliment and that was an interesting group of people. I’m sure this will be even more strange. Maybe I’ll smoke some weed so I’ll be a good and mellow mood.

Here is some live shows. One, the KRS I’m pretty sure I’ve posted up before, but it’s been probably over a year

KRS-One – Live at SOB’s

Next is an old school joint straight from the Golden Age. I got goose bumps the first time I listened to it. It is LL Cool J, Eric B & Rakim and Public Enemy live in Amsterdam. It’s almost two hours of golden age goodness.

Public Enemy, LL Cool J, & Eric B & Rakim Live In Amsterdam

Last but not least, a straight up albumbase jack, but just in case I’ve offended any of the “Sloth on Acid” dancers out there, here is a rip of a Atmosphere/Eyedea show in Souix Falls South Dakota of all places….consider it a peace offering.

Atmosphere and Eyedea & Abilities Live in Souix Falls

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