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Mid-Week Lite: Writers Block

by Travis on July 25, 2007

For the first time since I started this blog, I’m suffering from a lack of ideas. Sort of. I have a couple ideas in the works, but until I get more time to work on them like I want, they will have to wait on the back burner. I wanted to crank this post out on Monday but didn’t have anything really interesting to say. In all honesty, the post I did Monday was a blurb I wrote somewhere else awhile ago, a recycled post of sorts. It sucks too, because I feel like cranking out some quality material, but like a drunk man trying to get his sex on, just can’t. So be it……

So I’ll go back to my handy backup plan when I’m void of creativity and/or time. Albumbase. Yes, I realize most of you mp3 nerds are already up on Albumbase, but some of you might not be registered or you might not thought to look for the stuff.

This all from albumbase, so I take no credit for any of this…..

Remixes Vol 1 (Not Sure What or Who did it)

1. Positive K & LG – A Good Combination ….Worth the price of admission right here
2. ADOR – Let It All Hang Out (Pete Rock Remix) ….Who doesn’t have this track?
3. The A.T.E.E.M. – Yeah (Master Vocal Mix) .….ATEEM was the shit
4. Common – I Used To Love Her (9th Wonder Remix).….umm, kind of hacked up a classic, don’t do a remix unless it’s as good or better than the original
5. House Of Pain – Jump Around (Pete Rock REmix) ….This track needs the mass confusion of the original, but this beat is smoooooooooth
6. Jungle Brothers – Brain (Da Beatminerz remix)…..????
7. Little Indian – One Little Indian (Buckwild Remix) .…I’ve only ever heard this version
8. Lord Finesse feat Big L, Percee P – Yes You May (Funk Flow Remix) ….love this version as well, listened to it much more than the original
9. Public Enemy – Night Train (Pete Rock Strong Island Mt. Vernon Meltdown Mix) ……not sure how I feel about this one, I think I like it
10. Shyheim – On and On (Primo Remix)…..there might be two Primo beats that I dislike…..and this is not one of them
11. ADOR – One For The Trouble (K-Def Remix).….K Def is the shiznit
12. Biggie – Party & Bullshit (Lord Finesse Remix)…..never cared for this version
13. 3rd Bass – Products of The Enviroment (Marley Marl Remix) .……better than the original
14. Nas – It Ain’t Hard To Tell (Large Pro Remix) …..MUCH MUCH better than the original
15. Gang Starr – Code of the Streets (Kenny Dope Remix) ….I think this is the first time I’ve heard this version…not bad
16. ADOR – One For The Trouble (Sam Sever Remix) .…..Sam Sever is that dude, I think I like this better than the K Def version
17. Tragedy – Funk Mode (Large Pro Remix) ...I LOVE this version
18. OC – Born To Live (DJ Eclipse Remix).….ehhhh

I feel like I’ve seen this collection somewhere before. When I played it, it had some of the blog names to them, so obviously homemade, but there is some good stuff on here.

9th Wonder Invented The Remix
No Track Order

Amerie – Why Don’t We Fall In Love
Bilal – Love It
Common – I Used To Love HER
Ghostface – Never Be The Same
Nas – Second Childhood
Prodigy – Keep It Thoro
Royce Da 5’9 – Boom
Slum Village – Look Of Love

I used to love anything 9th touched. Not so much anymore. I don’t know what it is, but it just seems like he’s gotten lazy. I originally found this on soulseek back in the BB days (BB=Before Blogs) It’s aigh, nothing to special, but for those 9th fans that might not have heard it yet, here it is. I think he released himself back in ’04 or so or just passed it around to folks like he did “Black Album Remix”.

9th Wonder & Spectac – Shake N Beats
Sorry, no track names

Another project I found back in the soulseek days. I found info on this when I looked for it, but I can’t remember for certain what was what. I want to say, Spectac was a North Carolina MC that was loosely associated with the Justus League, but as I said I can’t recall for certain. I also don’t remember if these beats were exclusively for Spectac or if this was kind of an Access Immortal “Clear Album” thing in which AI used recycled beats from 9th’s beat tapes that can be found all over the net. Someone that wants to fill in the blanks, feel free.

Trav’s Spin For The Week

1. Blu & Exile – Below The Heavens
This album took some hits for this week. It is rather inconsistent in nature, some stuff I love and some of it I don’t care for all that much, which leads to a lot of skipping. The stuff I do like though is simply amazin’ (pun intended, if you’ve heard the album, you know which track I’m talking about). It’s still top 10 material so far this year (in my opinion of course), but it di
d lose some luster.

2. Senim Silla – The Name, THe Motto The Outcome
No more “Big Four” since I didn’t listen to either Buff1 or Ill Poetic this past week. This joint is still blazing the headphones though as it just feels good to listen to quality hip-hop

3. Storm Davis – Kegstand Poetry For the Recovering Alcoholic
More and more songs are growing on me from this after picking it up again. It really makes me wonder what other quality albums I’m sleeping on just because of the mass quanity of music to listen to out there. I actually got a “thanks” from Storm himself for mentioning the last track of this album in my “top 30 of the first half” post. It still blows me away sometimes that artists of the music I listen to actually visit this site…..crazy.

4. Blue Scholars – Bayani
I always said that my problem with albums now a days is that I don’t listen to the album longer than a week or two before I get bored with it. Guess thats not always the case anymore.

5. Jus Def & The X-Town Posse – Vocal Full Contact TIED With Digital Underground Discography
I got something coming on the Jus Def album, so I won’t let that out of the bag just yet. I read the Digital Underground piece in “Check The Technique” and it led to me making an MP3 disk of all of DU’s material at one in the morning. Truly underrated group in my humble opinion.


Why am I boycotting Steroid Bonds run on history? I’m a baseball fan and one that greatly respects the game and its history…..maybe thats why. Fuck Bonds.

Why do I think Lil’ Wayne is the worse artist to ever live….

Why does Candyman of “Knocking Boots Fame” feel the desire to dis DJ Drama? What’s next, Paperboy dissing Mick Boogie?

Why have still not listened to the new Common? I’m not sure I really want to, but I will for my thirst to have heard every hip hop album made at least once in my life.

Why does Ja Rule feel that he needs to embarrass himself some more? Hang it up dude.

Why has Lauryn Hill went off the deep end? I can’t find the link, but I read a concert review from a recent show and chick is bugged.

Why am I digging that new “Sunshine” track off the Sad Clown Bad Summer 9 joint from Atmosphere? Good shit.

Why am I kind of sad to see go? Yeah, they were slow as fuck, but they were the first place I ever ordered from. I’ll miss them and I’ll miss going to their store when I got to Vegas

Why do I have no money to buy shit in their 60% off sale…..grrrrr

Why do I want some after work booty action with this cleaning lady walking around here?

Why, why, why why, why why why why would Kayne think that this cover would be good for an album??

Why do I have the feeling Michael Vick is going to have the book thrown at him? That is a pretty fucked up thing though.

Why can’t I wait for football season to start? Fuck the Brownies, fuck Cowboys and fuck the Bengals….and fuck the Ravens while I’m at it.

Why haven’t I done one of my Used CD shopping trips in awhile. It’s about time for one of those again.

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