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When They Reminisce Vol.III (July 07')

by Eric on July 26, 2007

Track Listing

  1. Nuthin‘ To Do-Common Sense….”And Oh Well, Hey Hey, What Can You Say?” (“Just Anotha‘ Wasted Nite“) I’m quite aware that Com’s classic follow up to “Can I Borrow Dollar?” also includes one (maybe two if you count the title track “Resurrection”) of the greatest songs ever recorded with “I Used To Lover H.E.R., but if you asked me….this (“Nuthin‘ To Do”) is my favorite track from the album. The Ol‘ Dirty sample compliments this track perfectly.
  2. Bubblin“-CRU….This was actually the B-Side to the Slick Rick assisted first single “Just Another Case” and the first CRU track that I heard via one of Puff’s “BAD BOY” mixtapes back in 95′. Yogi’s beat is so damn bare bones and simple you can’t help but nod your head and on the mic Yogi & Chadeo are always entertaining. Chadeo spits that he’s “known to turn lesbos strickly dickly“…..CLASSIC!
  3. “Dog It”-Digable Planets….From the opening horn riff you knew this shit was gonna’ be funky and once the stutter step beat kicks in it’s OVA!! Damn, just listening to this again makes me wish these cats would drop just one more album. Butterfly and Ladybug carry this one from the CLASSIC sophomore effort “Blowout Comb”. Remember the tape insert for this one was formatted as news headlines on that different print paper that smelled so damn fresh? You’ll never see that sh#t again.
  4. Uuh“-D-Nice….Taken from the Flavor Unit compilation “Roll With The Flava” that dropped in 1993. D-Nice should have kept this single for himself, at least this would have improved the listening quality of the lackluster “To That Rescue”. The drums on “Uuh” sound like the same drums Muggs used on “How I Could Just Kill A Man”.
  5. “I’ll Make You Famous”-Da Illy Funktas (aka Da Youngstas)….Da Youngstas‘ fourth album was just an afterthought when compared with “The Aftermath”, but there was an array of quality tracks on the album with this one being my favorite.
  6. “Brown Sugar” (Beatminerz Remix)-D’Angelo f. Kool G Rap….This has to be one of my favorite remixes of all time. What an odd combination that works beautifully, who woulda‘ thought that D’Angelo + Kool G Rap + Da Beatminerz = Success? As dope as the original was, this remix blows it outta’ the water. Da Beatminerz laid the perfect groundwork for D’Angelo’s soothing vocals.
  7. Tearz” (Ignorant Tearz Remix)-Da King & I….Not quite as fresh as the original but pretty damn close! This remix sets the track off with a more uptempo vibe that surprisingly works out. The original is probably in my top 15 tracks ever though.
  8. “Real Hip Hop”-Das Efx…Yet another CLASSIC Primo production. Das came back hard on “Hold It Down” and this lead single let us know that they weren’t playin‘ around over a bare knuckles beat from the legendary beatmaker.
  9. “No Equal”-The Beatnuts…Taken from their informal debut “Intoxicated Demons”, an EP that served as a teaser to the classic self titled (or some would say “Street Level”) follow up. The Beatnuts have always been wizards on the boards, but I feel that this is one of their better productions….and the Rakim vocal sample was a nice clean cut fit (“Number 1, competition is none”) .
  10. Sho Is Hype”-Volume 10….This Freestyle Fellowship affiliate has always been somewhat of an acquired taste, but this cut is undeniably ill. This song is best suited for listening with some serious wattage, when the bass knocks kick in it nearly rattles your ribcage.
  11. “Clones”-The Roots…I know that everyone and their Mamma has vibed to “Clones” at least once in their life but so what!! I can remember playing this song back t0 back with Heltah Skeltah’s “Therapy” for a better portion of a week during this time of Summer in 1996. I’ve always had the utmost respect for the Roots since day one as they truly define “Hip Hop”.
  12. “Dark Sun Riders”-Dark Sun Riders f. Brother J of X-Clan….Damn, probably one of the only tracks from “Seeds Of Evolution” that I’ve listened to more than once. As I mentioned in “X-Clan” post last week, there’s no doubt that Brother J was a talented dude and this track is a true showcase of his ability to ride something funky.
  13. “Now You’re Mine”-GangStarr….Jesus, I watch all these old basketball videos… know, like “NBA’s Greatest Dunks” and sh#t along those lines. Why is it that not once have I ever seen this song served as a backdrop? I mean, this track is literally catering to NBA Films. Oh, and the Primo beat is ill….but what else is new?
  14. “Our For The Cash”-DJ Honda f. The Beatnuts, Problemz & Fat Joe….I couldn’t tell you why I’ve been playing this one lately, but I’d totally forgotten that Fat Joe was on here…now that it makes that big of a difference. I always wonder why a DJ would use the moniker “Honda” ( I mean, I know the obvious…but still?).
  15. “Shut Em’ Down” (Pete Rock Remix)-Public Enemy….yet another one of those unforgettable P.R. remixes. Damn, how hot was Pete when he dropped this and the remix to House Of Pain’s “Jump Around” shortly thereafter? Damn, I wanna’ go back!!!
  16. “Poor Man’s Poetry”-Naught

    y By Nature…Taken from the soundtrack to the cinematic thriller “Poetic Justice” (you know I’m jokin‘, right?). I could easily see how one could confuse this cut with “Uptown Anthem” as both sound very similar. Why is Kay Gee’s name never brought up when talking about some of Hip Hop most important producers?

  17. “Trilogy Of Error”-Real Live….Okay, we all know that Larry O wasn’t sayin‘ much….but damn K-Def!!! If I had one wish, I would have just let the beat that serves as the opening and the chorus ride out because that it was drew me into this song initially.
  18. “Last Dayz“-Onyx….Confession: I was never really into this song until I saw Em rip this shit up on “8 Mile” (the same case could also be made for Show & AG’s “Next Level” (Primo Remix), but ever since I’ve fallen in love with it over & over again. Without a doubt the best portrait that Onyx ever painted
  19. “Scarface Groove”-Paris….Paris’ music used to scare the sh$t out of me when I was a young 12 or 13 year old but know it serves as a pretty efficient soundtrack to accompany my workouts. Damn, Paris was pretty nice on the mic as well….but what’s up with the more recent stuff he’s doin‘ with P.E.?

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jrrider July 27, 2007 at 2:08 am

Props on the compilation. That Das Efx – Hold it down is a classic!!! I don’t care how many tracks it has on it. Shit is up there and way better than Sewaside. As far as Gangstar – now your mine, your forgetting about Jam Session on Nba Inside Stuff with Amahad Rashad. That song was a great backdrop for some nasty Shawn Kemp, LJ and Chris Webber dunks back then. Good shit

Eric July 27, 2007 at 2:49 am

Holy Shit….your right, I forgot about that shit being on Inside Stuff…no doubt

Tom Piper July 27, 2007 at 5:19 am

Props for the indepth writing on all the tracks. Adds a lot to the mix when you can read about the track a little.You can keep that ish going.

And gotta agree with you on Kay gee. I still get goose bumps on that horn section on “its on”.

Sounds Of The Canyon July 27, 2007 at 10:10 am

great selection bro, thanks for the work.

come grab some of the ‘Sounds of the Canyon’ comps i got going on my blog. particularly ’1974-2006′ (dilla tribute)

hope you like ‘em, keep up the good work

Dan Canyon

Tim July 27, 2007 at 1:00 pm

Props for this Eric. Working at home today, and bumping this is proving a great way to ease into the weekend.

travis July 27, 2007 at 3:25 pm

ahhh, looks like something to pass this slow ass Friday at work…good looks man

What It Is July 28, 2007 at 1:46 am

That D’Angelo remix always kind of bothered me a bit simply because G Rap was so blatantly talking about weed and the original song was kind of subtle about it. But I do like it. Just a pet peeve of mine.

Dart Adams July 28, 2007 at 11:38 pm

I have another press kit photo of the Beatnuts from after they signed with Loud Records (as well as hella others). I never actually tried to have them sign it, though. I really should have. This blog is Soul Amazin’. One.

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