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Sunday Lite: A Swirling Disevolution

by Travis on July 29, 2007

There has been a lot said over the state of Hip-Hop lately. Those of us that were around since the ’80′s are getting up there in age and don’t necessarily agree with the direction the art form is taking. Some of the younger kids view us as old and out of touch with what is happening in the music today. It happens in all forms of music, it happened in Jazz, it happened in Rock and its happening in Hip-Hop now. I think its natural for a form of music to grow and develop over its existence. In fact I think you have to have evolution for a form of music to exist as more than a passing fad. An art form will become stale if it never “grows”. With that being said, if you venture to far from what the art form “originally” was, then I think you lose the true essence that the art form contained.

One of the most interesting views on this subject that I have read came in the form of the liner notes from People Under The Stairs 2002 release “O.S.T.”.

In a world of swirling disevolution, it’s nice to know some things never change. This music and its culture, out culture, is older than most of us who carry its torch. Thus, one must question “progression” when it seems to be taking us farther and farther away from the point. Some things are so fundamental to an art form that true-schoolisms, they are the very rules by which we define our music. Sampling is not “old school”, it is our medium; as a sculptor uses clay, or a painter uses paint, we use old records to make our music. Lyrics don’t necessarily have to be anything. Diamond D still goes on and on like popcorn and it’s still classic. Scratching, no matter how fast or turntablist, still sounds best easy and on beat. The rules never change. Thus , we present to you another album, just like the first two: not old school or mid school or underground or breakbeat or true school. Just good old hip hop.

Somewhere along the way it seems most critics decided that just making Hip Hop was not good enough, and praises were hailed upon those who were “experimental” and “progressive”. Yet while everyone spun out towards the fringe, a void was created in the center; a timeless origin where dope beats and rhymes are simply good enough. As major artists traded in their DJ’s and turntables for backing bands and backup singers, underground hip hop became a symbol of suburban rebellion across the internet. Our hip hop became sterile, timid and tired, weird, conscious, light, sassy, scientific, vegetarian, teenage angst ridden, or whatever – pick your cliche. It rarely is just for the sake of being. We seem to have gone from the Boom Bip to squigadammmm yoink chomp, and worse yet, many of us are patting ourselves on the back for it. It seems that in the infinite pursuit of progression, some have forgotten to acknowledge the past.

There is a third paragraph that I’ll just leave out, since its more about the album and not relevant to this discussion. When I first read this, I was in my “Rap Sucks” mode, so at that time I probably agreed with it much more than I do now. I guess I’m split on my feelings of this issue and what PUTS feelings on it are.

On one side, I very much agree with the the thought that hip-hop has certain aspects that just make it hip hop and you can NOT lose those. Just because something is progressive does not always automatically make it good. I see way too many people with that train of thought. There is certain aspects that make something hip-hop. The further the artists get away from that, the more hip hop loses it’s identity. You do need to keep those basic elements.

A few years ago, I was adamant about Hip-Hop staying real. I was almost disillusioned by the fact that I hated what was happening to the music that I loved so much. These days, I’m more open to the fact that shit changes, and it has to in order to survive. I enjoy originality when its done right, I want to hear something progressive. I don’t think its healthy if shit stays the same from 1993. I think you need the Roots (I almost got the feeling that part of this was aimed at them for some reason) to bring the live stuff to table. They weren’t the first ones to use live instrumentation in Hip-Hop.

I’m getting too preachy and nerdy, so I’ll end at that, but I’m interested in hearing what others think. We will never solve anything, the music is what it is right now. We can stay dreaming of the “good old days”, but I don’t think its healthy to be stuck there. Everyone has their own opinion on the state of the music, but thats exactly what it is, an opinion, people need to remember that.

Change Is In The Air
And I’m not talking about the impending Autumn season coming either. My man Chris and I are fooling around with some ideas for a new design. WYDU will be two years old this coming October and I don’t know about all you, but I’m getting kind of bored with the design. It was great while it lasted, but every now and then you just have to change things around. No set date on when we’ll unleash the new flavor, probably when ever we get it to where we like it.

Also, I got some other different things up my sleeve in the coming months a long with one monster project that, if it turns out the way I want, could be classic. I also would entertain having someone who is SERIOUS about contributing (no, thats not a dis to any of my current partners, although I haven’t heard from phatsoul in ages and Polarity is busy making his skrilla which I can’t blame and I know Clap has more than enough on his plate as well right now). If you actually read all the way to this point, then you are probably the type of person I’d be looking for. I’d prefer someone that is familiar with the site obviously and I’ve had some kind of communication with i
n the past. I’m not dead set on getting someone else, but if the right person indicated they’d be interested, I’d definitely think about it.

As far as this week is concerned, expect a hefty week. I got all kinds of things lined up (fingers crossed, every time I usually say that, it bites me in the ass), so be sure to check in. After a week of the block, I’ve have more than enough ideas to get my revitalized once again.

Wu-Tang Interview

This is rather interesting to say the least. It goes about 21 minutes and they cover everything from the loss of ODB to how well they work together to their legacy in the hip hop game and even a little blurb on the upcoming album “The 8 Diagrams”, which honestly I wasn’t believing until this. Some interesting things; Meth looks mad high and still demonstrates why he is still the most charismatic member of the bunch, RZA says some shit that you are waiting for him to say “No homo” after (something about the Wu doing Gang Bangs) and GZA spends half the time looking at RZA like “What the fuck you just say” and rolling his eyes at him. They mention having different producers on this project, not just RZA and other Wu affliated members. Easy Moe Bee and DJ Scratch were the two that stick in my mind, but there were others as well. GZA throws a little barb at G-Unit and they mention that Ghost was almost not on this. U God makes an appearance and acts like nothing ever happened between him and RZA… be it.

Trav’s Top Spins For The Week

1. Storm Davis – Kegstand Poetry For The Recovering Alcoholic

Yeah, I slept on this for long enough. I wouldn’t say this is the greatest album ever but I don’t care, I’m really enjoying this album currently. More and more songs are growing on me, so if I can listen to an album for more than a few songs, to me thats a good album and despite being 20 joints long, there is enough quality on this for me play it pretty much all the way through without skipping.

2. Junk Science – Feeding Einstein
This, like the Storm Davis, has been out for awhile, with this project dropping in 2005. And like the Storm Davis, there are more and more songs on this growing on me. And like the above album, some might write off as “nerd rap”, but I like it, so I could care less what anyone says. I like it so thats all that really matters to me. Maybe there is some hope for NY after all.

3. Blue Scholars – Bayani
No, still not tired of this album which I would almost consider calling the best album of the year so far. Beats and rhymes are in check. This is some quality ish.

4. Blu & Exile – Below The Heavens
I’d officially call myself an Exile fan now with last years “Dirty Science” making my top 5 and now this album. As I said last week there are some REAL weak spots, but also some GREAT stuff on here as well.

5. Redman Discography (meaning mainly “Whut” and “Dare…”)
Every once in a while I need my dose of the sloppy, stankin’ funk and what better to get it than to pull out those two albums and dream of the days Red was the shit.


Why haven’t you heard the new eMC track yet? If you haven’t, check it out now

Why do I like this Chamillionare track so damn much? Maybe its because Rickey D is on it with him. Props to Chamillionare for keeping the originators in the game. The Video is pretty dope as well. Check the track out.

Why am I getting excited for this Little Brother joint even though 9th isn’t on it? Actually I think it’ll be even better without 9th, Check “Good Clothes” out if you haven’t heard it yet

Why has Primo been KILLIN’ it lately, he even makes the NYG’Z sound good with their track “Ur Dayz R #’d”

Why do I kind of like this joint by Pittsburgh MC Charon Don and DJ Huggy, better known as Hands Down? This type of join isn’t normally my thing, but hell, man can’t survive off of underground hip-hop alone and this shit would sound great up in the club. CHeck out “Up In Here”

Why do I think I should really like Skyzoo, but the fact is he just puts me to sleep?

Why do I despise Akon so damn much, anytime I hear him I vomit a little bit in my mouth.

Why is that “Beautiful Girls” song just as annoying itself. Radio music really sucks, I need to fix my CD player in my car or just buy a new one.

Why, speaking of shitty radio music, does this summer suck so bad for it. At least year we had “Crazy” or that Young Joc song that was at least listenable and didn’t.

Why is it every time I start respecting Kayne as a musician, he goes and opens his mouth and says some stupid shit. This time, he says “I’ll rip any mc out there that’s really how I feel. Wayne, close your ears. I’ll rip everybody out there, discluding Wayne.” Give me break, those two could compete for being the worse MC maybe. Get o
ver self Kayne. He won’t get any of my dough just because he is an arrogant ass.

Why did I nearly toss a book through the TV last night when I was watching some dude blaming Hip Hop and the culture for the the popularity of dog fighting. He goes on to use DMX as an example. Excuse me, DMX? Has he been relevant in hip hop this decade? Give me a break.

Why when I watched videos of dog fights, did it make me want to throw the book even more at Vick. That was some sick shit.

Why did I laugh my ass when Pimp C from UGK called out one of those “Lil’” rapppers a metrosexual? I’m fairly comfortable in my sexuality, but no way in hell am I kissing another dude, I don’t care if its the cheek or whatnot, shit ain’t right.


Jungle Brothers – Raw Deluxe (Gee Street, 1997)

01 Jungle Brother (True Blue)
02 Changes
03 Black Man On Track
04 Toe To Toe
05 Moving Along
06 Gettin Money
07 Where You Wanna Go

08 Brain
Producer – The Roots
09 Handle My Business
10 How Ya Want It We Got It (Native Tongues Remix)
Featuring – De La Soul
11 Bring It On
12 Jungle Brother (Stereo MC’s Mix)
Remix – Stereo MC’s

I forgot who wanted this and I apologize to whoever it was, because I kept forgetting to look for my copy. I bought both this one and the release that came out after this one. Well one was so shitty that I ended up getting rid of it and I never sell my CD’s, but I did that one, that’s how bad it was. Well “Raw Deluxe” wasn’t the bad one and I still had it in my collection. Its not great by any means, but the “How Ya Want It We Got It” Native Tongues Remix with De La is worth downloading this album.

House Party Original Soundtrack (Motown, 1990)

1. Why You Get Funky On Me – Today
2. What A Feeling – Arts & Crafts
3. Jive Time Sucker – Force M.D.’s
4. House Party – Full Force Family
5. This Is Love – Kenny Vaughan And The Art Of Love
6. I Can’t Do Nothing For You, Man! – Flavor Flav
7. Fun House – Kid ‘N Play
8. To Da Break Of Dawn – L.L. Cool J/Marley Marl
9. Kid Vs Play (The Battle) – Kid ‘N Play
10. Surely – Arts & Crafts
11. I Ain’t Going Out Like That – Zan

I won’t lie, I dug this shit. And I hated most R&B back when this came out. I was down with “Why You Get Funky On Me” by Today (Big Bub was that dude) and some of the other R&B stuff that is found on here. That along with the fact that at the time this was the first time I heard both “To Da Break Of Dawn” and “I Can’t Do Nuthin’ For You Man” (they showed up on here before their respective albums) then throw on “The Battle” with Kid ‘N Play doing their battle that was done in the movie and you have a fairly entertaining soundtrack. I just about wanted to do the kick step listening to this just now.

Bobby Jimmy – Hip Hop Prankster (Priority Music, 1990)

1 Hair Or Weave (4:30)
2 Somebody Farted (4:28)
3 Rap Dirty (4:47)
4 You Pissed Me Off (3:55)
5 Close The Door (You’re Letting Flies In) (4:41)
6 Prankster Prankster (4:27)
7 Is She Really Going Out With Him (5:06)
8 Gimme Some Bottom (5:05)
9 Jock Itchin (5:31)
10 I’m Funky (5:03)

Here it is again. I just saved y’all $94 bucks if you bought it on Amazon, so just send any Beers to 710 E Jefferson…….

K-Dee- Ass, Gas, or Grass (Lench Mob Records, 1994)

1 Intro (1:24)
Producer – D Mac (2) , Lay Law
2 The Best Thing Goin’ (5:01)
Producer – Madness 4 Real
3 Hittin’ Corners (4:41)
Producer – Shaquille
4 The Freshest MC In The World (4:52)
5 Pimpin’ And Pandering (Part 1) (0:49)
6 Make The Music (4:42)
Producer – Vic C
7 Gigalos Get Lonely Too (5:26)
Vocals – Morris Day
8 Neva Was A Baller (4:31)
Producer – 88 X Unit
9 Where’s That Cat? (0:29)
10 Thought I Saw
A Pussy Cat (4:28)
Featuring – Ice Cube
Vocals – Bootsy Collins
11 K-Swinga (4:23)
Co-producer – Ice Cube
Producer – Vic C
12 Pimpin’ And Pandering (Part 2) (0:21)
13 Talk Of The Town (4:44)
14 Into You (5:05)
15 Words To The Wise (0:21)
16 Ain’t Nothin’ Poppin’ (4:57)
Producer – Madness 4 Real
Vocals – Snow (2)
17 Assoline (0:12)
18 Ass, Gas Or Cash (5:01)
Vocals – Bootsy Collins

For some reason, Cube’s Lench Mob Records never really took off and its kind of a shame because there was some good music that didn’t get heard. This is one of them. I was just starting to get out of the west coast music when this drop and I can’t recall if I actually owned this one back in the day (I want to say I did, but it got jacked in a book of CD’s I left in my Jimmy and forgot to turn the alarm on). This is some pure west coast shit for those of you into it, if you haven’t heard, nows your chance. And since it’s going for $67.97 on Amazon, I just saved y’all a gang of money today……

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