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Straight From West Bubblefuck, Idaho……

by Travis on August 1, 2007

Hip-Hop is, by nature, a macho, boasting and bragging, grab ya nuts and yell loud kind of music. Its a male dominated music and lets face it, we are competitive. Shit, a “pissing contest” of sorts has existed in Hip-Hop since the conception of the music and is basically based on that “one up the next” man mentality. For a small time in the late 80′s, it was alright to have fun and laugh in hip hop, buts not so in these “gangsta grillz” days. When it does happen, its a breath of fresh air.

One of the funniest “albums” (although its very unpolished and more demo like in sound quality) to ever be released is Phonte of Little Brother and Eccentric’s 2000 “Unheralded Symmetrics: The Story of U.S.”. The album is a concept album of two broke M.C.’s from “West Bubblefuck, Idaho”. Phonte does what he does best, doing hilarious imitations of everyone from RZA to Eminem to Aaron Neville. It chronicles the two’s journey to get a record deal, while all the label heads want them to sound like someone else already out. Phonte is that dude, he is funny as shit on this. You have come to expect this from Tay with his Roy Lee alter ego or his Percy Miracles that was given away a couple years ago with the “Minstrel Show”.

Here is the story of “The Story of U.S.” from Phonte himself that was in the re-release of the project in 2003, which I picked up on Hip Hop Site.

In late 2000,, me and my producer Eccentric recorded about 8 songs for a solo project I was working on. After the label we were working with folded, we sat around his crib for a few days chillin’ with some loose instrumentals. Pissed off about our label situation and thinking about our next move, we started recording a (autobiographical?????) comedy album about two “underground” MC’s struggling to get a record deal. Everything was completely freestyled and created on the spot, and very seldom did we do alternate takes. We finished the album in 2-3 days, after which I played the record for my crew and made copies for a few friends before finally posting it on the internet.

The word got around pretty quickly that me and Eccentric (also known as “Fucking Jerrold” from the “Get Up”) were some wild dudes. Although Me, Pooh, and 9th would go on to form Little Brother and a hard drive crash would basically take Eccentric out of the producing game, we look back on this album as a hilarious reminder of the “early days” when we were still searching for our place in hip hop. It amazes me that after 3 years (this was written in 03) people still ask about this record. After all, me and Eccentric were just “two broke n—-s with no deals who didn’t have shit else to do with their time”. Here it is in all its horribly mixed and unmastered glory, Enjoy!

Tay and Eccentric make beats like the original artists and Tay spits like said artists. The 69th Chamber Intercourse is, of course, a play on the Wu. Tay does his best RZA impression, which is pretty funny and the beat sounds like a basic Wu beat. “Pain 4 My Dogz” is a DMX cover, “Whoadies On Fire” is that down south Cash Money Click shit, doing Baby and Juvenile. My favorite joint is probably the Aaron Nevile imitated (with guest appearances from “Eminem” and “Dr. Dre”) “The Time Has Come” with the laugh out loud hook “The time has past, the games have passed, I want to put my hand on your sexy ass, cause you are the best looking thing I’ve seen all night.”

As I’ve said, the album is a fun listen, good for a few laughs and a smile on your face….don’t worry, you can listen to it in your room so your boys don’t see you smiling….I don’t think I’ve seen it around the blog circuit yet,(give it five days after this and it’ll be around) so check it out. West Bubblefuck, Idaho represent!!!!

Unheralded Symmetrics – The Story of U.S. (Roy Lee’s Records & Tapes, 2003)

1 Disclaimer/Intro
2 Microcosmic
3 WTYS Radio skit
5 B&B Records skit
6 Pain For My Dogz
7 Meeting The God skit

8 69th Chamber Intercourse

9 Goin’ South
10 Electric Lady feat. Percy Miracles

11 The Birdcall skit

12 Whoadies On Fire

13 FUCK IT !!!!! skit
14 The Time Has Come

15 Microcosmic detroit mix

16 Tayzimoto

17 All Night feat. Jack Benson,Percy Miracles, and Dungeon Family
18 It Takes A Nation Of Bouncers… To Hold Me Back From The Club
19 Silky Tay’s Theme

20 Atari 2600

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