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Original Soundtrack Sunday

by Eric on August 5, 2007

Various Artists-Soul In The Hole O.S.T.

I know last week that I stated the score for “Who’s The Man?” as one of my favorite soundtracks of all time. Released in 1997, on the label that was responsible for comprising 3/4 of the disc’s roster (Loud Records), “Soul In The Hole” proved to be one of the most impressive compilations ever dropped in Hip Hop. Although, I’ve watched the documentary which entails inner city basketball and the struggles to make it out of the hood and into something good….I don’t think that any song included on the soundtrack actually appeared in the movie for whatever reason. At my old age, my memory tends to fail me at times..if I’m wrong on this this one give a shout. Nevertheless, this is a very solid soundtrack which plays more as a showcase for Loud’s “stacked” roster than as a musical backing for the movie. Without a doubt, I can honestly say that every track on “Soul In The Hole” is solid….no track less being at least a 3 out of a 5. The album starts off with the uplifting “The Game Of Life (Score)” brought to you by none other than the revolutionary…but gangsta Dead Prez. Kind of a corny story that goes along with “The Game Of Life” (now, keep in mind this was 1997!), I was carrying three jobs at the time (U.P.S., Junior High Basketball coach & part-time DJ) and three nights a week (usually Friday & Saturday nite) I spun the wheels of steel at a local hole in the wall that after it was all said and done turned out to be a pretty good gig. This soundtrack dropped around the Puffy-era where there really wasn’t much quality in Hip Hop, I can remember trying to break “The Game Of Life” almost weekly, simply because I liked it so much. I remember that I always blended it in with get this….Mariah Carey’s “The Roof” (the remix with Mobb Deep, she basically ganked the “Shook Ones Pt.II” instrumental for “The Roof”) and cats never caught on, but I’ll be damned if “The Roof” didn’t get people outta’ there seats!! (makes no sense to me either)….Damn, I loved that record though. Still, plenty of goodness on “Soul In The Hole” for everyone. From the Primo signature sound of Sauce Money’s (an emcee that fell short of his peers expectations) “Against The Grain” to the subtle but poignant No I.D. production found on Common’s “High Expectations”. “High Expectations” remains…in my opinion, one of the best songs Common ever recorded, too bad Common doesn’t put No I.D. back on speed dial for another album….Shit, I even still doubt that would help his lackadaisical performance on “Finding Forever”. From M.O.P. to Xzibit to Big Pun to Smif N Wessun (Cocoa Brovaz) you can find a little something for everybody on “Soul In The Hole”…one of the best soundtracks to ever drop….-Eric

Various Artists-High School High O.S.T.

Released around the closing of Hip Hop’s Golden Era, the original soundtrack to High School High was an instance were the soundtrack was better than the actual movie….but not by much. Oh, and for the record the movie was freakin HORRIBLE!! Released on yet another now defunct record label (Big Beat), “High School High” included such a varied gathering of Hip Hop & R & B artists that the soundtrack lacked any real cohesiveness or direction. After last week’s “Original Soundtrack Sunday” I got a few comments in the c-box for this soundtrack, as well as a few e-mails stating “Dude, you gotta’ upload “High School High”…I really don’t know what all the fuss is about?? To me, this soundtrack is one of the poorer releases from an era where every movie, commercial, etc. incorporated elements of Hip Hop in more than one way, shape or form. Let’s be honest here, the obvious highlight of the album is “The Rap World” by Pete Rock & Large Professor….and maybe, Lil Kim’s “Queen Bitch” makes the cut (that Carlos Broady & Nashiem Myrick beat is nuts!!). We’ve all heard better from A Tribe Called Quest (“Peace, Prosperity & Paper”), De La Soul (“I Can’t Call It”), KRS One (“High School Rock”) and even Scarface (“Skrilla“). Surprisingly, even the Roots’ “The Good, The Bad & The Desolate” is some of the if not THE most uninspired piece of work from the Philly born & bred crew. Of course, I’m sure the biggest response will be “what about Wu Wear”, which obviously is a push to purchase as much Wu Wear garment as one possibly can (admit it, you know you have your Wu Wear hoodie somewhere tucked away in your bottom dresser drawer). Oh, I almost forget about Real Live’s ploy to bring back the essence of E.P.M.D. with “Get Down For Mine”…..maybe next time K-Def, Larry-O is just…..well Larry-O. Okay, I will say the Artifacts “The Ultimate” makes the cut as well….but wouldn’t you much rather hear the Showbiz remix?? Anyway, here it is for your listening pleasure and I didn’t even say a word about the bullsh*t R & B joints on here….The Braxtons??, The Braids????….-Eric

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anotha hip hop head August 8, 2007 at 4:40 am

Yo, it’s funny that i came across your “OST sunday” joint, b/c I was bumpin Soul In the Hole for the past couple of days. I remember when this soundtrack first dropped. This album is pure illness with many gems. Some of my fav cuts are MOP’s “Ride”, X to the Z’s “L.A.”, Mobb Deep’s “Rare Species”, Darc Mind’s “Visions of Blur” (dude has a crazy voice), and OC’s “Your Life”. Way to put some spotlight on this forgotten gem. peace

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