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Most Played For The Week

by Eric on August 6, 2007

  1. “It’s On You”-Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth…taken from “The Main Ingredient”…with the “Top 25 Beats of All Time” post forthcoming, I set out to decipher a bit of Pete Rock’s discography….”It’s On You” is one of those songs that runs along the lines of Biggie’s “Respect”, meaning I slept on it a bit initially….but now I’m luvin‘ it! This song is just soo damn smooth, will there ever be another duo that possessed the undeniable chemistry between Soul Brother #1 & Corey Penn?
  2. “Up Against The Wall (Getaway Car Mix)”-Group Home….taken from “Livin‘ Proof”, which has gotta’ be one of the most complete productions ever…After glancing over Dan Love’s submission for his “Top 25 Beats” I noticed that this Primo induced track was near the top of his list. I hadn’t heard the song in a minute so I decided to give it a few spins…..Man, this track is NIIIIIIICE…I love the way the opening piano loop creeps it’s way into the soundscape near the track’s birth…Truly beautiful music from the legendary Primo, it even permits you to overlook Group Home’s lyrical deficiencies.
  3. “Golden Ticket”-Median featuring Tanya Morgan….off of Median’s free downloadable “warm-up” to “Relief”…Sadly, I know I should really be looking forward to Median’s new LP (Back in 2004 I was a HUGE Justus League fan)…but I really don’t know why he’s dropping “How Big Is Your World” as the first single, didn’t that drop in late 2004-early 2005? Anyway, I’m really feelin‘ the horn loop on “Golden Ticket”, the track could’ve included a few surprises…the Median produced beat does become just a lil‘ stagnant around the 4 minute mark….Still, dope stuff from more N.C. talent.
  4. “What’s Ya’ Poison”-Mobb Deep featuring Cormega…taken from Mobb’s 1998 disc “Murda Muzik“…it’s tracks like “What’s Ya’ Poison” that justify my thinking that Havoc’s new solo LP “Kush” will far surpass any solo effort we’ve heard thus far from Prodigy…Although, Prodigy sounds pretty damn hungry on this track and Cormega’s verse?…..NUTS, possibly the best verse I’ve EVER heard from Cormega and one of my favorite 16′s ever spit…Corey borrows the Slick Rick popularized “Two emcees in One” style of rhyming on this one….Real dope!!!!
  5. “Project Jazz”-Hell Razah featuring Talib Kweli & MF Doom (err…Vicktor Vaughn)….taken from Razah’s “Renaissance Child”….damn, I liked this when I first downloaded the album around the new year…totally forgot about it, now it’s back in the headphones….”Project Jazz” is soo completely different from anything on “Renaissance…” and that’ what makes it soo special…I just wish the track had a little more bottom….The track’s title says it all!!!
  6. “Sunshine”-Atmosphere…taken from their new “leak” “Sad Clown, Bad Summer-Number 9″…Although, I do have most of Atmosphere’s discography I’ve never been that big of a fan of their work (although my wife is)….but this track is perfect for the summer and I’m sure everyone can relate to the contents of the song (read: we’ve all been there once or twice before)…it’s actually very difficult to not like “Sunshine”.
  7. “Simply Amazin“-Blu & Exile…taken from the increasingly popular “Below The Heavens”…Jesus, what hasn’t been already said about this cut or “Below The Heavens”…Honestly, this track is the first track I’ve listened to on my way to the work for the last three weeks….I think it’s surpassed Blue Scholar’s “Loyalty” in terms of playability (hmmmm, is that a word??). I don’t ever see myself becoming weary of “Simply Amazin“….Buy the album sucka!!
  8. “The Answer”-Scholarman…taken from “Candy Medicine” (peep the album HERE) props gr1mma!…Don’t know too much about this cat just yet, but from what I’ve heard thus far the album sounds pretty solid, but this track is crazy ill. Lyrically, Scholarman will suffice but I’ve heard better….but the production is very soulful & bass heavy…some of the album’s production sounds like a less polished version of Ill Poetic’s found on “The World Is Ours”….for a very thorough review of “Candy Medicine read it at Hip Hop Linuistics (which is a new dope site I stubled into by accident)
  9. “Unreal”-NYOil…taken from the “warm up” album/mixtape “Hood Treason”…Damn, I really hope “Hood Treson” catches on as it should….like I mentioned late last week one of my favorite cuts of the year…very uplifting, could probably pass for a Dre beat…real nice “headphone” music….Hey, Huh, Huh!!
  10. “Albany”-Kev Brown…taken from “I Do What I Do”, this track has real sentimental meaning to me….Kev’s never been a real lyrical “dynamo”, but his beats??…DAYUM!! “Albany” was in serious contention to make my list for “Top 25 Beats Of All Time”..that horn loop & that guitar lick???WHAT!!..not bad for a D.C. cat….Low Budget!!
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