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Eric’s “Top 100 Tuesdays” (86-88)

by Eric on August 7, 2007

86. Grand Puba-2000

Yet another difficult selection for me…believe it or not, I placed Grand Puba’s 1995 release “2000″ ahead of his solo debut “Reel To Reel” on my “Top 100″. The reasoning behind this is fairly simple, the growth that Puba displayed between “Reel To Reel” and “200o” was quite evident. I mean, we all loved “Reel To Reel” but face it….the production was far from polished, but the dusty samples and sparse drum kicks were all part of the attraction. With “2000″ is was clear that Puba packed a few rounds in his holster attempting to crack the urban charts. The most radio friendly track on “Reel To Reel” was more than likely “360 (What Goes Around)”..on “2000″ there are several recognizable instances. For example, let’s take the summer anthem “I Like It” armed with a nice, lighthearted, uptempo beat courtesy of Mark Sparks and a breezy, soulful chorus this track should have actually received more play and received more attention than it actually did. Another notable track would have to be the opener “Very Special” which is yet another Mark Sparks head-nodder..why didn’t this one hit the urban radio charts?…I don’t know. Overall, the album is much better as a whole than Puba’s previous release. Remember when Treach of Naughty By Nature stated that Puba was “one of the fiercest emcees” on Naughty’s self titled debut? Well, that fierceness is toned down a bit on “2000″ for the listener who’s first exposure to Puba is this sophomore effort. I can remember this album dropped around the time Ace’s “Sittin‘ On Chrome” hit and that was almost anything you heard bumpin‘ out of Jeep Wranglers and Pathfinders during those warm summer months of 1995. The highlight of “2000″ for me is the Minnesota blessed “Amazing”, utilizing the same sample O.C.’s jerked for “Far From Yours” and most recently underground up & comer Danny! supplied it for “Fly” on his third album “Charm”, this track will damn near have you in a neckbrace till’ it’s all said and done. I know it’s gotta’ be difficult for the die hard Puba, Brand Nubian fan to admit “2000″ was a far better album than “Reel To Reel” but face it…..the lyrics were still there and the beats where leaps and bounds ahead of those heard on “Reel…”. Just let it go man!!!!….-Eric

87. Fu-Schnickens-F.U. Don’t Take It Personal

Mmmm,mmmmm,mmmmm…Remember the days?? No shit, I picked up Das Efx‘ “Dead Serious”, Cypress Hill’s self titled debut and Fu-schnickens “F.U. Don’t Take It Personal” and got my first piece of ass on the same Saturday evening back in the summer of 1992. Let’s recap, that’s two surefire classics, a near classic and a busted cherry all in one day? That’s right folks, what would you give to go back? Welcome to 2007, as I sit here typing my thoughts on this innovative, comedic and original debut I shall pose the question “Is “F.U…a classic??”. I’m gonna’ have to say no, more like a “flash in the pan” if you will. It’s quite a coincidence that the Fu-Schnicks & Das dropped debuts around the same time frame. I’d have to say that Das Efx emerged as the more productive of the two groups. After Fu’s disastrous second attempt “Nervous Breakdown”, Jive chose to release a Fu “Greatest Hits” album of sorts. How does that work?? How do you drop a bullsh*t 2nd album and get a “Greatest Hits”? Hmm, I never could figure that one out. Nevertheless, “F.U”…was still a very impressive rookie outing that also featured a very impressive emcee. Chip Fu, with his rapid fire delivery and unpredictable style was one of the true innovators in Hip Hop, just pay attention or you may miss half of his verse! How would you like to get Twista & Chip Fu on a track? The beat sure as hell better be dope because you and I both know that we’re not gonna’ decipher too many lyrics. Of course, Chip Fu was not alone….in tow was Moc Fu & Poc Fu, and that’s all that I’ll say in regards to those two as I listened anxiously for the next Chip Fu verse. With their debut single “La Schmoove” (feat. Phife of A.T.C.Q.), the Fu shnicks attempted to carve out their etching in Hip Hop stone and achieved in doing so….but wait a minute….or was it “Ring The Alarm” that was their first single? Either way you catch my drift. Ah, yet another key tidbit..A Tribe Called Quest actually produced three tracks on “F.U…” (True Fuschncik“, “La Schmoove” & Heavenly Father”), or was it just Q-Tip….which seems to be a factoid that has come to the forefront of most discussions regarding Tribe’s production duties. Also, Dres of the Black Sheep produced “Check It Out” and also stopped by for a quick 16 on the track as well. Well, enjoy this one if you can…compared to it’s release in 92′, the album does float on the corny-side today, but it still has a memorable place in Hip Hop and that’s all you can really ask for. How many albums released in today’s day and age will we be able to say that for?….-Eric

88. Double X-Ruff, Rugged & Raw

Ooooh, it’s about that time folks!! The days of “Top 100 Tuesdays” are almost numbered, after today there will only be 12 selections left to reach 100. Believe me, it’s getting hard to meet that quota as well for numerous reasons (not wanting to “double up” on uploads, and never actually taking the time to “sit down” and rank each release numerically). On with today’s last posts! In regards to Double X’s (formerly Double XX Posse) “Ruff, Rugged & Raw, I actually had a real difficult time trying to pick between their 1995 release and “Put Ya Boots On” which featured classic cuts like “Not Gonna Be Able To Do It” and tales of police brutality on “The Headcracker” (no pun intended, ha ha). Lo & behold, I have to go with the more cohesive and better production featured on “Ruff, Rugged & Raw. With 95% of the production duties handled by Double X themselves (why am I thinking that T-Ray had a heavy involvement in the production as well?) , the album is loaded with East Coast flava‘ from beginning to end. Reliant on echoed horn loops, murky drums and rolling basslines “Ruff….” is one of the golden era’s most slept-on and overlooked gems to ever come outta’ New York. I can remember digging for this one for quite some time in PA, I don’t know if Big Beat distributed very few copies of the album or what, but I had a hard to getting my hands on a copy for the longest. The highlight of this album for me, comes at the expense of the Lord Finesse masterpiece “Money Talks”, which is in my opinion Finesse’s greatest piece of work on the boards…EVER!! You’ll see “Money Talks” pop up on my “Top 25 Beats” list later this week, you can bet on that!! On the mic, Sugar Ray is easily distinguishable and carries most of the workload on this one, with BK provided back up from time to time. Sugar Ray was always a dope emcee in my eyes, his lyrics where never “top notch” but his delivery and presence more than compromised his lyrical downside. If you love that “ol New York rap” here’s anotha‘ gem for you…..but why in the hell did I always think that Double X hailed from Jersey. There’s very little info floating around the net’ in regards to Double X Posse, so if I’m incorrect someone give me a shout….-Eric

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turtle August 8, 2007 at 1:12 am

Other than hearing the FU singles, I have never checked these albums. I did not even know Puba had a second album until a few years ago. Although I missed many great 2nd efforts always looking for the next great thing. Regarding Double X and Sugar Ray, didn’t they have the big hit in the late 90s with Super Cat. Just kidding. And now a request, next time you throw a mix together, can you include the original version of Eric B is President (not the wack Special Marley Marl mix that is on Paid in Full)? Thanks

Nokizm August 8, 2007 at 2:13 am

I dont know why but I never checked for Double X. FU was in heavy, heavy rotation for me when it first dropped. I still think it was a very creative and dope album. Chip Fu should have blown up.

Anonymous August 13, 2007 at 11:46 pm

i never heard of Double XX Posse but this album is fire! thankyou, i thought i was running out of albums to d/l (in my heart i knew it was bullshit). i been a fan of Fu Schnicks since i was about 10/11, FU is my fav album of theirs too.

Etalon September 6, 2007 at 3:50 pm

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