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"W.T.R." gets a case of "Downloader's Remorse"…$240.00 worth!!!

by Eric on August 8, 2007

After listening to Jazz Addixx’s “Oxygen Refreshed” for most of the weekend, while driving to work this morning I decided to give Foreign Exchange’s (Nicolay & Phonte Coleman) 2004 collabo “Connected” a listen. The mornings here in Little Rock have been amazingly beautiful the past few days…well, that is until about lunchtime. Around 1 p.m. it’s usually scorching hot in the city, I’m not talking about that dry East Coast heat either….I’m talkin‘ muggy,nasty, sticky heat. Hot enough to merit a change of shirt and tie by no later than 2 p.m….no bulls*t! Anyway, there I go again straying from the point at hand….I’ve always loved “Happiness”, “Nic’s Groove” and “All That You Are” from “Connected” and it had been a minute since I’d heard the album period. I remember downloading “Connected” fresh out of the Army, around that time my wife and I were struggling newlyweds living paycheck, with no kids, doing everything together all the while with that “newlywed sparkle” in our eyes. Most of the time “Connected” was the soundtrack for that “everything“, so needless to say that album has big-time sentimental value to me. I’ll be damned, if I didn’t give the CD away to one of my buddies a year or two ago and it was nowhere to be found on my Ipod (I have a USB chord that runs directly into my dash unit..sounds just like a CD) either. My last hope was my boy Ron, who I work with and happens to be the only dude in my office who listens to Hip Hop….I knew he’d have it!!! “Nope”, I had it but I left it at my brother’s spot in Atlanta, but I did see it at Best Buy this weekend while I was picking up the new Blue Scholars joint” he disclosed to me. So I cut outta’ work a little early, being that my only appointment today was around at 3 p.m….and soon headed over to Best Buy.

This is where it gets interesting, we all download more than we should…hell, I bet you I download 20-25 joints a week! You know my theory though…..plain & simple, if it’s dope I buy it…Period!!! Any album that’s received “Let’s Talk About….” status, I’ve shelled over the dough for. Today, something hit me though…after strolling past the usual garbage, the Paul Walls, The Ying Yangs and the endless 50 Cent & Whoo Kid mixtapes that seemed to occupy a whole vertical row, I bumped into Digable Planets “Reachin“. Soon thereafter Ice Cube’s “Death Certificate” was in my grasp, next it was Jeru’s “The Sun Rises In The East”…then Mobb Deep “The Infamous” and well…you get the picture. One hour and $240.00 later I had 15 cd’s in my bag (all those depicted above plus Tribe’s “Midnight Marauders” which I left in my car)!! What in the hell happened? I mean I had the cassette and the original CD for most of these albums. I’ve come to two conclusions. For one, I download soo much’s like a sickness. Very seldom do I listen to a new album for more than a week or two (there are the those exceptions..Ill Poetic’s joint, Evidence’s solo LP, Uncut Raw, etc.) and even with the classics I download, the same case applies. So, maybe I bought the album’s again to…..well, I guess.. value them even more. I shelled out my hard earned dollars for this music, now it’s time to value those CLASSICS once again and appreciate the artists’ mastery. The second conclusion I’ve come to has to be “the kid in the candy store” again. You know that feeling…your fingers shaking with anticipation to pop the disc/cassette and throw it in the deck…all the while reading the linear notes. Who produced what? Are the lyrics printed? What about the shout out’s? I can’t even front it felt kinda’ good to dip into my pockets and support good music for the first time in YEARS. I paid more than what I should have, Best Buy is always so high and your much better purchasing from the artists themselves or their label’s website…oh well, fu#k it!! Whatever the case, I picked up a month’s (in my standards) worth of “goodness”. The only newer album’s I picked up where 9th Wonder & Buckshot’s “Chemistry” (always loved it) and for reasons unknown MF Doom’s revamped “Mmmm Food” (I think I just wanted to see the DVD as well). Whatever the case, maybe you to will be struck with a vicious bout of “Downloader’s remorse” out of the blue…just always have your wallet and credit cards with you!!! Oh, and I the list of my purchases is posted below….-Eric

Inluded in the pic above:

  1. “The Sun Rises In The East” – Jeru
  2. “Dare Iz A Darkside”-Redman
  3. “Fear Of A Black Planet”-P.E.
  4. “Chemistry”-9th & Buckshot
  5. “The Score”-The Fugees
  6. “Doggystyle”-Snoop
  7. “Mmm Food”-Mf Doom
  8. “Death Certificate”-Ice Cube
  9. “Do You Want More?”-The Roots
  10. “Reachin”-Digable Planets
  11. “The Low End Theory”-A.T.C.Q.
  12. “Ready To Die (remastered)”-Biggie
  13. “Hard To Earn”-GangStarr
  14. “The Infamous”-Mobb Deep

*not pictured: Tribe’s “Midnight Marauders”

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turtle August 8, 2007 at 1:45 am

That is awesome. Everytime I go into Best Buy, I try to find something on my wish list (usually stuff I own on tape but would like to have the cd like Kanes first two albums) but they never have what I want. I did get Leaders of the New School’s debut at a used cd shop last month.

Eric August 8, 2007 at 1:48 am

@turtle…I’m buggin’ off your name right now b/c the wifey and I recently bought Entourage (all the seasons) on DVD and we watch an episode everynight. We both love Turtle, so whenever I see your name I attach his face along with it.haha…thanks for commenting dude, I value your input

c August 8, 2007 at 2:04 am

the east coast could get pretty humid
nyc is pretty fucking humid right now

Nokizm August 8, 2007 at 2:07 am

I remember when Best Buy first opened up in Miami (around 93/94 I think) They had every album you could imagine on cassette!!! And tapes and CD’s were 3-4 dollars cheaper than all the other music outlets (Spec’s, Blockbuster Music, etc)
Man, they sure took a huge chunk of my minimum wage earnings, lol.

Travis August 8, 2007 at 2:31 am

Nice haul, thats some serious dough (at least for me these days). I still try to buy at least a couple new CD’s a month then of course my used CD shopping spree’s when I could drop anywhere from $50-$100.

The most I’ve ever dropped on a single trip to the CD store was a little over $500, of course that was with insurance money I got from when someone broke into my truck and took off with my book of CD’s. That was a fun shopping spree. If I ever when the lottery….hahaha, it is soooo on.

Eric August 8, 2007 at 2:37 am

@trav…yeah, no doubt….I’m actually uploading those joints to my hard drive as I’m typing this..holla’ at me if you need a decent rip of any of em’

Mike Dikk August 8, 2007 at 3:01 am

God dammit. I ordered the Limited Edition copy of MM Food weeks ago and that shit still hasn’t arrived. I should have just bought the fucking normal version at Best Buy.

$240 for 15 CDs seems like an insane amount. I know it’s really not, but the only time I go insane with buying shit is records, and if I spent that much on records, I’d have like 100 new records.

John Dawson August 8, 2007 at 4:24 am

I am suprised you weren’t on the Foreign Exchange album. It is my “go to” CD when I am taking a long drive. All of Nicolay’s solo stuff is really good. He just did a full length “Here” and that is dope as well. Let me know if you want a hook up.

Duane in Dallas August 8, 2007 at 4:48 am

Damn, you dropped some serious cash today; I’ve never spent that much on music all at once! Yeah, I buy several CDs and 12″ singles each month, but I try to buy from small mom-n-pop record shops, or else places online like turntablelab, fatbeats, etc. I like to support the artists and the small music outlets.

But you know I gotta say, I’ve bought *MORE* music in the past few years (you know, in this age of downloading and iPods) then I ever did back before all these blogs came on the scene. Seems everytime I hear/read about something I like, it makes me go buy a whole bunch of new shit that I slept on or just plain missed the first time around.

And no lie–I bought the new MF DOOM re-release because (#1) I love DOOM, and (#2) that shit smelled like chocolate Pop Tarts.

Fer August 8, 2007 at 10:01 am

“the kid in the candy store”, haha, I know what are you talking about. I really have to control myself while stepping into a record shop. Not that I have spent so much money at one time on music or buyed cds I own (that’s really too much, haha). By the way, reading your list I think I gonna listen to The Low End Theory today, I love that album.

Mystik Journeyman August 8, 2007 at 6:03 pm

No doubt, but when I buy the CDs I tend to get them from Amazon/eBay. I didn’t realise but Discogs has also got a marketplace; I picked up Stretch Armstrong’s ‘Lesson 2′ from a German fella the other day. Nice.

hafenmeister August 8, 2007 at 9:52 pm

hey, just my two cents
Whenever i walk by a recordstore i’m feeling like the above posted kid in a candy store and i have to go in (much kudos to my girl for tolerating).it has become obsessive if you know what i mean, i’m sure some of you do ;) the thoughts in your post are exactly the same taht i’m feeling these days. many people don’t even seem to value good music anymore.Thanks eric/rasul for all the time you’ve put into this blog in the past and hopefully will in the’s been a pleasure reading your posts.
cheers from germany

Travis August 8, 2007 at 9:53 pm

@Eric, thanks, I think I own all those except the MMM Food, which as you know I’m not the biggest Doom fan. I do need a copy of “Hard To Earn”, I noticed when I was going through my stuff when I was making that beat list that I have the case but no CD and I can’t recall seeing it for a long ass time now.

If you get a chance, swing me a link, it’d be appreciated.

Travis August 8, 2007 at 9:55 pm

Yeah, i don’t go into a store unless I have the money. I go into a “frenzy” of sorts and don’t think about the circumstances of spending all the dough I’m spending.

At one time (pre internet age) I would hit up a store or two every tuesday (new release day) just to see what was out new. I miss those days.

Travis August 8, 2007 at 9:57 pm

I even remember taking a date to a “record store” once, after the movie (White Man Can’t Jump) and dinner. Needless to say, that was the only date I had with that girl. I spent a good 30-45 minutes in there.

BRANDONIAN 'the talking head August 9, 2007 at 12:04 am

ive had this dude from a record store coming in to my college every month with used cds / not a scratch on em, 10$ each. no mater what, and i probably saw every disc you had in that pic over the first and second semester. good looking though..

jrrider August 9, 2007 at 1:31 am

You need to up those links!!!lmfao jk

Even though I download plenty I still support the real hip when it does drop. If we don’t support real shit then there will be a whole row of Jeezys and Rich boys. Fuck that

Anonymous August 11, 2007 at 3:51 pm

Hey Guys!!Peace y’all,does anybody know the first beat from the dj ragz youtube video??

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