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"It's Gotta' Beats" Vol.IV….Jaz' (Cold Rock Da Spot) Edition

by Eric on August 16, 2007

Awwwwwwww Man!!! My bad everyone, I’ve been letting the links for the “Top 25 Beats” post slip the last few days….sorry. What I’m gonna’ do is just post all the links along with my list which will wrap up “The Top 25 Beats” series. Hopefully, that will be finished up sometime this weekend. Work has been crazy hectic (good thing), but unfortunately the healing process from the ol “snip snip” hasn’t been going that great….forcing me to have an ice cold bag of peas handy most of the evening time. This shit’s for the birds!! Anyway, I’m honored to be featuring one of my favorite bloggers in the game and in my opinion the “Mecca Of Hip Hop Knowledge” Jaz of Cold Rock Da Spot. Early in my blogging career I featured a “Sample Appreciation” post for the Emotions “Blind Alley”, Jaz was a HUGE help with the success of the post as well…which later found it’s way over to Oliver Wang’s “Soul Sides” . I thought it was mad cool and a very nice gesture for someone with the experience such as Jaz to lend a hand to a rookie to make the post even that much more impressive. Also, I highly recommend you visit JazCold Rock Da Spot and attempt to fill some of his requests……dude is sending out the almost mythical World Renown album featuring production from K-Def for each filled request!!! That’s almost like Christmas! Anyway, “let’s get down to bidness” (insert Willie Dee voice). Up next will be my dude Dart Adams of Poisonous Paragraphs who after taking a peek as his list is comin‘ with something that I’m sure you all will enjoy. Thanks for reading and thanks for helping out once again Jaz!!!…-Eric

From Jaz: “Man, oh man when Eric first e-mailed me about doing my top 25 Beats I scrunched my face up, why?, because I was to endeavor on a task that would require opening up my mind music library and trying very hard to recollect over 25 years of listening to hundreds and hundreds of Hip Hop recordings and I ended up having beats and tracks swarming in my head so I kept a notepad beside my bed.
My first list was over 400 and it got larger, but then I thought (and wished I had earlier) what are the tracks that you always go back to?, what are the tracks where the instant you think of them you get a sensation and a loop of the track in your head and you have to hear that track there and then?.
Some of these selections were made because I do a frequent article for New Zealand’s Back 2 Basics magazine titled Top 5 Bests Uses Of…which is what I think what artist/producer used a classic break the best, so some of my work was already cut out for me, needless to say that even as I write this list, tracks are still flooding my dome, I feel bad that a lot has been missed out but what was missed would be in the top 75 that is for sure.”

Jaz‘ “Top 25 Beats Of All Time”

1 .Big Daddy Kane-”Aint No Half Steppin” prod. by Marley Marl
“The Emotions ‘Blind Alley’ is one of my favourite breaks, loops ever and the great Marley Marl looped them up first for this classic Big Daddy Kane track, adding the infamous ESG-’UFO’ wah wah and a bassline was all this track needed, a cut that has been so influential throughout Hip Hop and gave DJ Scratch his slogan (“Friday Night Imma Play Jason”) and a lot of the lyrics have been used as vocal samples in so many joints.”

2. Chubb Rock-”The One” prod. by Howie Tee
Hitman Howie Tee loops up the warbling 9th Creation” Bubblegum” track with the ill drums from a Booker T and The MGs‘ cover song, this allows the Chubbster to flex his dope rhymes so smoothly and the D.O.C. and Biz Markie samples are just perfect.”

3. Nas-”New York State of Mind” prod. by DJ Premier
“Phew, this still gives me chills and is one of DJ Premier’s greatest ever beats, it’s so raw and mad siniste, it’s the way Premo slows down the Kool and The Gang drums, the broken piano loop and when Nas says “I don’t know what to say”and then proceeds to rhyme as if his life depended on it, the cuts that Premo does and the Rakim vocal sample.”

4. JVC Force-”Strong Island” prod. by artist
“As soon as I think of this classic, those horns appear in my head and then those dope as hell Freda Payne drums and the unique styling of B Luv and AJ Rock, when I was at Highschool this was a mainstay in my walkman and I used to rewind it back to a beat part and recite my own lyrics, one of these days we might get that unreleased 1992 JVC Force album, a Man has to have hopes B.”

5. Raekwon-”Incarcerated Scarfaces” prod. by The RZA
Boy did RZA made those Detroit Emeralds drums sound a little faster but so dirty and thick while Rae just ripped this track to smithereens, “let’s connect politic ditto” and the ill Koko Taylor sample is honestly some next level shit, I can never tire of this and remember the first time I heard this and it still does exactly what The Chef said it does “knock n—–s out the box every time.”

6. De La Soul-”Oodles of O’s” prod. by Prince Paul
“I still find it hard to believe this was released over 17 years ago, as it still sounds ahead of it time, Prince Paul killed it with the classic Hihache drums, the ‘Funky Drummer’ and Doug E Fresh sample and the way Pos and Dove rhymed is still incredible with the way every rhyme ended with a o sound”

7. EPMD-”It’s Going Down” prod. by artist
“The first time I heard this on the Juice soundtrack, it just blew me away, it wasn’t like other EPMD tracks and even though I had heard them a few times before, Ijust had to know what were those crashing drums and that made me rewind this over and over, I soon found that Mountain record with the ‘Long Red’ and found it mesmerizing the way the drums had been fattened up, along with the Marvin Gaye sample and Erick and Parrish’s chemistry.”

8. Gangstarr-”The Illest Brother” prod. by DJ Premier
“DJ Premier and Guru in such fine form, with Kieth E spitting flames over Premo’s ill nagging piano loop and horn and hard hitting drums but it was also the breakdown with the change of piano, the Rakim cut, and slight use of ‘Funky Drummer’ make this one of the greatest Gangstarr tracks of all time and it always surprised me it was never included on Gangstarr Best of compilations”

9. Artifacts-”Flexi With The Tech (Nique)” prod. by T Ray
“A white boy from Lancaster, South Carolina named T-Ray (Double XX Posse, MC Serch,Cypress Hill, MC Thick,Lord Finesse) produced this head nodding underground anthem for New Jersey’s great (and much missed) The Artifacts, Tame One (Redman’s cousin) and EL Da Sensi, flexed great rhyme skill and were born to rhyme alongside each other, the Power of Zeus drums here thumped loudly and were heavily compressed and equalized. T-Ray added touches of the eerie keyboard from the same track and a thick, muddy bass line, plus a horn sample that could have been stolen straight out of Pete Rock’s crate, in my opinion the best use of these drums and a timeless underground Hip Hop anthem, hopefully one day The Artifacts will get back together and give us more like this.”

10. Showbiz and AG ft Big L and Deshawn-”Represent” prod. by Showbiz
Diggin In The Crates indeed, this track still smashes me in the head, the ill psyhedelic Jack Bruce sample was so dirty and those Sly and The Family Stone drums just pound so hard (how did Showbiz get them to sound like that?),this is one of the dopest posse cuts (even though they were from the same collective), because they all had mad skills and bought thier A-Game.The late great Big-L, AG, Lord Finnesse, and Deshawn tore this track to shreds and this was also the debut of the much missed Big L, this was how New York really did it in the early 90′s.”

11. Beatnuts-”Hell Raiser” artist
“This track is what the Queens, legends The Beatnuts were made of, an addictive guitar loop, bass line, horns and the Power of Zeus drums (of course fat and loud), while the then trio of Psycho Les, Ju Ju and Fashion (who was in prison when the album was released) bounced lyrics off each other. A Beatnuts recording session just sounded like it was one hell of a party and that is what you get with this track, lots of background noise and rowdy behavior, ‘Hellraiser‘ was one of the dopest cuts off their debut Street Level album and still sounds as great today, as it did then. Beatnuts forever…die hard…Mother…”

12. Ultramagnetic MC’s-”Ego Trippin” prod. by artist
Kool Kieth, Ced Gee, TR Love and DJ Moe Love in their absolute prime, looping the infamous Melvin Bliss drums and a crazy sample and ribcage rattling bass. Keith was so ill in those days and his rhymes and flow were like no other, bugged and zany but also clever and the Ultramagnetics were so ahead of their time, everybody was still using drum machines and Ultramagnetic became the blueprint of how to do underground right and not caring what the trends were.”

13. Diamond D & The Psychotic Neurotics-”K.I.S.S.” prod. by artist
“Oh those damn horns, Diamond D and that bassline and those moody Weather Report drums were strictly New York my Man but then after your fly verses you had to go and sample yourself off the Diggin In The Crates track and Brand Nubian and make a hook I was often unable to get out of my head for days (“took the leer jet, don’t fear yet”) what makes this even more dope is the fact that Q-Tip co-produced this, more props than a cop called…..14-Biz Markie-Nobody Beats The Biz (1987)Of course it had to be Marley Marl that first looped up the classic Hihache drums and of course it had to be the bugged out Biz that laid his lovable but goofy rhymes on top and of course Marley had to use some Steve Miller Band samples and Roxanne Shante cuts and of course .

..oh you get the picture, a pure classic…whatever school you are.”

15. Screwball-”I Seen It All” prod. by DJ Premier
“DJ Premier laced the rowdy Queens vets with some of the most cinematic strings I have ever heard and (Blaq) Poet, Hostyle, KL and Solo blessed this track with such ill and passionate deliveries. I think it was the fact that these dudes had seen it all and the pain and anguish was being released in their rhymes and without a doubt, DJ Premier’s immaculate beat was the ultimate outlet for the crew.”

16. Souls of Mischief-”93 Til Infinity” prod. by A Plus
“Easily the Soul’s greatest ever track, the moving Billy Cobham sample was so fresh (and beautifully muffled) and Pep Love, A-Plus, Opio and Phesto could not have sounded better rhyming about their daily activities (smoking weed and taking on wack Mc’s) and showing how the West Coast smacks kids, as soon as those first few bars play…I stroll down memory lane and think about the first time I ever heard this classic.”

17.King Tee featuring Tha Alkaholiks-”Got It Bad Y’all” prod. by DJ Pooh & Tha Liks
“The illest use of the infamous ‘Ode To Billy Joe’ drums in my opinion, Tha Liks wedre introudced to the World and totally ripped it, King Tee still had it, the bassline rumbled and it was such a party anthem”

18. Main Source-???????
“A top 25 beats without a Large Pro production would simply be blasphemy but the hard part is what the hell to choose, well after much thought and consideration it is…..Fakin The Funk for so many reasons, the Main Ingredient sample, Neek The Exotic and the kicking Kool and The Gang ‘N.T’. drums, it’s still funny that this was on the White Men Can’t Jump soundtrack though because anybody could jump and lose their minds to this in my eyes (and ears)”

19. Madlib and Oh No-”Contradictor (Unreleased)” prod. by Madlib
“First of all I just want to say that Madlib haters are foolish and it’s very unlikely you check for everything he does so your opinion is void. I am not sure why this was never released because it is dope and cool to hear the two Jackson brothers (Otis & Michael) rhyme alongside each other over a bouncy clap, strings, a low guitar sample a subtle bassline and DJ Romes on the cuts (I think) I liked this because the production was different for Madlib but I am sorry I have no idea what year this was recorded, but possibly sometime in the early 00′s.”

20. Pete Rock & CL Smooth ft Deda and Rob-O-”In The Flesh” prod. by Pete Rock
“Why?, because it moves me, reminds me of some great times and Deda, Pete, CL and Rob-O sounded so dope over this and it’s so damn smooth, the ‘Fly Like An Eagle’ samples, the ‘Customer’ drums and that soulful George Benson sample and the Biz Markie cut .This is just one of those joints that can eliminate my worries as soon it is played.”

21. Black Sheep-”The Choice Is Yours (Remix)” prod. by artist
“I have very fond memories of playing this out and watching people lose it (and myself of course) when the “Engine, engine number 9 on the New York Transit line” would come on, I would cut out the record for the next line and then I would bring the record back on to the part where Dres goes if my train falls of the track and then take it out for the pick it up, pick it up …and drop it on the “back on the scene” and watch the crowd jump up and have a massive smile on my face as I watched them recite the lines…that’s why.”

22. KRS One- “Mad Crew” prod. by artist
“See this what I’m saying…KRS cold murdered this self produced jewel, looping up the lovely ‘Don’t Change Your Love’ drums and adding a bassline and guitar sample, it seemed really sparse but was so dope and combined with KRS’s strong delivery it just worked so well and had me and my mad crew back in the days saying to each other I got the mad, mad crew up in the house, a true party joint and yes an all time favourite.”

23. Latee-”Brainstorm” prod. by DJ Mark The 45 King
Ahhhh DJ Mark The 45 King and Latee, what an outstanding combination and what fat drums The 45 King looped up there with Latee spilling out dope rhymes over the bassline and tones, but there is something about that break…hmmmm why that almost sounds like a break that was once used four times in different tracks by an over rated producer with a massive ego, no it couldn’t be I mean this track was released in 1987 and I am sure that not mentioned producer dug them up a few years ago didn’t he?.”

24. Stezo-”It’s My Turn” prod. by Steve Williams
“Thanks Chris Lowe, and say it with me, thanks Dooley-O, thank you for finding one of the illest beats known to mankind but man is there a story of roughed up DJ’s group feuds and stolen surrounding this beat (yes, it is the infamous Skull Snaps break) to this track…have a read here The track itself is still amazing, the looped drums, the ESG wah wah’s and the sample of ‘Atomic Dog’ all worked really well, as did Stezo’s rhymes and flow, when I first heard this I thought Stezo was from New York and had no idea that ‘So Watcha Sayin‘ was a diss track to him.”

25. Public Enemy-”Black Steel In The Hour of Chaos” prod. by The Bomb Squad
“Militant, hardcore, light years ahead of it’s time Bomb Squad produced madness with a dark piano loop sampled from Isaac Hayes and Chuck D’s abrasive verbal attack on the Government, there is also a Stevie Wonder sample in here and this track is just as dope and legendary as the timeless album it came from.Enough said.”

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Jaz August 17, 2007 at 1:26 am

Damn this looks good Eric and thanks again for the opportunity.

I don’t want to be anal, but there are a few mistakes and a part of the De La Soul comment is missing, was that my fault?


turtle August 17, 2007 at 1:28 am

Great list. And Jaz really knows alot about the samples. I can catch one here and there. Also, that is one great thing about hip hop, it has really opened the door for me to enjoy other types of music.

BRANDONIAN 'the talking head August 17, 2007 at 4:31 am

So did kane sample that beat from AMG-Jiggable pie or no?

Anonymous August 17, 2007 at 10:01 am

No way Brandonian, the Big Daddy Kane track was produced in 1988 by Marley Marl and was the first Hip Hop track to sample the Blind Alley loop, AMG’s ‘Jiggable Pie’ was released in 1991.

Mystik Journeyman August 17, 2007 at 10:47 am

I can’t believe Jaz is the first to include ’93 ‘Til Infinity. Madness.

It’s one of the few songs I wouldn’t mind on permanent loop inside my brain for the rest of my life.

Commish CH August 17, 2007 at 8:51 pm

Damn. Great breakdown; can’t disagree with much. I blew out my Radio Shack speakers in my rig back in the day playing ‘New York State of Mind’

Dart Adams August 17, 2007 at 9:38 pm

Goood list. *Starts a slow clap for Jaz*


Anonymous August 18, 2007 at 9:20 pm

hating to be anal but

illest brother – you sure thats premier?

and mad crew was produced by kid capri

Anonymous August 18, 2007 at 9:48 pm

for chubbs i’m thinking “blow the whistle” was thee joint, mad energy coming off that one…

Jaz August 19, 2007 at 1:14 am

you aren’t being anal, but you didn’t need to be anonymous…read the production credits in Daily Operation of course The Illest Brother was produced by DJ Premier same with Return of the Boombap KRS produced that, I am willing to put money on it.

Jaz August 20, 2007 at 1:05 pm

The Big Daddy Kane line is “Friday The 13th Imma play Jason” NOT Friday Night…lol

thebigk December 5, 2008 at 2:36 pm

Nice writeup Jaz.

Jonny December 12, 2008 at 10:56 am

JAZ you rank up there with Xtra P, Sadat X and J-Ro as one of my favorite HIP HOP MUTHAFUCKAS! Keep doing what you do.

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