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WYDU & The Youtube Post

by Travis on August 16, 2007

Since I finally figured out this whole embedding video on a blog (thanks Trees), I’ve been wanting to do a post highlighting some long lost videos of yester year. When I was younger, videos were the thing I saw the most of. Local radio didn’t play shit for Hip-Hop besides a few Run DMC, Beasties, and LA Dream Team (yeah, don’t know either), so all my exposure came from “Yo! MTV Raps”, “Pump It Up” (Dee Barnes) or the occasional “Rap City” and “The Box”. Needless to say, videos hold a special place for me in my heart. I figured I’d mention a few of my personal favorites.

Mellow Man Ace – Mentirosa

“Yo!” introduced me to this song, which I quickly went out and picked up on maxi cassette single. I got kicked out of my 9th grade Spanish class by the end of the first semester, so I didn’t know shit for Spanish at that time in my life, but I still knew the words for the whole joint. The video puts the protagonist, Ace, against the vile and evil antagonist, which in this case is a hot chick, who obviously stretches the truth a little bit.

I ain’t going to lie, I liked this video mainly for the hot chicks in it. If I remember right, Mellow Man Ace was tied to Delicious Vinyl early in his career (I think his first couple singles were released on DV) and Delicious Vinyl always had the same hot chicks in their videos. The main chick in this had a great body and sexy looking eyes (I’ve always been into eyes when looking at a chicks face) top that off on the already sexy voice on the song and it got my 16 year old hormones pumping. One of the judges on the bench in the video was in Tone Loc’s and Young MC’s videos and I want to say it was the chick that Adam Yauch and Adam Horowitz were dating during the “Paul’s Boutique” days.

Above The Law – Murder Rap

This video dropped in the middle of my fascination with gangsta rap and I must say, it’s one of my favorite songs in all the genre. The beat to me is just ill as fuck that made me The video is nothing special but does have the NWA boys in it along with the DOC. Your traditional hustla gets throwin jail, with some jail house raps then the court room scene, but our hero gets off.

Kool Moe Dee feat KRS One & Chuck D – Rise & Shine

As good as the line up had potential to be, the song could have been better. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad, but could have been better. The video has the who’s who of hip hop at the time. There is some kind of side story going on in the video, with some bad ass looking guys walking around the crowd. I never did get that whole thing. Again, there is a SMOKING hot chick, with long hair and glasses. I think she was also in his “They Want Money” video as well. That chick was HOT!

King Tee – Bass (remix)

I want to say that this video was on the very first airing of “Yo! MTV Raps” in Aug of ’88. I fell in love with it and King Tee has been one of my West Coast favorites ever since. The video is kind of corny in an 80′s type of way. I have to chuckle at the fashion displays in here, even by King Tee with his denim jacket and tight stone washed pants. The brothers in turtle neck sweaters dancing on the side is kind of funny as well. The chicks look like the typical 80′s girl, but there are some hot ones as well.

There are some hoaky animations going on as well, and the “earthquake” at the end is kind of sad as well. You do get see an early DJ Pooh, who has always been one of my favorite west side pioneers. Ice T makes an apperance at the end as well as he comes up in his white limo and picks the crew and chicks up.

Just Ice – Going Way Back

This video intrigued me so much as a kid, because it’s so “New York”. New York to me was like the wild west to kids in the old days. Both the song and the video are basically a history lesson in New York and the Hip-Hop movement. Of course Just Ice was real. Dude was as real as they came with his gold fronts and his b-boy persona. Krs One and DJ Red Alert can be seen in the video as well. Krs looks skinny and young as hell. Also a mention of the original DMX (Davy that is)

NWA – Straight Outta Compton

MTV banned this video back in the day, so I never got to see it much. I think it was still shown on Fox’s “Pump It Up” that aired at like midnight on Sunday nights. NWA was the shit back then. The effects they had on the game (both good and bad) can’t really be measured. It’s good to see the whole group together in this video.

Schoolly D – I Don’t Like Rock N’ Roll

Schoolly always had something against Rock ‘N Roll, which I always found funny since he uses a lot of it as samples in his music. This video is freaking hilarious as is the song itself. I was never a metal head or any of that, so I kind of chuckle when he calls them “long haired freaks” and shit like that. He looks like the ultimate mid ’80′s b-boy with his hi-top fade and gold chains. Ahhh, the good ‘ole days.

Stetsasonic – Talkin’ All That Jazz

For about 3 months, Stetsasonic was my favorite group when
this song was being played daily on “Yo!”. Stet was the shit though back then, the original hip-hop band. If you look close enough, you can see a young Prince Paul running around in this video as well. Daddy-O, Fruitkwan and Wise were pretty fresh on the mic and their presence as a group. I think it’d be safe to call this joint the song that birthed a lot of the Jazz influenced hip hop that started to come out after this.

Erick Sermon – Hittin’ Switches

I guess I feel bad that E Double didn’t make my top 25 beats list. This beat, and was most of his beats from those early Hit Squad days, were just filthy dirty funk beats that I love. For some reason I don’t remember much of this video back in the day, but there are shots of Red, Keith Murray and Shadz of Lingo. Its your basic “from da sewers” video that seemed to be around a lot during this time.

Domino – Getto Jam

I’ve always been a sucka for this song. A classic Battlecat beat (so underrated) with the diggidy diggidy Domino, straight from the LB. I hadn’t seen this joint for awhile, so I figured I’d check it out and post it up. Nothing spectacular by any sense, your usual west coast hi-jinxs and some bedroom shots with a honey.

Da Lench Mob – Freedom Got An Ak

I loved that first Lench Mob album. This video was just as controversial as the album it came from. Uncle Sam pops up along with the Statue of Liberty. This was around the time Cube looked fuckin’ crazy and scared white people that didn’t get what he was saying.

Raw Fusion – Throw Your Hands In The Air

As you (hopefully) know, Raw Fusion was a spinoff of Digital Underground. Money B and DJ Fusion dropped in the early 90′s and I believe this was their first single from that album. The video features most of the DU crew. The video has some humor that matches the song. Let’s face it, if you came from the Digital Underground crew, you had to have some what of a sense of humor

Masta Ace Inc – Slaughtahouse

Another video that was banned by MTV…go figure. I didn’t see this video until the Youtube revolution. The first part of the video is just as funny as the actual song itself, with MC Negro and the Ignorant MC run around in a slaughter house. I still get goosebumps when Ace starts his rhyming and I’ve probably heard this song a million times. Check this video if you’ve never seen it

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