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Trav Needs Help

by Travis on August 17, 2007

Not much for a post today, its a Friday with only 3 more weekends left in the Slushy Gutter Summer challenge. I’m holding my own, but an alcoholics job is never finished. I have a couple guests posts to work on, including one HUGE one that I hope to have done this weekend (I’ve been saying that for 6 months though, sorry…….you know who you are). I hope to have some reviews up tomorrow sometime before I hunker down with my new Madden and play all weekend. (Thanks Eric!)

I have a favor to ask of my readers though. I don’t have the online stuff for the rosters for the new NCAA game. I like playing with the real named rosters of course, plus I like importing them to Madden. This is what I need from someone.

1. Someone that has a PS2 & the new NCAA game AND and online capabilities for the PS2
2. I could send someone a memory card (preferably in the states) and they could copy the rosters for the NCAA game
3. I could reimburse somehow, a CD, or something that we could work out.

If someone wants to help me out, shoot me an email at my contact link in the upper right hand corner.

Thanks, Trav

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