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Today Was A Good Day….(Someday Of The Week Lite)

by Travis on August 20, 2007

If you know me at all, you know I’m a pretty big sports fan. For me, its mainly about football and baseball. I have two favorite teams in both sports that I have been rooting for since I was six years old, the Pittsburgh Pirates in baseball and the Pittsburgh Steelers in football. No, I’m not from Pittsburgh, it was coincidence for the most part. Today was a pretty good day as far as my connection to my teams.

Steelers are playing in Denver on Oct. 21, a Sunday night game. I already went to the AFC Championship here in Denver in Jan. of ’06, with the Steelers going on to the Super Bowl. One of the greatest moments in my life. My best friend (a Broncos fan) called me this morning saying he had a chance to grab two tickets for that Sunday game and if I wanted to go. Stupid question, of course I want to go. So I have tickets to that Sunday game, I’m pretty stoked. Plus my buddy lives in Salt Lake, so needless to say, we have a great time when he comes to town. Now as long as they are half way competitive, I’ll be happy.

Then there is the Pirates. The worst record in the NL Pittsburgh Pirates. I’m a firm believer in sticking with your teams. I hate bandwagon fans, but the Pirates are testing my alliance to them. The ownership is a big joke who don’t give a rats ass about winning and only care about the bottom dollar. Regardless, I get geeked up every year they come to Denver. And guess what? It’s that time of the year again. The Pirates visit Coors field for a four game set, starting tonight. Actually, the first two years I was here (’04 & ’05) they won the four games I went to. Last year was a different story as I missed the first game in which they won, and watched them lose the next two games, including the hottest game ever in Coors field which they got blown out 16-4 or some shit. Counting the first game I ever I saw, in which the Pirates lost 7-5 in 1997 and they are 4-3 with me in attendance. We’ll see what happens in these four games as I plan to hit them all up. (Note they won last night 4-2 in extra innings and I had to bite my tongue when three drunk frat boys started talking shit to me. Something I’m not too good at, but didn’t like my chances with three on one.)

I’m a Pirates fan because that was the name of my t-ball team in little league and I’ve stuck through it all since then. I remember the Cocaine scandals of the early-mid 80′s, with coke head Dale Berra and Lee Lacy. They sucked horribly through most of the 80′s, only to actually build a strong team that won the NL East three years in a row with one of the best Outfields in the majors at that time with Bonds, Bonilla and Van Slyke along with Cy Young winner Doug Drabek on the mound. I’ve mentioned it before, but the ’92 NLCS is the hardest sports moment I’ve ever had to endure. I’ve seen the Steelers lose four AFC championships, but none of them were harder to handle than watching Sid Bream round third and Bonds half assing it to the ball and throwing it in to the catcher only to have Bream slide around the tag. I still wake up in cold sweats dreaming about that play.

It’s been fourteen years, thats right 14 long years since the Pirates have had a winning record. It tests you alright, I’ve pretty disgusted with their front office the past few years. Horrible trades, stupid FA signings have both plagued the Pirates front office. I used to believe that it was because of the small market the Pirates were in, but thats BS now with the Twins, A’s and other teams with no larger markets than the Pirates playing with the big boys. Yet, I still stand by team, no matter how pitiful they might be. Here is to hoping they get a split, cause I don’t know if I can handle a sweep. That might be enough to make me track down someone from the front office, and burn my Pirates jersey and hat right in front of them.

Talib Kweli Interview…..

On to some music, I’m sure you came here for that and not my rants on how bad the Pirates suck. Talib Kweli seems like he has taken some heat for his latest album. I’ve heard some people love it (Dan Love, my boy Dino) and others don’t care for it at all (Eric and a few others). Myself, I’m kind of in between. I don’t think it is up to his quality, which I’m not sure if that is being reasonable anymore since he only had one “great” album in Reflection Eternal, although I know a lot of you out there love the Black Star joint as well. Everything else he has done without Mos or Hi Tek has been mediocre at best (although I still like that “Liberation” joint he did with Madlib earlier in the year). None the less, I was sent a link for a good interview with Kweli on Studio 360. Kweli discusses his roll in the underground and why he is just a big nerd at heart. I’ll go ahead and post the interview, although they addressed me as “Trevor” in the email, but I like to think it was some hot young female intern that sent me the link, so I’ll let it slide…hahah

Talib Kweli Interview on Studio 360

Nas – Thief’s Theme Remix Video

I thought the original was pretty dope, but this remix is on some other shit. I freaking love it. I guess it was shown on that Conservative cock smoker Bill O’Reilly on the show he did about the whole Nas preforming at the Virgina Tech. O’Reilly doesn’t even know what he is talking about on the show and it shows when he mispronounces Nas’ name (do some research you conservative fuck, it makes you look even more like you are talking out of your ass…Nazz) and calls “Nazz” a “gangsta rapper”, which I don’t think anyone who knows anything about the music would call Nas.

Nas – Thief’s Theme (Midas Touch Remix) (anyone got an mp3?)

Bill O’Reilly Spewing Shit Out Of His Pie Hole

Funny Rebutal From XXL Mag Over The Whole Thing

Trav’s Top Spins

1. Masta Ace Discography – We all know my fondness for Ace’s music and this past week was one of those that I just played a lot of Ace. That happens from time to time.

2. Storm Davis – Kegstand Poetry for the Recovering Alcoholic
Doing the review for the album, plus it has just become one of those things I listened to every day. The album is kind of like a pair of comfortable shoes (no, really, that is a compliment) that I like putting it on while I’m doing shit around the apartment or getting raped by Poker Stars online.

3. Junk Science – Feeding Einstein
My love of albums that I missed the last two years continues as I am really loving this album of late once again. I just hope that since their next album is coming out on Def Jux ruins them.

4. Jazz Addixx – Oxygen
I’ll admit that when I first heard this CD, I saw it being no different than a 3582, Fat Jon, J Rawls, 5 Deez album. Which isn’t bad necessarily, but its something I must be in a mood for. I guess I was in the mood for them this past weekend during my all day Madden bender, because I played this album three or four times over the weekend.

5. Dahlek – Dual Consciousness
My next review material, hopefully to be up sometime this week. Remember, just because something appears in this top 5 spins means I like it, or does it………..?


Why do I really have no interest in hearing that Lords Of The Underground joint?

Why does this interview with Q-Tip (who used to be one of my MC’s) only sink my hopes for any of the three albums he has on the shelves being any good?

Why do you not want to get me started on the whole Kayne/50 Cent debacle that might happen on 9/11 release day?

Why am I starting to think….hell, I’ve always thought, that Oh No is becoming a better producer than his brother, Madlib?

Why does the charges of a phony, lip syncing Doom in SF not surprised me?

Why do I always find RZA’s interviews at least entertaining, and sometimes not in a good way

Why do I always enjoy Ras Kass material, and why is he so on point his new joint “Hip Hop is Annoying”? Now, if he could just get some decent beats, shit would be on...Yeah!

Why do I really not care about Hi-Tek’s “Hi-Teknology 3″?

Why is it just when I think Havoc is the smart one in Mobb Deep he goes and says some stupid shit like “”Fuck T.I., I’m not trying to hate on him, because he’s definitely in my list, he’s a good artist. I love him to death as an artist, but he can’t fuck with M.O.B.B.” Has he heard the last couple Mobb Deep albums? I do agree with him though, saying there is a bunch of BS coming out of the South. But before the South cats come at me, there is a lot of BS coming out of New York as well.

Why did I spit out my Ice Tea when I read about a song by Duran Duran featuring Timbaland and Justin Timberlake?

Why am I excited about the upcoming Junk Science album, but weary of ties to Def Jux? Maybe I haven’t heard much out of the Def Jux camp that I’ve liked.

Why have I still not seen Barry Bonds record breaking home run? I hope I never see it.

Why is a pregnant Salma Hayek still sexy?

Ominscience ….. So good, I’m posting it twice. When you been doing this for almost two years, you can post a re-run every now and then.


Year: 1995Label: East/West Records

1. Intro
2. Maintain
3. Greatest MC In The World
4. Who Is Down With Us
5. Lost In The Music
6. Everybody’s Got An Ego
7. Love To The Crews
8. Bumpheads
9. Touch Y’all
10. Amazin’
11. My Main Man
12. Big Kap (Interlude)
13. Get Our Dicks Sucked
14. Act Like You Know
15. Lady’s Freestyle
16. We Do It Like This
17. Rules Of The Game
18. Stage Domination
19. Fuck The Critics (Interlude)
20. Causin’ Terror
21. Halfway

Thanks to ShareAndSshareAlike for the track listing

Today we’ll jump into one of the harder to find albums out there, at least before the mp3 boom, and even now it’s not the easiest thing to find. Before I get into this, I must thank 6MWTD for dropping gem on the cocaine blunts boards this spring.

Omni was an MC coming straight outta of North Cacalack (North Carolina for those who don’t know). Finding info on him is rather difficult, most of what I tracked down came from two sites, the legendary Vinyl Addicts (RIP) and a site that I never knew about before that had the most info about Omni that I’ve ever seen.

He first appeared on the scene sometime in the early 90′s as part of a group called Funke Leftovers with another North Carolina pioneer The Rhythm Fanatic from the early Bizzie Boys crew that also included Ski of Roc-a-Bloc fame. The duo dropped a single called “I Like Girls” in 92′. Around 93′ Omniscience ventured out as a solo artist and dropped “The Funky One Liner” EP. The EP featured four tracks, two for sure appears on this LP.

On the strength of that EP, Omniscience got signed to Elektra’s East/West Recordings, which would turn out to be the kiss of the death for Omni, among many others during this period of Elektra’s mishandling of classic underground hero’s. He would drop the underground gem of 95′ with his first single “Amazin’” (pictured up above). He would then drop a second single “Touch Y’all” which featured a remix w/ Sadat X, which Smoov from Vinyl Addicts posted up during his hayday. Shortly after the release of the second single, Elektra would do to him that they did to 8Off Agullah, Supernatural and a host of others, they shelved the album and dropped them from the label. As far as I can gather, the album was shipped as a promo to DJ’s and the such during the time and that’s probably where this came from.

Omniscience sounds like (voice wise) a mix of buckshot, canibus, and someone else I’m still trying to put my finger on. Lyrically he’s pretty nice with his. He drops lot’s of one liners (“I’m not Denny’s, I serve many brothers“) guess thats why he calls himself the “Funky One Liner”. Production wise, as far as I can tell, there were at least three people/crew’s involved in the production of the album, The Rhythm Fanatic, 3 Boyz From Newark, and Rheji Burrell and Vincent Herbert. There is some nice smooth shit and there is some funky ass shit. It’s very well produced..

This copy isn’t bad as far as sound quality. Some tracks fade out, and I’m not sure if that’s the way they are or not and their sounds like some basic freestyles here and there, so not sure what the deal is with that. None the less if you are a fan of the early/mid 90′s east coast sound, this is a MUST HAVE. Enjoy!

Superrapin’ (Groove Attack. 1999)

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