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Links, Links, and More Links…..

by Travis on August 21, 2007

Something about the past month or so, but I’ve just been horrible about keeping up with the whole “blog scene”. I haven’t gotten myself hooked up with some of the “private blogs” yet (if you are private and I have you my links and I’m not already on the list, hook a brother up….efficancy, and it don’t stop, along with Dragon City are the three that come to mind off the top of my head). I have downloaded very few albums (bought a few new ones), what was a once a daily trip through my links has turned into a weekly event, except for the ten or so I check daily regardless. I’ve been really bad about updating my links. Its a freaking mess right now (kind of like my apartment) but I’m hoping to have it cleaned up when we changed the sites design, which should be happening in the next week or two. For now, I apologize if I’ve taken forever to get your links up, hopefully I’ve added everyone that I said I would. I’m not sure if its just the active summer stuff going on, or if I’m getting a bit burned out on the whole blog thing, but I’ve slowed down lately, so we’ll see what the future holds. Don’t worry kiddies, I don’t plan on bailing anytime soon, I still (and always do) have big plans for the future.

As usual, I have a few sites that leaped out at me when I checked them out that I’ll shine a little light on.

Paul Rosenblog - Celebrities starting blogs seems like the new thing. First you had Stretch Armstrong, then Just Blaze hopped up on the scene (speaking of which, damn I need to link that as well, if only for my damn self)…..Now you have Paul Rosenberg. Don’t lie, you’ve all heard of him.

Em, What’s goin’ on?, this is Paul Rosenberg here, faithful attorney o’ law. Listen, I er listened to the rough copy, of, your album and, er, you know, I just gotta be honest with you, er, could you tone it down a little bit because, there’s only so much I can explain.” — From “The Slim Shady LP”

He pops up on every Eminem album. He is part owner of Shady Records. He is Paul Freaking Rosenberg. The big man starts his own blog on the life going ons of a man who manages some of the biggest mainstream acts and is part owner in one of the bigger labels. You might get to see inside the industry or just travel around with Paul around the nation.
He is also starting his own Wingmen blog site, which is dedicated to reviewing buffalo wing joints from around the nation. Which, yours truly will be contributing reviews too as well, since beer and wings happen to be my two favorite food groups.

HeRBaN LyRix - Despite breaking one of my pet-peeves with the funky typing thing (and no, this wasn’t the person who emailed me), there is pretty cool shit on here. Mostly consisting of out of print material and compilations of sorts, there is some stuff I haven’t seen out and about on the circuit. Not much writing associated with it, but trust me, you probably don’t want all your bloggers writing and spouting shit like I do.

Get Down - This mp3 site is updated sporadically, which is about the only thing bad I’ve got to say about it. Sometimes, I likes site that have little blurbs about whatever, whether its music, life, or even some photo’s. I guess its the variety I like to have in my life. As I said, they only serve up mp3′s, which there is absolutely nothing wrong with, but the writing is good and, well dammit, I like it. So Bruce Banner and debstar, hurry up and update that shit, will ya?

Now That’s SLP….- I feel like kind of a goon for this one. I, at sometime in the past couple weeks, bookmarked this site, so I wouldn’t forget about it. Of course I did. I don’t know how I found it or if someone sent/asked me to link it up. Regardless, some cool material on this blog. I mean, seriously, lets face it, what HAS NOT been posted up on a blog by now? Not much, unless you are Dread at Bust The Facts, you are going to have a hard time coming up with new stuff. This blog fixes that problem with adding more to what it has to offer.

Diggers Spot - Don’t ask me why I never had this linked. I should have my “psuedo celebrity blogger” status revoked for not having this linked up this long. If you don’t know about this site already, you get the gas face along with myself. Go there, now…..right now.

Model Minority - This was another one that I should have linked a loooooooong time ago. Not so much in the way of mp3′s or albums, just some good old fashioned social commentary on everything from social standings, to hip hop, to the latests craze. Good way to waste some time at work.

Werner von Wallenrod’s Humble, Little Hip-Hop Blog – I just only recently found out about this site. I was well aware of Werner’s little discography type page he came up with and have used it as a resource often when doing research for posts on here. Well now he spits his knowledge in the form of a “blog”. I’d put this guy in the same league as Jaz and Robbie over at unkut as far as being hip-hop knowledgeable.

This is Tomorrow – Another site that I just slept the fuck on and I shouldn’
t have. DJ Blueprint drops knowledge and game on all kinds of good music, in the forms of hip hop, funk, soul and jazz. I love sites like this and this one is done right.

Links that have been added to the links

Get A Bar
Reservoir Blogs

Rebel Radio

Disco Devil
Just Chill Man
Soul Psychadelicyde (I bragged about her blog the last time I did one of these, then I forgot to link it….duh)
The Double Truth*
The Essential Elements*
The Rap Up
Q’s Views
Denver, Colorado Hip-Hop
Screwtube *updated link*


*Watching closely for the next spot, but to new to highlite just yet

Ever Dream of a Job In The Record Biz??????

Well, now may be your chance. I was sent an email yesterday from someone who works in Atlantic records Urban Division and they are seeking college interns from around the country. Might be a pretty good opportunity for the right person. Here is the email sent to me, which only addresses the Denver area, but since she is looking across the country, interested people from other areas might contact Ms. Amy Wiggins about the opprutunties out there. I would be interested in this myself, but like a idiot, I decided to take this semester off to try to catch up on some finical situations and gear up for the last couple semesters I (hopefully) I have left. Plus, I’m not sure they are looking for a 34 y/o meteorology major (which could change to something like this if I can’t get past the damn math)

I just ran across your blog and thought I would reach out to you. I’m putting together a college network for Atlantic Records, and I’m looking for a student in the Denver area that might be interested in a marketing and promotions internship with our label. The internship is unpaid but comes with pretty good benefits ( we offer school credit in addition to concert tickets, CDs, plus other larger prizes like trips to NYC for larger promotions) as well as the opportunity to step into the music industry. Do you know of anyone in your area that might be interested?
If so, they can send resumes to We can also work with you to get you hip hop-related materials to review for your blog (mp3s, CDs, etc.). Maybe you could post a brief article stating that Atlantic Records’ urban division is looking for a college rep?
I hope you are interested. Thanks for reading the message.
Amy Wiggins

Amy Wiggins
Atlantic Records
Urban National Street Consultant

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