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The "Hurry The Fuck-Up And Post Something" Post

by Travis on August 25, 2007

I hate doing half-assed posts, but thats what you are getting tonight. I started working on some reviews, but the fun of a late summer Friday night is calling me and lets face it, I don’t really want to spend it writing a blog. I’m a nerd, but not that big of a nerd. I got a busy weekend ahead, most of it not fun, but I guess I can’t bitch after going to three baseball games this past week. I got a shitload of stuff to write up, but I’m not sure how much I will get done with the busy weekend. Be on the look out for a used CD shopping trip post coming up on Monday. Well like usual, when I want to rush a post out there just to do a post, I’m turning to albumbase.

The Justus League is a clique that has kind of turned into a modern day “Native Tongues” of sorts. Consisting of a network of close linked artists residing mainly in North Carolina. The exact list is kind of confusing, so I’m not sure if this is a correct listing, but its close:

Little Brother (Phonte & Big Pooh), Median, Joe Scudda, L.E.G.A.C.Y., Sean Boog, Khrysis, (The Away Team), 9th Wonder, Ceasar Comanche, Chaundon (one of my personal favorites), Darrien Brockington, DJ Flash, Big Dho & Edgar Allen Floe….

Little Brother leads the charge for the group with the most critical and commercial success with dropping the “classic” (in this bloggers eyes) “The Listening” in late/early 02/03. They have gathered a cult like following in the same vein as The Roots and the Okayplayers, a very loyal fan base. That fan base was tested with the departure of 9th Wonder for this latest album. Ninth and Khrysis still handle the majority of the league production duties.

Khrysis also is half member of the “The Away Team” with MC Sean Boog. The group dropped “National Anthem” to some lukewarm responses. Khyrsis continues to make moves as a producer and seems posed to make a big run in the near future.

LEGACY might just be the best overall MC in the League. Legs puts on a great live show (which I’ve been a witness to) and dropped an uneven, yet slept on album in the form “Project Mayhem” in 2005, one which I did a review for, but can’t seem to find.

Ceasar Comanche is considered the founding member of the League. Comanche has put out several albums that were once fairly rare to run across but enjoyed the re-release treatment in “Paper Gods” and “Wooden Nickels”.

Chaundon might just be my favorite MC out of the group, but has yet to put out anything other than a hard to find mixtape.

Joe Scudda often gets credited as being the wink link in the League, which might be unfair, but has yet to release anything other than a mixtape that was mixed by Just Blaze.

Darrien Brockington or “D-Brock” is the crooner of the League, dropping smooth R&B vocals and a slept on album in the form of “Somebody To Love”.

Edgar Allen Floe not only has the coolest name, but has the chance to be a very solid artist for the League as well. He has an album dropping in the near future as well.

Median is probably one of the lesser known MC’s (him or Chaundon) but has a ton of potential as well and a free mixtape floating around the net currently.



The Justus League Affiliated artists include The Away Team – Sean Boog and Khrysis, Big Dho, Eccentric, Yorel, Cesar Comanche, Chaundon, Edgar Allen Floe, Joe Scudda, L.E.G.A.C.Y., Median and Little Brother’s 9th Wonder, Phonte and Big Pooh. This list is not official, so use with care.

See Little Brother for more on 9th Wonder, Phonte and Big Pooh.

The Lawn Justus League discussion board/forums.

Hall of Justus Music Group Big Dho’s multimedia entertainment company.

6 Hole Records page featuring Justus League and related stuff.

The Mixtape Volume 1: NC State of Mind Tracks from Justus League members, plus review by Craig Smith.

Triple Play EP Featuring The Away Team, Big Pooh, L.E.G.A.C.Y. and 9th Wonder, reviewed by Matt Barone.


National Anthem Album from The Away Team on

6 Hole (2005).

Reviews of National Anthem: Reviewed by Chris Yuscavage.

MVRemix Reviewed by Low Key.

Okayplayer Reviewed by T.M. Wolf.

PREFIX Reviewed by Matthew Gasteier. Reviewed by Tom Doggett.

HipHopGame Khrysis interviewed by Brian Kayser (2005).

Soundslam The Away Team interviewed by da MetroGnome (2005).


Cesar Comanche Justus League member, Raleigh.

Squirrel & The Aces On Abb Soul Records (2005).

Reviews of Squirrel & The Aces:

herohill “If you’re looking for an underground fix” – Naedoo.

Hip Hop Logic Clyde Smith rambles as usual.

Video of Lamb to Lion, single from Paper Gods.

IndyWeek K8 Erwin reviews Paper Gods.

Earwaks Cesar Comanche interviewed by Marmalade (2004).

Indyweek Interviewed by Finn Cohen (2003).

ThugLifeArmy Basic background (2005).


Slow Leaks Review of mixtape.

EDGAR ALLEN FLOE Edgar Allen Floe’s spot.

True Links Edgar Allen Floe’s album on MCEO Records (2005).

Okayplayer Review of True Links by Miles Duncan.

MicTap Interview (2006).

MVRemix Interviewed by Todd E. Jones, also at Endorphin Bath (2005).

shotgun reviews Interviewed by the Lyrical Lounge crew (undated).


L.E.G.A.C.Y. Tracks by L.E.G.A.C.Y. at UndergroundHipHop.

Project Mayhem L.E.G.A.C.Y. album on 6 Hole (2005).

Reviews of Project Mayhem: Review by William E. Ketchum III.

Okayplayer Review by Kimberly Perkins. Reviewed by Nin Chan. Interviewed by Matt Barone (2004).

The Elements Early Little Brother profile with links to audio clips of L.E.G.A.C.Y. and 9th Wonder (2003).

MVRemix Interview with L.E.G.A.C.Y. (2005).

The Elements Interviewed by Todd E. Jones aka New Jeru Poet (2003).

Soundslam Interviewed by Alex Fruchter (2005).


Median’s Relief More Justus League action.

Hall of Justus Mixtape – The Singles Files (2004)

1. Intro – 9th Wonder

2. Freestyle – Big Pooh

3. Heart Of The City – Big Pooh

4. And You – Chaundon & Legacy

5. Caution – The Away Team

6. Get It – Median

7. Freestyle – Legacy

8. Underworld – Legacy

9. The Shining – The Away Team

10. Hate Bitches – Big Pooh & O-Dash

11. Cell Therapy – Chaundon, Medain, Legacy, Sean Boog, & Joe Scudda

12. Rowdy Rowdy (Khrysis Remix) – 50 Cent

13. I Hate Legacy – Legacy

14. Nice – Legacy

15. Freestyle – Big Pooh

16. It’s A Crime – O-Dash & Big Pooh

17. On The Way – Little Brother

18. Up and Atem – The Away Team

19. Like That – Cesar Comanche & Phonte

20. Freestyle -Joe Scudda

21. Freestyle – Sean Boog

22. Shoutro – 9th Wonder

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