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Used CD Shopping Trip 8-24

by Travis on August 27, 2007

Second Spin; Denver, Denver Colorado $24.13

I love Fridays, especially after a pay day. I work weird hours during the week, coming in the office by 6 a.m. and getting off between noon and 2 p.m., depending on the work load. This past Friday, I left the office around noon, stopped by Pat’s Cheesesteaks (best Philly’s in Denver) and munched down on a philly cheesesteak sandwich then decided to hit up Second Spin, probably my favorite used CD stop in Denver. Although it was pay day, after paying bills and the such, I had to watch what I spent. I couldn’t do one of my infamous $75-$100 trips. So I pulled a $20 out of the ATM went into the shop. The best thing about Second Spin is they always have pretty good specials going on. This time it was buy two used CD’s get the third for half price and their usual any CD 3.99 and under is half priced. They had a fair amount more in terms of selection when it came to the $3.99, they must have missed me, since I hadn’t been in for awhile.

Nothing horribly rare by any sense of the means, although a couple CD’s I was happy to run into. I think most if not all have been seen on the blog circuit (what hasn’t?) and I’ve even posted more than one of these. I dug through the entire section and since I was on a “strict” budget (I still managed to go over my $20 limit) I only picked the $3.99 and under CD’s. The result? Twelve disks for $24.13. Here is my bounty.

Rottin Razkals – Rottin’ Ta Da Core (Illtown, 1995) $2.00

1. Intro
2. Batter Up
3. Oh Yeah
4. Frustration
5. A-Yo
6. Hey Alright
7. Lik’ a Shot
8. One Time for Ya Mind
9. Get up, Stand Up
10. Life of Bastard Featuring Treach
11. Homiez Niggas
12. Come on Y’all

Naughty By Nature’s weed carriers dropped their only album in ’95 to a semi warm reception. Nothing terribly exciting about this album, but if you liked Naughty, then you should probably check this album out, shit even Treach is the first person you hear when you play the first song. All the production was done by Naughty (read Kay Gee) so you know what to expect.

JCD & The Dawg Pound – A Day In The Life (Profile, 1992) $2.00

1. Radio Intro
2. St. Louis Niggas
3. Get Naked
4. They Like It Like We Do
5. Day in the Life of a JCD
6. Tilo Sings the Hits
7. Big Bitch
8. Kibbles and Bits
9. Bon Appetit
10. Over Pussy
11. Tell Ya’ Bout a Bitch
12. Boot Nat
13. Fish House
14. Budda Rhymes
15. Dog Pound
16. Cold Kaos
17. Gotcha
18. Lou 40 Blues
19. Personal Loser
20. Shout Outs

I remember picking this up on tape way back in the day as a result of seeing it in “The Source” or “Rap Pages” or something like that. I completely forgot about until Dread posted it up on Bust The Facts awhile back. It’s not a lost gem or anything, but it’s not all that bad. It was executive produced by Courtney Branch & Tracy Kendrick, who did some stuff with the “304 Posse” (DJ Quik, AMG, 2nd II None, Hi-C and Slyk Smoove) which is probably why Slyk Smoove appears on a track.

Success N Effect – Drive By Of Uh Revolutionist (Wrap/Ichiban, 1992) $2.00

1. Intro
2. Success N Tha House
3. Cinfrontation In Mosley Park
4. Bucking On Dope Niggers
5. Bullshit Views
6. Raised From Depression
7. Brainwashed Niggers
8. Real Black Souljas
9. Gameplan
10. Ultimatedrive By
11. Police Brutality
12. Fuck1 Time
13. Wblk (We Be Black)
14. Black Radio Aint Black
15. Pimps And Players
16. Out Ta Get Rich
17. Warr
18. Forty Aces And A Mule
19. Fuck The System
20. Comin’ Up
21. Voice Of A Black Revolutionist
22. The Other Levell
23. Change The Dial
24. Final Call

For some reason, I’ve always liked this group, although I’m not really sure why. I guess its because I love their self-titled debut album, which is just about a bitch to find a real copy of. They changed over their three album career. If I remember right, this is their last album they released, which was basically on a black power platform, but some good music, filled with common and familar breaks and samples.

Mic Geronimo – Vendetta (Blunt Recordings, 1997) $1.50

1. Nothin’ Move But The Money
2. Vendetta
3. Survival
4. Life N Lessons
5. For Tha Family
6. Street Life
7. Be Like Mic
8. Unstoppable
9. Single Life
10. Things Ain’t What They Used To Be
11. How You Been?
12. Usual Suspects

I’ve never been a big Mic Geronimo fan, I’m not sure why, but he has never exc
ited me. Well, after Polarity dropped a review his one cent album, I’ve had some weird desire to hear it. Just by looking at the production list on it, you’d think it would have a good chance of making some noise.

Kool Moe Dee – Knowledge Is King (Jive/RCA, 1989) $1.50

1. They Want Money
2. The Avenue
3. I Go To Work
4. All Night Long
5. Knowledge Is King
6. I’m Hittin’ Hard
7. Get The Picture
8. I’m Blowin’ Up
9. The Don
10. Pump Your Fist

I’ve always enjoyed this Kool Moe Dee album more than any of his other ones for some reason. I had this on tape, but never did pick up the CD for some reason. “Pump Your Fist” was always one of my favorite Moe Dee joints. This was also about the time he started dabbling a bit in the New Jack Swing stuff that pops up on here in a few places.

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – ….And In This Corner (Jive/RCA, 1989) $1.50

  1. Then She Bit Me
  2. I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson
  3. Jazzy’s Groove
  4. Everything That Glitters (Ain’t Always Gold)
  5. You Got It (Donut)
  6. Girlie Had a Mustache
  7. Reverend
  8. Who Stole My Car?
  9. Men of You Dreams
  10. Numero Uno
  11. Too Damn Hype
  12. Jeff Waz on the Beat Box

I ain’t gonna lie, I though Jeff’s and Will’s first four albums were great, and I always particularly liked this LP. Not sure why, its just fun to listen to.

Easy Mo Bee – Now Or Never: Odyssey 2000 $2.00

1. Now Or Never
2. Sunstroke
3. Fie Fie Delish
4. Instrumental No.1
5. S—’s Goin’ Down Tonite
6. Soul
7. Talkin’ Bout You
8. Instrumental No.2
9. N.Y.C.
10. *69 Monique No.1
11. Sex, Money, Drugs
12. Instrumental No.3
13. Sound Of My Heat
14. Let’s Make Toast
15. *69 Monique No.2
16. Make Em Bounce
17. Dis Beat Is Mine
18. Instrumental No.4
19. *69 Monique No.3
20. Always Be There For You
21. We Pledge Allegiance

I was kind of scared of this one, there for I never heard it, which is kind of weird for me. This got a lot of bad reviews and the such. While it could stand some trimming on the track list, it isn’t nearly as bad as I was thinking it would be.

Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz – Make It Reign (Columbia, 1998) $1.50

1. Make It Reign
2. We Will Ball
3. Massive Heat
4. Sex, Money, Life Or Death Interlude
5. One Life To Live
6. Fiesta
7. Then & Now Interlude
8. Startin’ Somethin’
9. A Night In The Bronx With Lord & Gunz
10. Who Am I
11. Deja Vu (Uptown Baby)
12. Keep On
13. Worldwide
14. Streets To Da Stage
15. BX Most Wanted Interlude
16. Cross Bronx Expressway
17. Precipitation Interlude
18. My Time To Go
19. Bonus Track 1

I never bought this album when it came out, not even sure why, I guess it didn’t really excite me when it dropped. Or it could have been my friend bought it and I just dubbed it from him. None the less, I threw it in when I got home and it pretty much sucks. Oh well, it was cheap.

C.E.B. – Countin’ Endless Bank (Ruffhouse, 1992) $1.50

1. Seems You Forgot
2. Goes Like This
3. Get the Point
4. Man
5. Pass the Ammo
6. F*ck ‘Im Up
7. Back up in da Joint
8. M.D.
9. Pass the Buddha
10. Monkey on My Back
11. Gorilla

I think Steady B was the shit, but for some reason, I slept on this when it originally dropped. I guess I had a hard time seeing Steady B as a gangsta…boy was I wrong. Cool C and Stead took the gangsta thing a bit too far and the rest, well, we all know the story. I didn’t like this when I first heard this a couple of years ago and Polarity said I was crazy. I gave it another listen and its not as bad as I first thought

Dove Shack – This Is The Shack (Fontana/Def jam, 1995) $1.50

1. Intro (Skit)
2. Smoke Out
3. This Is The Shack
4. Summertime In The LBC
5. Bomb Drop
6. The Train (Skit)
7. Fuck Ya Mouth
8. Slap A Hoe (Skit)
9. Freestyle Interview (Skit)
10. Freestyle
11. Crooked Cop (Skit)
12. Ghetto Life
13. East Side Party
14. Rollin Wit A Gang
15. We Funk (The G Funk)
16. There’ll Come A Day
17. Summertime In The LBC (Rap)

This was another album I’m not sure why I never bought. I loved “Summertime In The LBC” and “This Is The Shack”, but I never dipped into the cash box for the CD. Giving it a listen Friday night, I loved it. Not sure if it was the seventh beer I was on, or the Madden game I was enjoying, but G-funk never sounded so good to me. Only bad thing, it’s the fucking clean version. So if anyone wants the clean version, I’ll put the link up, but I doubt anyone would.

Too Nice – Cold Facts (Arista, 1989) $2.00

1 Cold Facts (4:23)
2 Here I Come (4:35)
3 Rock The Girl, Gee (Every Inch) (4:41)
4 Keep Doggin’ Em (3:57)
5 The Phantom Of Hip Hop (4:41)
6 Two Can Play The Game (Who’s Makin’ Love to Your Old Lady) (4:57)
7 I Git Minze (4:30)
8 Cold Wild Strong Isle (3:50)
9 Everybody Loves Sex (4:25)
10 I’m Sad (3:48)

I know what you are thinking, that cover looks like some horrible group. While Too Nice isn’t exactly the greatest thing since chocolate and peanut butter, but they are better than they look. I’m not sure if I remember them back in the day. I think it was one of those things I always saw at the record stores I frequented, but never bought because I never heard them. Bust the Facts posted it up this past spring and I kind of enjoyed it, soooo, I found it and the rest is history.

Kriss Kross – Totally Krossed Out (Ruffhouse, 1992) $1.50

1. Intro Interview
2. Jump
3. Lil’ Boys In Da Hood
4. Warm It Up
5. The Way Of Rhyme
6. Party
7. We’re In Da House
8. A Real Bad Dream
9. It’s A Shame
10. Can’t Stop The Bum Rush
11. You Can’t Get With This
12. I Missed The Bus
13. Outro
14. Party (Krossed Mix)
15. Jump (Extended Mix)

Yeah, yeah, yeah I know, nostaligia is a bitch sometimes. I lost my copy of this sometime ago, and I guess I was too cool to get another at the time. Now I’m old enough, I really don’t care. It’s not that bad. Besides, I’d rather listen to all the old corny hip-pop stuff from yester year than 99% of the shit thats on the radio presentely. At least I did put down the copy of “Please Don’t Hurt ‘Em, Hammer”

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