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WYDU Classics Sept 07

by Travis on September 7, 2007

There is nothing worse than staying home on a Friday night, unless you use that time to write a freaking blog post, which is what I’m doing tonight. I’m in my thirties, but I still don’t like hanging around this cracker box apartment on a Friday night. Friday nights are made for tossing back some cold ones, staring at big tittied chicks in bars and having some fun with your boys. Unless it was rent week, and then you are pretty much broke, then you stay home, drink a cheap ass forty ounce of malt liqour and write up a post on your blog so you can pretend you are more important than you actually are.

Thank god the Slushy Gutter SummerMission is over and I can go back to potent cheap ass malt liquors when I’m broke and I don’t have to worry about “numbers”. If anyone was following our progress, the nine of us made the magic number of 5,280 beers drank from Memorial Day to Labor Day. It was an interesting experiment, but I’m not sure I’d do it again. Then again, if CH asked me to join next summer, I’d probably do it, because I’m stupid. Thanks does go out to CH Commish for having me participate, it made for an interesting summer.

Before I jump into my main offering for all my loyal followers, I have to point out a guest mix I did for This Is Tomorrow’s year anniversary. It’s a great blog that is worthy of my links. And yes, it’s an actual “mix”, albeit I used a computer program to mix the tracks together and even then I still chopped them up into separate tracks, because for some reason, full mp3 mixes drive me fuckin’ batty. You know what to expect from me as far as compilations, so check it out, support “This Is Tomorrow”, support your boy Trav and drop a comment so I can continue to keep my giant inflated ego intact…(It’s a joke son’, a joke).

On to the main topic of this post. It’s a new month and if you have been with me for very long, you know what to expect at the beginning of the month, that’s right boys and girls, it’s time for some world famous….okay, internet famous WYDU Classics. This month is a tad bit different. I felt like I was listening to some music I’m not usually accustomed to. You’ll read more about it when Eric from WTR, but I felt I needed to make myself feel better by playing some good old fashioned underground hip hop. I’m not talking about your general shit either, this shit is some of the more “obscure” tracks that I like. Before you hip hop nerds that live on ebay throw up arms and say this shit isn’t rare, I’ll just say it’s “obscure”, meaning that the average blog visitor probably hasn’t heard a lot of these, so play like LL and chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllll.

I have a bunch of track sitting on my computer and even more sitting on unmarked CD’s scattered through out my apartment. I don’t save something unless I like it. Through out my travels around the internet and my friends in real life (IRL for you internet nerds). Sometimes I scatter them through select WYDU Classic volumes, but never have I made it ALL about the obscure tracks. Well this month, I did, I put together some of my favorites that not many people have heard of. I’m not going to claim like I know everything there is to know about these tracks, but I do know one thing, they are pretty fuckin’ “dope” (is that still cool to use?). Let’s jump into it….

WYDU Classics, Sept 07

1. Redman – How U Get Down feat Roz

I found this on a blog not too long ago, but I cant remember which one. I wish I could give proper credit, but props to whose ever it was. I’m a sucka for anything REMOTELY related to Red in the “Dare..” era, which supposedly this track is from. I swear I’ve heard this track before, but I can’t remember where or when. Shits dope though, definite “Dare..” era material. Dude was one of the best to ever do it back then. It also has a verse from sis Roz

2. K Solo – Letterman (Solid Scheme Remix)

As big of a Hit Squad fan as I was, I was never big on K Solo, but I remember buying this maxi single track and loved this shit. It was produced by Das’ boys back in the day. I guess the west coast “more bounce” shit worked better for me. It livened up the track for me none the less.

3. House of Pain feat Diamond D – Word Is Bond (Remix)

I’m a HOP junkie, I guess it was the white boy status or something, and while I like the original quite a bit, this remix shit is on the real….it’s down right serious (this is what two 40′s do to me, work with me here). Diamond is still one of my favorite producers on the mic and this shows why.

4. Lord Sear – Alcoholic Vibe

Perfect track for right now. Lord Sear was part of the legendary Stretch and Bobbito show and I want to say he was part of the Constipated Monkey’s crew…but that could be the forty talking. This track is strictly for the drinkers. The beat is pretty dope, produced by Stak Chedda himself (his aka). Sear was a crazy fucker, kind of like a radio show hype man, but he was just as interesting as the rest of the crew in my humble opinion.

5. King Tee – Cali Expert

I should celebrate the man that is King Tee more often than I do. If someone asked me my favorite west coast artist, I’d more than likely answer King Tee. This joint is kind of a weird little tidbit. It showed up in ’99 which would have been around the time he joined up with Aftermath and he even says “Aftermath” in the lyrics. The beat is pretty nice, consisting of a nice piano loop/sample. I don’t know who produced it. It was on a single with OC and AZ, called Organized Rhymes Vol 2, which I don’t know much about. I thought there was a large collection of stuff under that name for volume one, but I’m unfamiliar with volume 2.

6. Whooliganz – Put Your Handz Up (QD III Remix)

What do you say about these cats first? The fact they were the “unknown” Soul Assassins crew? Or the fact that Alchemist was apart of this “kiddie” crew? Or maybe that James Caan’s son was part of the group? I’m not sure what to start off with, so fuck it, I won’t start with any of them. This QD III remix was pretty dope, if you were a Soul Assassins fan, then check this out.

7. DJ Pooh feat Threat – Gangsta Vocabulary

I’ve always said my favorite west coast producers included DJ Pooh. The man is a legend in the west coast, but no one ever acknowledges his accomplishments. This track includes one of my favorite west syde MC’s, Deadly Threat. If you’ve read this blog in the past, you know the shining reviews I’ve given to Threat. Pooh produces the track, which could be better, but still…..

8. Kamikazee feat Nas & Cormega

Trying to find info on this is a bitch. BUT…From what I remember, this song was an originally a Kamikazee track and not a Nas track, that most sources credit it to. Kamikazee was a Queens MC that was around in the very early days. I don’t know much else about him other than he was the subject of LL Cool J’s ire on “I’m Bad” track. This shit is flyyyyyyyyyyy, you might know the Nas version already, and the track is some nasty as vinyl version, meaning lots of cracks, but it’s hip-hop history, say you heard it here first..beyatches…..

9. Terror Tongue – Lyrical Threat

I orginally got this one off of the steadybootleggin blog that is a parent of WYDU, at least I claim them as a major influence. Anyway, finding info on this track is pretty hard. I know next to nothing about the MC and I know the track was produced by Buckwild, and what a dope track he produced. Good shit.

10. Shabazz The Disciple – Crime Saga (Remix)

A second rate Wu affliate, a no name remix, it all adds up to a *yawn* another boring remix. But wait….no, this joint is pretty nice, despite all the no names associated to it.

11. Slum Brothers – 6 Million MC’s

I know nothing about this group, but wikipedia comes thru once again:

The Slum Brothers is an influential hip hop group that consists of Reggie Regg (rapper) and Cool Joe from Bronx, New York.

The group was founded in 1991 by Reggie Regg and Cool Joe, his best friend, after the original name “Gentlemen Required” which did not make the final cut as the group’s name. Although the duo started much earlier than this, this was the actual time the group had an official name and label. With small demo tapes and a couple of unreleased records, The Slum Brothers independently made the label “suicide records” with the hit singles “Sure Shot” and “1 million MC’s” in 1994. Suprisingly enough, the independant label was growing successful off of this, with a spark of interest blazing overseas. With its release, there was no doubt that Reggie Regg had to come with more of his comedic punchlines and lyrical skill with the influential and clever rhymes from Cool Joe.

In 1995, the duo released another song titled “stop frontin” aimed at the east-west coast scene and to the other rappers who posed as something they weren’t. The 12 vinyl is extremeley rare among collectors and was one of the original songs that pioneered the east-west coast battles. Later that same year, “regular niggas” was also released and, like all of the other singles was explosive overseas and was influential in the underground hip hop scene. The duo released these singles on Scientific Records.

The last song to be made by the slum brothers was “fool’s paradise” on Michu Records before upsettingly leaving hip hop’s scene of lyrical skill and influential raps.

This track is “censored”, but you don’t notice it much. It’s a great track.

12. Sha’Dasious – Ima Put My Thing Down (Put It Down Remix)

How can a $1.00 album spawn a $100 single? Well it did, thank the e-bay nerds. None the less, some cool shit going on here. Is this remix, that is only on the ultra expensive single worth it? No, probably not. But the ebay nerds say its expensive, so it must be good, right? Enjoy.

13. Q Ball & Curt Cazal – Makin Moves

This joint was pretty popular in 96 or 97, whenever it was release, I’m not checking. This is a remix of that song, dope indeed

14. Mytee G Poetic – Listen To The Lyrics

More shit that I can’t find anything about. I think I got this off the old school Vinyl Addicts, which is dead now……Just listen to it…Its fuckin’ dope

15. Ill Advised – Against The Grain

Almost the same sample as the Mytee joint, but fuck it…This group consisted of Baby Blak and some other dudes that I can’t remember. Great shit from Philly. There is supposed to be a lost album floating around from them, but good luck….and sorry about the censored track…shit is what it is

16. Sparrow – Rhyme Impotence

I don’t know much about this dude either, other than the single this came from was fucking dope!!! I think they were from B-More, and it was a group. Came out in 95′ and I’m pulling this shit outta my ass, but this is the best I can remember. They got a myspace page. If I haven’t sold you on this collection yet, then this should do it….DOWNLOAD THIS NOW!!!

17. Funke Natives – Urban Contemporary Jeep Music

Another joint you won’t find much about. East coast, jeep music, funky beat…what else do you need to know?

18. Steady B feat Roxanne Shante – Just Call Us Def

I always like Steady B’s music. This is EARLY Stead B stuff, because Cold Chillin’ was still fuckin’ with Pop Art. They had problems, Cool C made Juice Crew Dis and you should all know the rest

19. The Bennentton Gang – Don’t Touch The Mic

Some late 80′s shit that didn’t sneak into the flood of great music at the time, although based on this single, maybe they should have. The represented LL’s “Farmer’s BLVD” and popped up on a couple comp’s that I can’t remember the name of right now…freestyle posting, ain’t it a bitch, especially when I’m drunk.

20. Prince Quick Mix and Derrick Dee – Good Foot

Another track that is hard to find info on. Derrick Dee appears to be a stuntman or some shit. Prince Quick Mix had a list of stuff he was involved with on Discogs. All I know the song is pretty tight


First AlbumKwest The Madd Ladd – This Is My First Album

1. Everyone Always Said I Should Start My Album off With a Bang
2. 101 Things to Do While I’m With Your Girl
3. Disnexone
4. I Met My Baby at V.I.M.
5. Blase Blah (Off Tha Head)
6. Lubrication
7. What’s the Reaction
8. Daddiez Home
9. Kwest’s Theme Song
10. Skin Care
11. Day in the Life of My Asspipe
12. Butta-Few-Co
13. Disk and Dat
14. 125 Pennies for Your Thoughts
15. Herman’s Head
16. Bludawnmeyesneekhuz (Through Tha Eyez of a Hood)
17. Damn
18. Say My Name Again

Positive K – Skills Dat Pay The Bills

1. Intro (Pos K Theme)
2. Pass the Mic
3. One 2 the Head
4. Shakin’
5. How the F*?#! Would You Know
6. Carhoppers
7. Nightshift
8. Intro (Back the F*?#! Up)
9. I Got a Man
10. Ain’t No Crime
11. Shout Out
12. Friends
13. Minnie the Moocher
14. Nightshift [Remix]
15. Flower Grows in Brooklyn
16. It’s All Over

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