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Mid-Week Lite

by Travis on September 12, 2007

One of the weird things about having a blog with a moderate amount of success is having artists, or people involved with artists, contact you. I’ve had everyone from owners of very large labels to MC’s from the early 90′s that most people have forgotten about, write to me about one thing or another. Even in the comments, ever so often, a surprise guest drops by. I’ll admit, I’m pretty bad checking comments left on posts that are more than a week old or so (which is why if you have a request for a re-up, it’s better to post up in the c-box, a lot better chance I’ll see it). I also have an email set-up especially for comment alerts. I check it once a week or so, just to see if I’m missing anything from the really old posts. Much to my surprise, on Friday night, I came across this comment in an old Frankenstein post:

“Lol, wow, this is pretty funny, I didn’t believe Frank was a rapper/ producer back in the day, so I decided to look up on the web. Turns out he was telling the truth, (he’s my boss by the way), he says he has a couple albums of unreleased tracks that he’ll try to get put on the computer, for those who want to hear”……..

Now, I have a group of artists that I’ll admit that I like probably more so than the average hip-hop head, Milk Dee, Son Of Bazerk, MC ADE, No Face, Nine, and Frankenstein would most certainly be in the group as well. When I read that comment, I got giddy like a little school girl just at the thought of getting some unreleased Frank material. I have yet to hear back from Frank or anonymous, but getting my hands on something like that would be up in the top three things that have happened to me thanks to this little humble blogspot. It would be right up there with the shelved Big Beat Masta Ace album, Audio Two’s “Dead Little Indian” album, the shelved Son Of Bazerk and No Face sophomore albums as well (anyone got any leads on those, let me know) as the holy grails I hope to one day hear.

Here is a re-run of that October post for those who may have missed it….

Frankenstein – The Bootleg Album

1. Intro
2. Frankenstein’s Pain
3. The Pain (Remix)
4. Fakin’ Jax (Frankenstein Remix) – INI
5. The Rain Is Gone
6. Shook Ones Part 2 (Frankenstein Remix) – Mobb Deep
7. Rock The House
8. What Does It All Mean
9. Combine With Frankenstein
10. Amateurs Get Hung – Unsung Heroes Ft. Frankenstein
11. The Projects (A.N.D. Version)
12. Sparkin Intellect
13. U.V.
14. Rocksumshit
15. The Path Is Narrow – Unsung Heroes Ft. Frankenstein
16. Attic – Nas T Howie (Frankenstein Remix)
17. Slow Down Waterfall (Remix)
18. All Hands
19. Strange 2 The Eye
20. Saxy

If you’ve been following my “WYDU Classics” you will know I’m a huge fan of this man’s production. This T.Dot producer/MC is one of the more underrated cats in the game in my humble opinion. Frankie Ano aka Frank Fallico aka Frankenstein first dropped his first single in 94′ and by 95′ he had his “Knowledge Of Self” label that he dropped numerous 12″ singles along with his only “Official” LP, the UV album, which was more of an EP with some of his tracks and instrumentals. He also had a white label album “Live From New York Remix Album” the same year back in 97′. Some of his remixes for artists (unofficial remixes) are so dope that cats should have been checkin’ for his production skills back then instead of messing with some of the crap that was out there.

I’m not sure what it is about Frank’s sound that is so appealing to me, but he definitely has a “sound” to his beats that are very compelling to me. I first heard him on a Salt Lake City hip hop radio show when they played “The Rain Is Gone” back in 98′. Immediately I was fiendin’ for this track. Luckily enough I had the tape deck recording that night and that tape became a prized possession. The only problem though, was that I didn’t know who he was and at that point in time, if I didn’t know who an artist was, it was sure that no one else that I knew would know who he was and this was before the internet really took off (it’s crazy, but true, we didn’t have the internet to look up all this shit back in those days…and I walked up hill in the snow both ways to school). The internet did pay off in the form of these blogs about a year ago, I ran into someone that posted up some tracks and “The Rain Was Gone” was one of them.

Since that day I’ve been on a mission to acquire any track he may have had a hand in. I have no clue what dude is up to these days. According to Werner Von Wallenrod’s Humble Little Hip Hop Site, he appeared on an guest appearance on a DJ JS1 track called “Strange To The Eye” back in 04′ which is news to me. Actually there is quite of bit of stuff I don’t have by him on that site, so if some of you have anything, let me know….Peace….

Milk Dee
Another one of my “lost” hip hop heroes has been making some noise as of late too. I’m sure most of you have seen and/or heard it, but 50 Cent does a little thing with Milk Dee on his new album and if you happen to have Milk on myspace, then you see the bulletins for links for the download of the AP Remix track six times a day. I’ve always been a sucker for any track that contains one of the most recognizable drum breaks in hip-hop history.

Milk has a video for the DJ AP remix of “I Get Money” that has the Milk verse at the end and uses
the “Top Billin’” track. It’s good to see Milk back on the scene….now return a response to my interview request!!!

It isn’t surprising that 50 Cent‘s new song “I Get Money” is a hit: The catchy sample that drives it has powered more than a few hits over the past two decades.

The words in its chorus were rapped 20 years ago in the classic hip-hop song “Top Billin’ ” by MC Milk Dee as half of Audio Two.

“I feel really good that my song has had so much impact,” says Milk Dee from his home in Staten Island, N.Y.

The verses of “Top Billin’ ” and its signature drumbeat (taken in turn from an old soul record called “Impeach the President” by the Honeydrippers) have been digitally sampled by artists including Dr. Dre, R. Kelly, Jay-Z and the Notorious B.I.G.

The Luniz used three of Milk’s words (“Got it good”) for the chorus of the million-selling 1995 rap classic, “I Got Five on It.” And in 1993, Mary J. Blige’s breakthrough No. 1 R&B hit, “Real Love,” was propelled by the staccato beat of “Top Billin’.”

The original “Top Billin’ ” — recorded before rap was widely played on radio and MTV — never achieved the success of the hits that sampled it. Although Milk Dee’s career as a rapper hasn’t matched his calling as a producer — he scored an international hit with Eamon’s “I Don’t Want You Back” in 2004 — Milk (born Kirk Robinson) has made a cottage industry out of royalties from artists sampling lines from his most famous song.

And after hearing 50 Cent’s tribute to “Top Billin’,” Milk Dee created his own remix of “I Get Money,” shot a video and posted it on YouTube. “I keep getting checks from the artists that sample me,” he raps. “The list goes on and on/If you want a hit, then use my song.”

“I had been thinking about doing a new verse over ‘Top Billin’ ‘ for a long time,” Milk Dee says. “I thought this was a perfect opportunity let people know how I feel.”

– Dan Charnas

Good to see one of the old school cats getting his shine. I hate calling Milk Dee “old school”, but I guess anything past the 90′s would pretty much be that. God, I’m feeling old.

New eMC track

Another one of my favorite artists, Masta Ace, fuck it, my favorite artist, and his crew have posted the b-side to “What It Stand For” on their myspace page. The beat is going to take some getting used to, but all four MC’s along with Sean Price (who the track works great for) drop some illllllll fucking lyrics. There are rumors (unfounded thus far) on that this album, “The Show”, could be dropping as early as this month. You know I’m going to be pumping and hyping this album a lot in the coming months.

“Git Some” feat Sean Price can be heard on their myspace page:

An “inside source” also told me that after years of fighting the impending myspace craze, Ace has decided to finally put one up. It’s not up yet, but I’ll be sure to mention when it is.


Something came across my email inbox a couple weeks that I’ve been meaning posting up since I’ve got it. It’s a free mixtape from Jersey MC, John Public. I had heard of John Public a bit in the underground circles, but never really sat down and listened to anything. This mixtape features Public spitting a concept album of sorts over Primo beats from “The Ownerz”. True, Primo beats could make even me sound half way decent, but Public rides the beats very well and the overall listening experience is an enjoyable one, mainly because I guess I can relate to it rather well. It sounds like my early college days with keggers in the freezing winter time.

Here is a brief overview…..

The Borrowed LP is a themed, 12-track mixtape with instros taken from Gang Starr‘s “The Ownerz.” Each song works as part of a fictional night at a college house party, linked together with short interludes to help flesh out the story. At 45-minutes, the mixtape is quick, but it’s a thorough dose of hip hop. Definitely has the boom bap sound that defines Primo’s music but it’s also got a mashed-up quality to it – think Slug meets Lupe at Vince Vaughn‘s house. With Guiliani playing beerpong on the deck. With the Bush twins.

You can download The Borrowed LP here–

Here’s an mp3 of “Any of This” for immediate DL –

Give John a look at his MySpace –

Charon Don & DJ Huggy (Hands Down) – Pre Art Of Life Mixtape (Good Hands)

Read my spins for the week to get a synopsis about this group and their new album “Art Of Life”. This was the mixtape the Pittsburgh duo was using to promote their new album “Art Of Life”. It’s free, check it out.

1. Intro
2. Hands Up feat. Lil’ Scrappy and Rah Digga
3. Freestyle
4. It’s Handsdown
5. Time’s of the Essence
6. My Life
7. I’m Charon Don
8. Voices In My Head feat. Phate
9. Lose Yaself Skit
10. Freestyle
11. Who’s That?
12. State of Enemies feat. Reef the Lost Cauze
13. Beep Beep
14. U Don’t Know
15. The Time Is Now feat. Lucky Face Dollars
16. One Life 2 Live
17. Mansion Rap Interlude
18. Keep Doing It
19. Wordz of Wisdom
20. Sometimes
21. Judas Kiss
22. Guess Who feat. Nabri Savior and Rennaissance
23. Mudd Foot Skit
24. Scat Rap Blues
25. Due Time

ChaRon Don & DJ Huggy

My Favorite Rawkus 50 Group..……
I know this will come off as some ass kissing or something with Rawkus gobbling up blog sites like Pac-Man, but this group has been on my radar since first discovering their myspace over a year ago.

I first ran into the Smile Rays (out of Jacksonville, Fla) myspace when I was doing some research into Asamov (now known as The AB’s), their track “Cest La Ves” came in at #73 on my top 100 favorite songs of last year. The MC is Therapy from “The AB’s”. At first when you see the group name “Smile Rays” and then see the goofy looking white dude, which there is nothing wrong with since I’m a goofy looking white dude, and a white chick that looks she came straight off the University of Colorado campus up in Boulder, you are thinking this is going to be some happy hippy flower hugging shit. It’s not, it’s some straight up quality hip-hop. Don’t get me wrong, you won’t find any drug and gang tales. No one gets killed, it’s just positive hip-hop.

They have a digital album out on Rawkus called “Chicken”, and it looks like I will be buying my first digital release, which I still find incredibly…..they piss me off, but that’s a not the point, but the album is very good. Listen to tracks like “Smilin’ On You” feat Akrobatic are just raw, funky tracks with straight at your throat lyrics. Bautsauce brings funky, funky, funky beats and Dasey adds some soulful vocals. I’ve probably listened to this album five or six times at work this week. Check it out. I look forward to hearing more from these cats.

Top 5 Spins Of The Week
1. Aesop Rock – None Shall Pass
I think Eric and I said it all we could about this. I’m still kind of wondering where this came from, I mean I really disliked Aesop before this album minus a few verses and single tracks. I even busted out the “Labor Days” album and liked it pretty much. I’m not sure what is wrong with me.

2. Panacea – Both “Ink Is My Drink” & “The Scenic Route”
I liked “Ink Is My Drink” when it dropped, but then something happened called “Used Your Confusion” and a couple other albums and I kind of spaced it off. Then the blog scene seems to be clamoring for the new joint “The Scenic Route”, so I figured I’d try to see what the buzz is about. I honestly don’t have much of opinion of this yet, I’m always doing something when listening to this and it hasn’t been good enough to make me drop what I’m doing and take notice, but I’m not writing it off just yet.

3. Median – Median’s Relief Promo
Another album I was expecting to like more than I have so far. It’s not bad, just not…..what’s the word I’m looking for….great I guess. More listens will help though.

4. Charon Don & DJ Huggy (Hands Down) – Art Of Life
I threw this on the computer while playing Madden last week and I had to stop what I was doing and listen to this album. I wasn’t entirely familiar with Charon Don or DJ Huggy, but apparently he is part of the JuJu Mob, that runs with Chief Kamanchi and released an album last year. Plus he’s from Pittsburgh, which I guess I was from in a previous life, since I’m a Steelers and Pirates fan. Good album, somewhat like some of the Chief Kamanchi/JuJu stuff, which is reasonable, since they are all on the same label, Good Hands. Check the mixtape above to get a feel for it.

5. Top Shelf 8/8/88
Still playing this one after my required listening for the reviews Eric and I did. Regardless if its old or not, it’s still pretty good album with quality tracks, and that Biz joint is just fuckin’ bananas.


Why is it whenever Kanye opens his freaking mouth anymore he’s crying? At the VMA’s, he cried some more about not winning an award. Dude, just shut the fuck up and make some beats. I’m sick of his shit. Seriously. Two cents, I’d buy his album, wipe my ass with it and send it back to him. Alright, thats my vent for the day. I’m just really sick of his pompous ass attitude and him thinking he is god’s gift for everything.

Why is it, speaking of VMA’s, I wanted to see those two dirtbags, Tommy Lee and Kid Rock throw down and just fuck each other up? And all that over a chick that is going to need an EPA permit if she is ever cremated…hell just buried. I’m sure its illegal to bury toxic waste and as much plastic and shit she has, there has got to be some environmental issues, I just know it.

Why does it look like that Busta hooked up Dre with his dealer. Dude was built like a brick shit house at the VMA’s

Why was Aesop Rock all over those VMA’s as well? Hmmmm……shit is kind of funny

Why am I not too excited about this “La Coka Nostra” project? I’ve never been a big fan of Ill Bill and the others are just kind of….eh. I also think they lost what buzz they had going. Plus super groups usually fail in a big ball of flames.

Why does that Little Brother “Get Back” sampler make me feel a little better about the album? Click here read an interview with Big Pooh as he goes over each track. Good read for anyone looking forward to this album.

Why was I enjoying that “Breakin’ Your Heart” joint until that annoying ass Lil Wayne (Sorry Alley) started spitting. Bleah…

Why do people seem to dig “Pitchfork” for hip-hop reviews? Never was big on that site or their reviews.

Why do I kind of like that “Rock Star” song. Don’t get me wrong, as far as quality hip-hop, it’s not, but for just pop music, I kind of like it. I guess it’s the guitars.

Why the hell does Congress have nothing better to do than exam hip-hop again? Don’t they have some fucking bridges to check or something? Jackasses…

Why doesn’t it surprise me that the Patriots were cheating?

Why do those Talib and Common joints utterly disappoint me?

Why do I have a feeling my PS2 controller isn’t going to last much longer this Madden season. I already have it cracked open on one side.

Why is a pregnant Salma Hayek still a hot Salma Hayek. That dude is schmuck though.

Why do I have a feeling that every baseball at one point in their career has been on the “Juice”.

Why do I always want something I can’t have?

Why would Vibe magazine mention my little site in their ultra glossy magazine? No conformation on that, I’m going to hit up the nearest Border’s after I’m done with this.

Speaking about baseball players on the juice, here is a before and after picture for Barry Bonds

Before After

WYDU Classics…..RE-UP

WYDU Classics Mar 07: The Spring Break Edition

1. King Tee – Act A Fool
This was always the joint I’d fire up before any night out. It’s a high school classic, but it’s helped me get in the mood for many many years.

2. DJ Quik – Tonite
This song is good for both getting ready and the day after, especially if your trying to get up for a Saturday night after a long friday night. I’ve been hung over many a time pumping this trying to get the second wind for Saturday night.

3. Eazy E – 8 Ball
So nothing really relevant to my upbringing, but it was a great song to throw on during the high school party.

4. Beatnuts – Pyscho Dwarf
This was later on in my life, me and my hip hop heads would pump this shit before going out. Isn’t it just about everyones goal before heading out?

5. Brews Brothers feat Charlie Bawles & Louis Logic – Happy Hour
A great drinking joint to pump when doing the pre-game bar hopping warm-up.

6. E-40 Feat The Click – Hurricane
My boy got me hooked on this one. He’d always come get me from the bars then him and I’d continued to get faded while playing Mortal Combat on sega blasting this joint till his g/f friend would come down and yell at us for being loud.

7. Young Black Teenagers – Tap The Bottle
When this dropped, I was always the hip hop head in the bunch of friends I was hanging with. I got everyone hooked on this song. We’d have to play at any party we had.

8. Masta Ace Inc – Rollin’ Umdada
This song comes on in my head any time I would roll into a hip hop club with my boys. It was also a good primer club joint. Get’s you pumped to hit the clubs, something I don’t do much of anymore.

9. Atmosphere – A Tall Seven & Seven
This song would always reminded me of the amateur drinkers that couldn’t hold their alcohol. It’s never fun being around cats that can’t hold their liquor. I’ve been guilty of it myself, but doesn’t happen much anymore.

10. Louis Logic – Factotum
I’d play this joint a lot when I’d come home after a few. It’s a great chilled song to have a couple more on the couch before going to bed and pass out.

11. Fila Fresh Crew – Drink It Up
This joint appeared on the NWA & The Posse album that dropped before “Straight Outta Compton”. It was another song that us drunk 16-18 y/o would sing a long with at the party.

12. King Tee & Ice Cube – King Tee’s Beer Stand
There are probably a handful of King Tee songs you could through on this, but this little blip with Cube was always a favorite of ours while rolling to where ever we were getting our drink on.

13. Spice 1 – 187 Proof
I thought this was a cool damn thing when it dropped. We’d play it on the way to the college parties or later on with my hip hop heads, we’d play it at a house party.

14. Mobb Deep – Drink Away The Pain
Another after bar joint that my boy and I’d blast during our late night drunken Mortal Kombat battles.

15. J-Zone – 190
This has all happened to a
few of us. Wake up the next morning, with everyone pissed at you and you don’t remember why. Play this before going to bed and drink a glass of water.

16. Schoolly D – Saturday Night
This was always my goal when I’d go out at night in my younger years. Well, maybe not the big fat ugly girl, but it sounded cool. It was hoping for a crazy night.

17. Greyson & Jayson – Intoxication
This song starts off great, but has a little message. We here at WYDU encourage you drink responsibly, okay, there’s the warning….but the song is great at the beginning, gets you in the mood, until the drunk driving part. I’m not going to say it kept from drunking too much and puking or from drinking and driving, but it’s always good to hear. There is a reason I have never gotten a DUI, and it’s not all related to luck. It was honestly this song or EPMD’s “You Drank Too Much”, which contains a similar story, but maybe a bit more humorous.

18. Tha Alkaholiks – Last Call
Honestly, I used to just throw on “21 & Over” before going out or at a party. This is a great song, and it’s the last call for this compilation.

19. Hi-C – Skanless
You are lying if you say that this has never happened to you after drinking. It happens to the best of us. Of course this has to be the last song…..

WYDU Classics Mar 07

1. Eric B & Rakim – Don’t Sweat The Technique

One of my top 5 all-time Eric B & Rakim joints. Fine malt liquor (is there such thing?). It’s ghetto hip hop, but in it’s finest form

2. Chubb Rock – Treat ‘Em Right
This shit makes you want to dance on your desk. A tasty Raseberry Wheat, full of flavor that will make you get up and dance

3. Smif N Wesson – Bucktown
Ill horn sample. Boom bap at it’s finest. This is the equivalent to Colt 45, classic brew right up in your face

4. Jeru The Damaja – D. Original
I always felt this got overlooked being released after “Come Clean” at least by me. This is like Guiness at it’s best, dark, thick, a meal in a can. Jeru gives you all you need in one album.

5. Diamond – 5 Fingas of Death feat Big L, Fat Joe, Lord Finesse, & AG
This doesn’t get mentioned enough in the classic posse cuts. This is like a six pack of Coors Light that I bring to a party (I only bring five, cause I always drink one on the way there). It’s an old favorite that you always know what you are getting.

6. A Tribe Called Quest – Oh My God (UK Flavor Radio Mix)
I just heard this remix on something Crooklyn posted up on his site a while ago. I love it! This is hip hop equivalent of Newcastle Brown Ale, those Brits know how to make some tasty beer and beats.

7. Schoolly D – Run
Schoolly is another one of my personal favorites. Good luck trying to find any of his early CD’s under $40 bucks. This of course has to be the old gangsta favorite, Olde English 800.

8. Cypress Hill – Throw Your Hands In The Air feat Erick Sermon, Redman, & MC Eiht
I had honestly totally forgot about this song until someone posted the video online not too long ago. With this bunch, you got to think Bud….one kind or the other.

9. Saafir – Light Sleeper (OG Version)
I think I like this better than the album version. This is the Saafir I like, his voice is ill.
Think of this is some Coors Light; light, crisp, and goes down easy.

10. Kokane – Nickel Slick N—a
Kokane was always one of my favorite west coast artists and doesn’t nearly get enough recognition. Some smooth funk here. I’d go with Mickey’s on this, smoothed out, but it’ll fuck you up with the quickness

11. Lench Mob – Freedom Got An AK (remix)
The first Mob album is probably one of my top 5 all-time produced albums. This remix would have been right at home on the album as well. This the equivalent to some St.Ides straight to your grill. Shit is mean as fuck, but after you drink/hear enough, you are intoxicated by the kick.

12. Snoop Doggy Dog – Jus Dippin (Battlecat Remix) feat Dr.Dre & Jewell
More g-shit 4 dat azz….The Battlecat remix is better than the original IMO. Just like Ice beer, a remix of the original but with more punch than the original.

13. E-40 – Sprinkle Me feat Suga T
I kind of slept on 40 Water in my younger days. Not sure why, I liked this album back then, a friend of mine had it, but never checked it until the last couple years. For me, it’s kind of like the old school Lowenbrau, you never realized how good it was until you got some sips/spins.

14. UGK – Pocket Full Of Stones
my first real introduction to UGK. Not the greatest in the world, but in small doses or in the right mood, it serves it’s puprose, kind of like Old Milwaukee’s Best.

15. Bizarre – Get The Dick (Raw Mix) feat The Outsidaz
That’s right, Bizarre from D12. This EP was from ’98, but the main reason I love this joint is THE MOST underrated group of all-time, the Outsidaz. Michelob Amber Bock is an underrated beer. Cheap, but still tastes good.

16. Da Ruckus – Shine On feat Eminem
I can’t remember where I got this, but it’s a great track, nice production and a nice guest drop by Slim Shady himself. Kind of like some Micro brews, you might not hear much about them, or where they come from, but they are mighty satisfying.

17. Omniscience – Touch Y’all (remix 2) feat Sadat X
Another great track that didn’t appear on the lost album. I compare this to a great Heffeweizen, tastes good by itself, but once you and a little lemon to it aka Sadat X, it just adds to the whole beer.

WYDU Classics Vol 4 (April 06)

1. Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rudd- Girls, I Got Em’ Locked (12″ released in 88′, also included on an LP with the same name in 88′)

Super-slept on album and single. Mixed by the legendary Paul C (who is responisble for Large Pro, Critical Beatdown, and numerous other classics), . I’ve always liked the beats on this album. Not sure why it is more hearlded among the older heads. I know I’m guilty myself not giving the album it’s just due as well.

2. Black, Rock & Ron- You Can’t Do Me None (Price Paul Remix) (single released in 90′, from the 89′ released “Stop The World”)

I remember this video being on “Yo!” (common occurance for a lot of these joints) and for the life of me I could never find an album by them. I guess they didn’t carry the album in small little northwestern town like the one I was from. I did always know which VHS tape of mine had this video though.

3.Nice N Smooth- Funky For You (self titled album released in 89′, the single dropped in 90′)

“Dizzy Gilespie plays the sax, me, myself, I love to max”, that was the shit when it kicked off, although, Gilespie wasn’t known for his sax playing, although Greg Nice claimed, dizzy, did in fact play the sax as well. This is the album version, but I remember the video version being slightly different, the chorus I believe was different.

4. Frankenstien- The Quiet Storm (appears on his 97′ “UV” album)

Yes, I’m a big fan of Frankenstein, as should be evident with him appearing before. Not alot of even so called “die hard hip hop heads” know about this T-Dot producer. His shit is sooo smoooooooth. This was on his “UV” album. It’s an older song, but honestly, I first heard it a few months ago. It was one of those songs that just “struck” me. I listened to it probably no fewer than 5 times in a row. Not much makes me do that these days.

5. Nine- Whatcha Want (single dropped in 94′, his “Nine Livez” debut album dropped a year later in 95′)

How this song wasn’t included in an earlier volume is beyond me. I meant to, but didn’t, I guess. Between the beat and his style, this is some hot shit. I’ll admit, 90% of the artists from his era that had some fucked up vocal tone/style, I find extremely wack now, but he sounds better than when he first dropped in my opinion.

6. Xzibit- Paparazzi (single dropped in 96 along with his “At The Speed of Life” LP)

Sticking with the string orchestration production theme, Paparazzi isn’t all that “obscure”, but I’ve always loved the production on it, which is by the obscure Thayod Ausar. I do have to look down at X to The Z for dropping the crew that brought him up, when he bailed from the Likwit Crew to Dre’s camp. That was some fucked up shit and goes against his message in this song.

7. Threat- PDK (on the album “Sickinnahead” that dropped in 93′)

Threat was probably the most slept on MC from that early pre G-Funk west coast era. He appeared with Cube on “Death Certificate”, was on Pac’s “Stictly….” album, rocked it with Tha Liks on their debut. This album is really good. Lots of DJ Pooh produced gems, but he never got his due really. I had problems picking which joint I wanted to include, although I’m sure they’ll be more from this album in the future.

8. Hi- C – Punk Shit (from his “Skanless” album that dropped in 91)

This album has numerous hits. It dropped in 91, my senior in High School (yeah, I’m dating myself), so it has lots of memories. I chose this song because it had a lot of lines that I loved, so it got the nod, but more to come from it as well.

9. 2nd II None- Be True To Yourself (self titled album dropped in 91, single was dropped sometime around then as well)

Some more 304 shit (Hi C, 2nd II None, AMG, DJ Quik, for yo bustas out there). I believe this was their first single as well, but can’t find any easy info on that and I don’t feel like digging for it. This is when I liked the west as much as the east for the most part. When everyone started trying to imitate Dre is when the west fell off in my opinion. The whole album is pretty good. I remember my AMG/Hi C/2nd II None homemade tape I made got A LOT OF PLAY back in those days.

10. Digital Underground- Sounds Of The Underground (appeared on the TAPE only version of “Sex Packets” from 89′)

You won’t find this on the CD or the wax versions of “Sex Packets”. It was a cassette only release. Yes, I bought the tape back in the day, so when I bought the CD a few years later, I was pissed not to find 4 songs not included on the CD that were on the cassette. This song is more of a Raw Fusion song than a DU song. It’s all Money B and he mentions DJ Fuze often as well. It’s a bass heavy track with a wicked electric guitar, which I’m a sucker for if done right.

11. Derek B- Bad Young Brother (12″ released in 88′, was also on

I’ll be the first to admit, us Americans are snobby as hell when it comes to foreign hip hop, I’m guilty of it myself at times. Derek B was the first foreign hip hop I heard way back in 88′. I didn’t know, or didn’t care, but I liked this joint and the album a lot. It was among the first episodes of “Yo!” that they played this and I remember running out and finding it out a department store of all places.

12. Awesome Dre & The Hardcore Comittee- Frankly Speaking (12″ dropped in 89′ and was also on the “You Can’t Hold Me Back” LP from 89′)

Quick quiz: Who was the first hip hop artist out of Detriot to make noise in the game? No, not eminem or Jay Dee (rip), It was Awesome Dre and the Hardcore Comittee. The joint popped up on Yo! a few times back in the days and I was all over it.

13. MC Breed- Ain’t To Be Fucked With (From his “20 Below” album in 92)

This was about the time I was into a lot of bass music because I had the “boomin’ system” & the funk in the trunk with my little Jetta. This is my favorite MC Breed album, although I’m not much of a MC Breed authority by any means. Just a cool “crusin’” song.

14. Erick Sermon feat Joe Sinister- Payback II

My favorite sole E Double album, this song is sick. Funk for days. The guest, Joe Sinister, was the shit. His last verse on this song got “Quotable Of The Month” in The Source back in the day. I always hoped he would drop something, because the man was good. The only other thing I know he appeared on was on Terminator X’s second album, with the track “Under The Sun”, which is coming soon!

15 Terminator X feat Celo of The Casino Brothers- Wanna Be Dancin (Dropped as promo only 12″ in 90′ was on t
he full length album in 91)

Speaking of Terminator X, I always liked this album and this was one of my favorite songs from it. I was always hoping the “Casino Brothers” would drop something, but I don’t know much about them. Some more of that funk and bass from the bottom. You had to have your speakers set up just right for this stuff to sound good.

16. Gangsta Bitch- Apache (single dropped in 92, was also on his full length album)

This was a hit back in the day, then not much was heard from him. It’s some of your classic east coast sounds from back in the day, produced by none other than A Tribe Called Quest.

(Sorry, got bust through this and I have to post this now, any questions on the last three tracks, hit me up)

17. Red Hot Lover Tone- 4 My Peeps & Others

18. Show N Prove- Big Daddy Kane and Others

19 Fuck Everyone- Everlast

WYDU Classics Jan 07

1. Diamond – Hiatus (remix)
2. Showbiz & AG – Next Level (Nyte Time Mix)
3. Sadat X – Wild Cowboys (Original Version)
4. Rampage – Beware Of The Rampsack (Smack U Bak Mix)
5. Chi Ali – Let The Horns Blow feat Various Artists (You should know who they are)
6. KMD – Nitty Gritty (Remix) feat Brand Nubian & Leaders
7. Grand Puba – I Like It (Buckwild Remix) feat Sadat X
8. Double X Posse – Not Gonna Be Able To Do It (Criminal Minded Remix)
9. Milk – Spam Feat Ad Rock
10. Rappin’ Ron & Ant Diddly Dog – The Bomb feat Ant Banks
11. MC Rondo & Crazy Rak – Get Your Gat
12. College Boyz – Victim Of The Ghetto
13. Afro-Rican – Give It All You Got (Fuck that Fergie Bullshit)
14. Masta Ace – Jeep Ass Nigguh (Bizcapella Mix)
15. Frankenstien – So I
16. Supreme Nyborn – It Gets No Smoother
17. Tall Dark & Handsome – The Bronx Is Back
18. Krown Rulers – B-Boy Document

WYDU Classics Feb 07: The Valentines Edition

1. Digital Underground – Kiss You Back
2. Nice & Smooth – Sex, Sex, Sex
3. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – I Got A Love
4. Little Shawn – I Made Love (4 Da Very 1st Time)
5. Pharoahe Monch – The Light
6. The Roots – You Got Me
7. Atmosphere – Don’t Ever Fucking Question That
8. The Coup – I Just Wanna Lay Around All Day In Bed With You
9. Bizzie Boys – I Think I’m In Love
10. Supreme Nyborn – Do It Baby
11. 2 Deep – How About A Kiss
12. B.O.X. – Hey Luv
13. Kurious – Nikole
14. Al Tariq – Nikki
15. Masta Ace – Bklyn Masala feat Leschea
16. Tonedeff – Shag
17. Barsha – Knockin’ Hiney
18. Kwame – Ownless Eue

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