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Underground Artist Spotlight: Tony Tigerstyle

by DJSoulClap on September 14, 2007

Tony Tigerstyle is a veteran on the mic. Without a question. I’ve never heard someone who doesn’t have a real album out, with such a strong voice and a versatile flow like that. Originally he’s coming from the Chi and grew up in an area called The QC. It’s where The Rock (Rock Island, Il) and D Town (Davenport, IA) meet at the Mississippi River. 15 years ago he moved to LA and is still living there. He grew up on the classics by BDP, Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, LL, EPMD and many others. He says about himself that he is “an emcee. A real one. I have to say that in today’s dew rag wearing, gun toting, rap market. You might get me twisted. You won’t come to one of MY joints and find me walking back and forth with my head down cupping the mic. Please. I move crowds period!”

His influences reach from old Jazz and Soul like John Coltrane, James Brown and Bobby Bird to the Rough Hip Hop sound of the 80′s. Tigerstyle: “As far as Hip-Hop, I credit alot of my approach to KRS-One. Once I …”EXPERIENCED” a KRS show that changed the whole game for me. That energy should be the emcee standard. If you don’t know what I mean, you owe it to yourself to find out.”

Right now he is working on different Projects. His own solo debut, an album with DJ Flict, who is currently workin on his solo album too, with Features by LMNO, Verbal Threats and many others and an album with me, DJ SoulClap. We are called “The Soul Occupants” and you will definitely hear why. You can expect versatile beats and Raps, pure Hip Hop from the Soul and heart. You can check him out on his myspace page, where you can find a video of a live show and a video of a freestyle too, besides 4 hot tracks.
Tony Tigerstyle Myspace
You will find the Brand new Soul Occs track called up again there too.
Since I will put out my Promo EP very soon and the tracks My ChildHOOD and Most Real wil be on it, I uploaded them for you. My ChildHOOD is a story-telling track about Tony growing up in the Chi. It was the first Soul Occs track recorded, which started the whole partner and friendship. Most Real is a hype trumpet joint with cuts in the hook and some sharp, attacking lyrics.

My ChildHOOD
Most Real


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