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WYDU's 15 Seconds Of Fame…..

by Travis on September 16, 2007


Yes, fifteen seconds, because I hope this is only a blip of what’s to come. First off, let me say I’m a pretty modest and humble person…for the most part. When I played sports growing up, I was pretty much like EPMD, strictly business, no home run trots, no sack celebrations, an occasional fist pump was good enough for me. So on Wednesday, when someone left a comment saying that WYDU had appeared in Vibe magazine, I wasn’t sure what to think. At first I didn’t want to get to excited about it until I saw concrete proof for myself. Yesterday after work, I hit up a couple stores trying to track down an issue of Vibe. I haven’t bought a Vibe in I don’t know how long, and didn’t find one at the first two places I went to. I finally tracked one down at a Barnes & Nobles. I sat down and started skimming through it and sure enough, there was WYDU in all its glory on page 126. The article was on the changing music business. Then they had a list of the “Dirty 30, the Top 30 hottest spots for Hip Hop & R&B.” WYDU came in at #22 on that list, and honestly it was kind of a surprise to me.

Here is what was written, a little blurb, but hey, I’ll take it.

22. Get The Rare & The Real: Written by a Kaleidoscope of Hip Hop heads from Germany, Australia, Croatia, Luxemborg, Ohio, and Colorado, WYDU has got opinions galore, nearly enough to match their deep crates of out-of-print albums.

I have to admit, I’ve been pretty freaking stoked ever since. Now, I haven’t had to have any press conferences, and Vibe has yet called me for a statement on the situation, and my groupie/stalker numbers haven’t exactly increased in numbers (although I did have a nice little email from my #1 female fan, you know who you are haha), but the accomplishment is rather a big deal to me. And hey, I get to change my favorite pick-up line from “Girl, what do you mean you don’t recognize me? I’m only the biggest blogger star in your apartment complex” to “Girl what do you mean you don’t recognize me? I’m only the biggest blogger star to appear in Vibe in your apartment complex”. Some how though, I’m thinking the results probably won’t change much. I’m not the biggest Vibe reader in the world, but to get a blurb in a major magazine of any kind is a-ok in my book. At first I wasn’t even sure I was going to mention it in a post, but Eric at WTR convinced me that I should. Its not easy for me to brag on myself. I’ve worked pretty hard on this blog in its 23 months of exsistence (two year birthday next month, I’ll have something “special” planned). I’ve made a conscious effort to go a little more away from downloads and more on content, and while the numbers for the summer have been a little down compared to what they were at one time, I’ve gotten recognition from significant people and this is just the “icing on the cake” (is that a saying?).

The Rest Of The List

1. Itunes
2. imeem
3. eMusic
4. Last FM
5. Myspace
7. MusicMesh
8. Nah Right
9. Boxden
10. Soul Sides
11. Yahoo Music
12. BlogMusik
13. Smoking Section
14. Philaflava
15. TJ’sDJs
16. OnSmash
17. RapSpace
18. Konstant Kontact
19. Unkut
20. The Megatrondon
21. Bust The Facts
22. Wake Your Daughter Up
23. Cocaine Blunts
24. Discobelle
25. Live 365
26. Concrete Loop
27 & 28. Hype Machine and
29 & 30. Soulseek & Oink

I ain’t going to lie, about a third of these are news to me and I think there are some glaring omissions, how can you NOT have Oh word or Spine Magazine. Also, while Philaflava, which is the only true “forum community” on the list and the only one I really visit much, I was kind of shocked not to see SOHH, UGHH or Okayplayer up in there somewhere as well.

A little rundown….

1. Itunes – Let’s be honest here, this is like picking McDonalds in who sells the most hamburgers nationwide contest. It’s a pretty much gimme.

2. Imeem – I guess I’m out of the loop, I’ve never heard of this. Looking at the website, it looks like Last FM and I just assumed Last FM would be higher than anything like it in its category.

3. eMusic – I was aware of it, but can’t say I’ve ever used it.

4. Last FM – I use it myself, although I probably don’t take advantage of all the features it has. I use it basically to track my listening habits.

5. Myspace – I would actually think this would be much higher. Tons of groups, tons of music, some good, a lot bad. It’s changed how things are done. I know from my stand point its much easier to contact an artist this way than it used to be.

6. Youtube – Not only is for old videos anymore, but a lot of artists release their videos straight to youtube, since its about the only way for a video to be shown anymore. Time is ripe for a nationwide hip hop video show and/or channel

7. Music Mesh -

8. Nah Right – I guess I’ve never caught on to this site as the first “blog” like site pops up on the list. Not hating on anyone, but I guess I could think of other “blogs” that would be better in this spot.

9. Boxden – This caught me by surprise as well. I’ve heard about this site for ages, but its kind of on some secret society tip. I didn’t realize it had that many members and swung that much clout.

10. Soul Sides – Oliver Wang aka O-Dub, is probably one of the well known blog authors and someone who I have the utmost respect for. He has knowledge on so many levels on music other than just hip-hop.

11. Yahoo Music – I’ve never looked at it much, but since its on one of the internet’s biggest sites, I guess its going to get the numbers.

12. Blog Musik – Never heard of it.

13. Smoking Section – This s
ite has made major moves since its inception a couple years ago. Originally, it was downloads and that was it, since then its turned into a rather decent site to read as well. Rawkus just recently purchased them.

14. Philaflava – The only “true” forum and community on the list. Jason Gloss has put in a shit load of work into this site and as far as forums going, its got probably the most knowledgeable people on it for being a large forum that I’ve ran across and for the most part stays away from the childish drama that is all over the place with other large forums.

15. TJ’s DJs

16. On Smash

17. Rap Space

18. Konstant Kontact – Stretch Armstrong’s blog and he has posted many goodies, although the site can go without updates for long time periods.

19. Unkut – As far as straight up knowledge, there is no other site beating Robbie’s Unkut. The blog is probably the best read and has THE best interviews as far as hip-hop legends goes.

20. The Megatrondon – Just Blaze’s site has been great, with tons of unreleased stuff.

21. Bust The Facts – I’m biased on this, but Dread and Jimmy is single handly responsible for pumping most of the blog nerds collection full of lost and unknown albums. As far as the rare goes, there is no one beating Bust The Facts. Thanks also goes out to Dread for some of the scans for this post. The others I jacked from other sites (TSS)

22. Wake Your Daughter Up – Run by a bunch of hosers. Honestly, I was kind of shocked to be included in the list. I realize I’m probably responsible for many of the “mid level” blogs as I’ve had many people comment that WYDU is the reason they started a blog themselves. I’ll chalk this up on longevity and being around for almost two years. Oh and of course, I’ve but a shit load of work into this site as well.

23. Cocaine Blunts – Speaking of blogs that were an inspiration, this blog was my inspiration to start up a blog. Noz is kind of like a blogging superhero as he has turned his blog experiance into being a writer for XXL, Vibe and others. If I could follow his footsteps, I’d be more than happy.

24. Disco Belle -

25. Live 365

26. Concrete Loop -

27. & .28 – Hype Machine & elbo. ws

29. & .30 Soulseek & Oink – Soulseek was THE place before the blogs. I can credit some of my collection from Soulseek. It’s pretty much hip hop and fairly easy to use.

Thanks also goes out to the people that take the time to check this site and leave a comment. I always said I’d do this if only 50 people were checking the site, but it makes it a lot easier when I have a pretty good core of readers.


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