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Linkety Laink 9/21/07

by Travis on September 22, 2007

I’ve seen this kind of thing done by numerous sites in the past. Jeff @ Passion of the Weiss does it from time to time, my homie Scholar from Souled On used to do it quite often, that’s how I found Souled On for the first time, Scholar linked my ass up proper like (no homo). This spring, every Friday I’d wait for Rafi at Oh Word to do his weekly links, just to see if I made it on the list and to check anything I might have missed. Shit was proper. Well, I kind of miss those kind of posts and figured I might be able to fill a void and mention some other worthy blogs that don’t get the pub they deserve along with something you might have missed to begin with.

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I was kind of burned out on all the blogs out there. Well, that’s not the case anymore. I did a lot of blog visiting this week, checking things out, finding some great stuff as well. I figured “why keep this stuff to myself? These kind of things need to be out there”. Now I’m not saying I got the corner on all the good sites, a lot of the blog nerds such as myself probably already know about this stuff, but for those that don’t have a job that allows you to surf blogs all day long (who me?) you might miss some good posts, especially in this horribly over saturated blog scene right now. This will probably turn into a weekly thing, so if you find something that you think needs my attention, by all means, drop me a line. If there is a new blog out there that you think deserves some shine, show me the way. And if you have complaints, I’d still love to hear from you, so I set up a special email for the complaint center, its use it, use it often. One side note, if you, for some reason, got some vulgar message from a Travis with this site linked to the name last Sunday, it was just one of my little “Stans” pretending to be me from a public library in some backwoods library in Virgina (I guess his mom banned him from the internet at home). Being in Vibe does that for you and you don’t answer all your fan mail…(chilllllll a joke again), my apologies to those who got it.

In the words of Slick Rick….heeeeere we go……

Fresh & Soul Set In Darkness: I have a few sites I check everyday, and Souled On is one of them. There are two things you need to check this week. On Monday, Scholar dropped a classic Souled On posts that covers numerous artists of music of all kinds, and trust me its all good. Everything from Freddie Scott to Willie Evans Jr drops…..then to top it off, Scholar continues the guest post series from hell (the best is yet to drop) and has Fresh from 33 Jones to take over. Good stuff.

Wu-Tang: Making its way around the blog scene, Wu-Tang’s new joint “Watch Your Mouth” was featured on a couple sites this week, both with pretty good reviews. My man CH Commish nearly drove off the road hearing the joint for the first time on Sirus radio. Needless to say, I think he approved of it. Floodwatch Music liked the effort as well, as it made their “Song of the Week”. The excitement mounts….

They Had Dirty Acres: I know that pretty much anyone that is a regular visitor to this site is probably a regular visitor to Eric’s “When They Reminisce”, but in case you don’t check his site enough, he drops an early opinion of a personal favorite group of mine, CunninLynguists. The advance copy dropped this week and that was enough to get me excited. Check out a couple tracks on Eric’s site

It’s P Body!: My man Vas at Schnooklyn Zoo (thanks again for the J-Zone drops) drops what he is best known for, The Passion of The Price Volume 7. All the Sean P goodness that anyone could wish for. Check out the rest of the volumes while your there.

Chuck Chillout Foos!!!For those who love old school radio shows as much as I do, then you need to check out Music Selection’s Chuck Chillout post from….1986?!?! Oh hell yeah…this shit is hip hop history. Its from Aug 26th, 1986 and they even got a video of Chuck Chillouts “Masters Of Rhythm” with Kool Chip. This kind of stuff is why I love the internet.

Return Of The Real, Bitches: Streets On Beats has been done with us since day one, so there is no way in hell I won’t mention them. The site is great and deserves recognition. They drop an Ice T post that any Ice T fan should check, or even someone who isn’t down with the west, Ice T will straigth you set you straight.

A-One B-Boy Funk: My man A-One drops some encouraging words about J-Ro’s solo ablum, check it out

Never Trust a Big Butt and a Smile: The crew of Get Down drop their favorite 90′s R&B joints. An excellent post that brings back memories of Trav singing “Poison” and doing dance steps in his homeboy’s garage back in the day. Plus they got a pic of the famous Janet Jackson hand boobies Rolling Stone cover, that alone is worth the price of admission.

Where Is That Sample From?: I don’t hide the fact that I LOVE sample sources. Well Herban Lyrix dropped an original idea and excellent at that for sample sources. Dude hooked up his Orgins Vol. 2 which is a collection of original songs then the hip hop song right behind it. It’s freaking genius to me.

Chicken Scratch: Not really from this week, but a good collection of some tasty joints, Chicken Scratch Addict dropped a mix entitled “Back To The Lab PartOne”. These dudes drop great comps, and there is some stuff that I haven’t seen for awhile, so all internet crate diggers need to check it out.

Dan Love? Oh Word?: Long time WYDU associate Dan Love From “Da Bricks” jumps on the scene with Oh Word. Dan drops an interesting post on Oh Word for his first post. I know I got a Vibe mention (I know your sick of it) but I hold “Oh Word” in a much higher regard and they also shot me down as an contributor early in my blog career. PROPS to Dan-O!!!!

It’s a Conspiracy I Tell You!!: The UK radio show has some pretty dope shit going on. I’m not usually big on podcasts (I guess I’m not that big of a nerd after all), but with live guests such as Sabac Red, Celph Titled, Percee P, X Clan, Prince Po, Ed OG, Jaysaun and more, you have to be at least curious.

More Popular Than a Ron G Mixtape: If you come from back in the day, you know Ron G mixtapes were like gold on the streets. He was mostly known for his blends, but “Real Hip Hop” drops a tape from toward his later years in ’96, entitled “Dead Presidents”. Its Ron G, get it, and if you don’t know who Ron G is, get it anyway.

You Spoke, Word?: Straight from a blog that I’ve enjoyed for well over a year, my man DJ SoundNexx at SoundNexx drops a very interesting compilation. Spoken word and poetry jams are gaining exposure among the hip hop heads and when done right are some beautiful things. SoundNexx drops his own little comp of some great spoken word material. Fans of that kind will want to check it out.

You Can Get With This, Or You Can Get With That: Straight from the site that I still credit with giving WYDU its first big break, Alley Al drops some great drops, with Bob’s Son by former WYDU favorite (actually still) King E, using Bob James samples for Nas’ “God’s Son” and some other King E jams. He also has some live Prince jams and an assortment of other goodies going on.

Wanna French??: G-Force has probably one of the most underrated blogs on the net, its full of “tongue in cheek” writing, oh wait, this is hip-hop, we aren’t supposed to have fun. Regardless, >bounce/oz (mathematics, foo!) dropped a great spot for all you “Make ‘Em French” post that has some the smoooooth joints going on. For nerds that can’t seem to hook up on a Friday night (note:this post is being dropped on a Friday night itself), its GUARANFUCKINTEE that you get laid, or your money back! How can you go wrong. I took this to my last Star Wars convention and I hooked up with not one, but TWO Princess Leia look-a-likes, so the shit works. There is still hope, blog nerds.

I’ll Kut You, Bitch!!: You should alway check regardless of what has posted each week. This post though is freaking genius (I was going to do the G Rap post but looks like problems ensued), its classic videos. I know that I’m in the market for videos big time, so a post lilke this if freaking magical. Its sendspace, so keep the freaking link going. This shit is priceless

I’m Drinking ‘Til Dawn: My fellow Denver citizen,

Fat Muthafucka, Cut Lean: Tree Beats is my man, so take a page out of his book, if you pay me enough “Idaho Spud” bars, I’ll link you no matter what. Seriously though, dude has a great blog, some good stuff this week concerning one of my favorite all-time NON hip hop soundtracks, “Pump Up The Volume” and yes, I own the movie.

It’s All About Heiro: Some excellent Heiro tracks for download at “In Your Ear Hole”. If you don’t know who Heiro is, keep going to the next site.

It’s Doitall bitches: One of the best sites on the net that doesn’t get the props it should is Werner von Wallenrod’s site. It’s freaking genius as I’ve said before. This time the honorable Wallenrod drops a post on Lords Of The Underground. Well with your time.

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