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Review Sunday: When They Reminisce Waking Your Daughter Up and Jay Eff Kay

by Travis on September 23, 2007

Damn, me again? No shit, I’m about as sick of seeing me up on here as you guys probably are. Might be a day off or two upcoming this week. None the less, for some reason I know I was supposed to re-up some stuff for people, but my forgetful mind isn’t letting me remember all of them. So far I got Omniscience, Hydra Beats 11 & 14, and Scientifik - Most Blunted, written down as upload things. If I have said in the past couple weeks that I’d re-up something and haven’t yet, politely remind me and I’ll set a day aside (probably Wed.) and re-up things. So this is your chance, if you want something re-upped, tell me now.

Eric and I had a discussion about the new Special Teamz album, and as usual, we are going to force all of you to come along with us on our discussion. Eric was busy this week, so only one album got done this week. The second album Charon Don’s “Art Of Life” will be reviewed independently by myself later this week. Enjoy.

Special Teamz – Stereotypez (Duck Down)

Trav: Special Teamz “Stereotypez”, I have to admit, I’ve been anticipating this release since they announced it over a year ago.

Eric: Really? I never realized that Slaine was the same cat of “The White Man Is The Devil” fame. I passed that up a lot, thinkin’ he was on some “Necro type shit”. Dude’s kinda’ nice!

Trav: I didn’t either originally, he is also in that La Coca Nostra stuff coming out. Me, I was always kind of high on Jaysaun.

Eric: Yeah, Jaysaun is definitely nice…he was on Marco’s “Port Authority” right? Has he dropped a solo joint yet?

Trav: Yeah, he had a cut on Marco’s album. He hasn’t, but he has released a couple albums as the group “The Kreators“, a Boston group in the late 90′s and I think they dropped something last year as well. They are a pretty good group.

Eric: As big a legend as Edo is it seems as if he’s taking a backseat on “Stereotypez” to Slaine & Jaysaun

Trav: Do you mean in quality of lyrics or less mic time?

Eric: Both

Trav: I thought he was the same Edo, but I did find myself paying more attention to the other two MC’s.

Eric: Yeah, Slaine’s performance is gonna’ have me searchin’ for “White Man….” & “Citizen Caine”. Although, he spits some “vivid” shit. He makes Necro look like Nelly in terms of delivery, depth and presence.

Trav: He’s much better than Necro in my humble opinion, but I’ve never been much of a Necro fan. There is some good stuff on here and some not so good stuff.
Eric: Damn, I was hoping we’d disagree on this one but “some good stuff on here and some not so good stuff” are my sentiments exactly….

Trav: I do find myself liking it more as I listen to it. There is some good old traditional boom bap on here.

Eric: They kinda’ run the whole “stereotypez” theme into the ground after awhile though, huh? I’d have to disagree with the whole “whiteboyz got the littlest dicks” thing.

Trav: The track itself was cool, but that beat was garbage. Never been an Ill Bill fan either, who produced the track.

Eric: Yeah, it seems as if Ill Bill is about to have himself in a world of shit with the recent leak of his track titled “white Ni*ger”…not gonna’ make to many fans with that one.

Trav: I haven’t heard it. As far as that track goes, its kind of been done before, on Louis Logics album. What did you think of the Pete Rock track?

Eric: “Boston To Brooklyn” featured a decent lyrical performance by all the emcees featured, but P.R.’s production wasn’t anything that we hadn’t heard from him before. Sounds like a leftover from “Petestrumentals” to me

Trav: Fuck….kind of what I was thinking. I’m going to have start making shit up…haha. So who is this Young Cee who has the most production duties on this?

Eric: I don’t know, but I was hoping that you’d mention Xplicit’s production on the Devin featured “Long Time Comin’” and how dope is Jaysaun’s verse on that shit? That beat is bound to snap a few necks, I feel that it’s above and beyond any other cut on “Stereotypez”.

Trav: Really? Finally something we disagree on. Because there are sevral tracks I enjoy more than that one by a long ways. “Get Down”, “Three Kingz”, “Classical”, just to name a few.

Eric: You named 3 outta’ the first 5 cuts on the album as your faves…the last half of the album must’ve dragged out for you.

Trav: Yeah, some what. I l
iked some of it, but its got two of the tracks I can’t stand.

Eric: I’m anxious to hear what they are? Please don’t tell me that “Race Riot” is one of them!

Trav: “Story Of My Life” and “Gun In My Hand”. Nah, I like “Race Riot”

Eric: “Gun In My Hand” sounds way outta’ place on this shit, I was like “what in the hell is this shit?” Ill Bill shoulda’ kept this for “Black Metal” ( which I couldn’t even make it through). Holy Shit..”Story Of My Life” is not a good look for Slaine either is that Frankie J on the hook?

Trav: I don’t mind guitars and screaming (Ice T and PE and Anthrax were big on me), but that just didn’t sound good. Yes “Story of My Life” is bad. I always say I don’t mind an R&B chorus if its done right, and this is a perfect example of not being done right.

Eric: Jesus, Jake One is grindin’ out some HEAT!! “Fallen Angels” kinda’ has the whole “Rock Co Kane Flow” vibe….damn, I love the production on that shit, I could do without the hook….still, another strong cut on “Stereotypez”. Again, Jaysaun kills it on this one

Trav: Yeah, Jake One is steadily moving up my list of favorite producers. I’d love to hear a whole album done by him. Yeah, Jaysaun is ill as fuck on here….this track is just fuckin’ dope. I’m not big on the sung chorus though.

Eric: I didn’t he do some shit on 50′s “Curtis” as well. I think one of the tracks was with Mary J. and I know for sure that he did another beat on that shit. Next to “Still Kill” the best beats on 50′s shit.

Trav: Yeah, he did, not sure which track, I haven’t given the album that many listens. You have any different choices of bad songs?

Eric: Ahhh, fuck it….I like this album a helluva’ lot more than I dislike. Would have been a more complete album had they cut the tracklist down to say…..11-12 tracks. Primo’s beat on “Main Event” was nothing to write home about, but the emcees rarely come with some bullshit on “Stereotypez”. There’s a lot of different “looks” on this album which I prefer rather than an album that lacks a real identity or sounds too mapped out like “Dead Letter Perfect”.

Trav: The more I listen to this album, the more I like. It’s just HIP HOP, no garbage gimmicks, no garbage trends…just good old fashioned hip hop. I think this is going to really grow on me.

Yeah, I know what you’re saying. Just sitting here listening to it while we discuss it makes me want to sit down and listen to it while playin’ Madden….to bad “Dirty Acres” leaked!

Trav: I have a feeling that could be coming up soon on here…last thoughts?

Eric: I’d rank this one up there alongside “Dream Merchant II” both albums could have dropped some dead weight and the end result would have been even greater.

Trav: I agree, for the most part I really like it 7.5 out of 10

Eric: Yeah an 8 would be a little much, I’d buy “Stereotypez” on the strength of the lyrical performances by Edo, Slaine & Jaysaun. What was your absolute favorite cut on the album though?

Trav: I’m not sure I have one single favorite yet, a handful of them battling for that spot. At first it was “Get Down”, then Classical….the list goes on.

Eric: Good enough.

Trav: Buy the album.

Jay Eff Kay – America: Suicide Notes Vol. One

According to the legend, New York MC Jay Eff Kay left his job as a high powered lawyer for a career in the music biz. Now some might question the logic in that, but I have a feeling Jay Eff Kay would probably give a rats ass about what others thought. Straight off of the the “White Rapper Show”, Jay unleashes his album “America: Suicide Notes Vol. One” on to the masses.
It would be easy to after an initial listen to write this dude off as an Eminem duplicate who’s sole purpose to shock people and follow the blueprint of other outspoken MC’s. But Jay is much deeper than 90% of hip hop artists out there in this day in age.

He is definitely one of those MC’s that you really need to listen to his lyrics to get the entire jest of what he is all about. On the albums lead off track, “Welcome To America”, Jay drops sarcastic lyrics on the state of America. He mentions all the fucked up issues going on in the country, but still tells it like it is as the “greatest country on earth”:

we got crackwhores!
we got white poor, black poor!
the backdoor
is where we taking it in this Iraq war
the troops? pooped.
so are the reservervists
you’re nervous selective service’ll resurface
you don’t wanna get blown off this earth by insurgents!
40 million folks got no medical insurance
we got terrorists threats & credit card debt
from the cheap Chinese shit we get at target

but who cares? there ain’t no nation cooler than
this country fulla pimps
punks, and hooligans
tail gaits, jail bait, beer bongs, bl
ond who wear thongs
the home of Homer and the homer and daytona beach & freedoms
cheap guns free speech & threesomes
and barbecue; the chicks look like barbie do
but with da big plump bubblebutts
cuz round here all the oreos come doublestuffed

This land is your land is your land;
this land is my land
if you don’t like it, you can go the fuck to iran
now everybody give a shout
ladies whip your titties out
USA! it’s my home…

Much of the album is filled with the same biting jabs at some of the social ills concerning the country and are littered among lyrics of Ukranian strippers, skanks, and “packs of trannies”. In all actuality, Jay Eff Kay is quite deep when it comes to his lyrics. The second track “Want Sex & Violence (Suburbia It’s)” touches on something that has probably noted before a time or two, but Jay brings it with his own style that is both enlightening and humorous at the time same time. Jay exposes what goes on behind the doors of any bedroom community USA.

In your front yard, this retarded kid sniffs a jar he farted in. Grandpa’s getting hard again; you can see his pecker poking thru his cardigan! Just then daddy barges in, says mom fucked the garbageman, grabs some ammo off the mantle shoots her while she’s gardening!

Admittedly, this might not be for everyone (if you don’t have a sense of humor, don’t bother with this release), but it is something that has been lacking in hip hop lyrically. The venomous heat doesn’t stop at the suburbs, “Den Of Rats”, cracks on the rich, the powerful and both political parties, which quite honestly, is the truth. On “I’m All Over It”, probably my personal favorite from the album, comes at the state of rap. He comments on remembering the days when rap was dangerous, and you know what? He’s right, shit isn’t very “scary” any more. The music also fits the song particularly well on the cut with loud horns and menacing drums.

Jay’s strength lies in what he has to say. His lyrics and his views are what make the album. For this type of MC, you want to hear what is being said, so you don’t want beats to detract from what is being said, either in a good way or a bad way. The knock I have against “Suicide Notes”, is some of the beats are not up to the lyrical play, meaning, they could be better soundscapes to paint his lyrical pictures on. On the track “F*ck The World”, some scathing lyrics are muddied by a pretty bad synth beat. “Skankapotamus” fails on all fronts.

In all honesty, I wasn’t particularly feeling this album the first few listens. Its something you do need to sit down with and really “listen” to what is being said, only then can you appreciate what is being said. The album does have its faults and not everything Jay Eff Kay has to say is particularly funny or worth while of saying, but Jay comes from a different angle that is so much more than the initial Eminem comparison that many people are going to make when they first hear the album. Some better production and Jay could make some noise in the future. There is definitely a market for someone like Jay Eff Kay.

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