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"More Guilty Pleasures From The $1.99 Bin"

by Eric on September 26, 2007

Miilkbone-”Da Miilkrate” (CD Rip)

Hmmm….I could never quite figure out why a dude who went by the alias of “Milk Bone” would actually spell his moniker as “My Ilk Bone”…..whatever. Nevertheless, this 1995 release on Capital Records from what was then a true rarity in Hip Hop…..a talented white emcee (gasp!). As a somewhat unofficial member of the whole Naughty By Nature/Cruddy Click fam, Milkbone did little to stray away from the potent formula that allowed Naughty By Nature to captivate many a listener with their unforgettable anthems….on the flip side of the coin, that same lack of originallity was what also held the Rottin Razkals debut “Rottin’ Ta Da Core” from standing out amongt the HUGE releases during Hip Hop’s golden era. On the same token, I’d be lyin’ through my teeth if I told you that I didn’t enjoy “Da’ Miilkrate” at least somewhat. My introduction to this New Jersey native was via the opening single “Keep It Real” (damn, wasn’t that just the “phrase of the day” in 94′-95?), which not only featured the dopest production on the album but also doubled as the album’s higlight. Clocking in at nearly 18 tracks deep with only 3 skits, the album does tend to drag along at certain points. Again, “Da’ Miilkrate” would’ve been better served as a 11-13 track disc….damn, I wish I had a dollar for everytime I’ve wished that upon an album. Lyrically, Miilkbone would put 85% of today’s emcees’ headz to bed. Although, subject matter is somewhat limited to killin’ emcees and partyin’ on this album it’s still a fun listen even today. Shit, I had no reservation whatsoever proppin down $1.99 for “Da Miilkrate” which also featured decent production from Kay Gee of Naughty, Nick Wiz and a handful of “lesser-known” beatmakers. Thanks to Discogs, I’ve discovered that apparently Miilkbone release a single on Death Row’s compilation album poorly titled as “Chronic 2000″. Later, in 2001 Miilkbone also dropped his sophomore album “U Got Milk”..I’ve never heard this, if you have..hit a brotha’ up. Most interesting, via Discogs: Miilkbone is now a Steel worker, residing in Miami, Florida. He is married with 1 son and spends most of his time bodybuilding. Also, get a load of this shit: CLICK HERE..good to see, that cat’s still around and kickin’. Who knows maybe Miilk can link back up with Kay Gee for a few more bangers..lord knows Kay Gee can’t be too busy!…-Eric

PMD-Shade Business (CD Rip)

Let’s keep it real for a minute, before PMD’s first solo venture “Shade Business” was released in the winter of 1994 most of you (including myself)had already written this album off. We all hated to see one of the most legendary duo’s of all time call it quits and that bitterness was not only evident while listening to “Shade Business” but also while diving into Erick Sermon’s solo effort “No Pressure”. However, it’s not to say that either of the aforementioned discs were “unbearable” or even close to it for that matter, it’s just that….well, we missed the chemistry and originality of one of the most prolific duos in Hip Hop. You can almost feel the same emotions that you felt the first time you heard the E without the P today when you listen to a Guru solo album without the backing of Primo’s production. It just feels kinda’ weird, like some unmistakable key ingredient is missing. Also, the fact that “Shade Business” was released during one of the most important years in Hip Hop (1994) didn’t help matters either as “Shade Business” went largely unnoticed and more or less “fell through the cracks”. So why would I call this album a “guilty pleasure”? It’s not as if listening to anything from Erick or Parish would be remotely embarrassing. Let me take that back, E Double’s last few solo joints had pushed the envelope quite a bit I must say and do tip toe around the word “embarrassing”. Nevertheless, over the last few years for some odd reason I’ve come to find “Shade Business” to be quite enjoyable and every month or so I pop it in the dash and give it a listen front to back. You can imagine the joy that I felt when I found this one in the $1.99 bin after fingering through all the Color Me Badd’s (don’t even front, you know “I Wanna’ Sex You Up” was killin’ shit when it dropped!) and Snap’s (damn, they fuc#ked over Chill Rob G big time!) of the world. I’ve always felt that the production on the first few Erick & Parish solo joints weren’t that big of a step down from the quality we became accustomed to hearing on EPMD’s earlier albums, but each of the emcees lyrical deficiencies became more apparent when the other wasn’t’ there to pass the baton to. Straight up, there’s not one sub par beat on “Shade Business” or one track that makes you wanna’ reach for the fastforward button and that’s a testament to Parrish’s production on the album. Although Jesse West, DJ Scratch & 45 King all lent a helping hand on “Shade..” about 85% of the beats on the album were handled strictly by P himself. The beats are full of enough funk to give you a mush face all the while packed with enough bottom to blow a few speakers. “Swing Your Own Thing” which literally “jacks” “Roll, Skate, Bounce” has always been my favorite track on P’s solo debut, even though the sample is borderline “overused” the track always seems to force me to nod my head uncontrollaby while lipping the all too familiar chorus. The lead single “I Saw It Cummin’” (get your mind outta’ the gutter fools!) also borrowed the heavily sampled “Funky Worm” as it’s overlay to an amp-frying bassline that remains at a constant throughout the link of the track. Maybe a coincidence, I’ve passed over Parrish understudy Top Quality’s (who drops in for a few guest spots on the album) numerous instances while conducting my used cd shopping binges over the last few weeks….I’ve just never really cared for dude’s “hyperactive” flow that was all to common with that of fellow Hit Squad croonies Das Efx. Like I said before PMD’s not gonna’ win anyone over lyrically with his solo performances, but this is the same cat who coined phases such as “Swayze”, “Bozack”, “Audi” and so forth….but, the beats on the album are PURE FUNK….stanky, nasty Funk!! Fuck Evidence (dope album this year by the way) PMD is the only “Mr. Slow Flow”!!…-Eric

Shaquille O’Neal-You Can’t Stop The Reign (CD Rip)

Bring on the backlash!! (you know who you are “disappointed fan”!) Far from the usual classic albums that are posted here at W.T.R., in 1996 NBA superstar Shaquille O’neal dropped what I considered to be his best album. Although, the majority of Shaq’s releases were never to be taken quite seriously “You Can’t Stop The Reign” features a few cuts that were poppin’ up on mixtapes all up and down the East Coast around the time this disc hit the streets. Featuring an impressive lineup of East Coast heavyweights to include the Notorious B.I.G., Mobb Deep, Fat Joe & Jay-Z the album is definitely not lacking in “star power”. “Still Can

‘t Stop The Reign” which features the aforementioned Notorious B.I.G. is worth the $1.99 I shelled out for this “bargain bin goodie” and then some. With it’s breezy production, subtle keys and echoed horn riff “Still Can’t Stop The Reign” features a decent performance from Shaq Daddy and a show stealing 16 bars from the late, great Frank White. I can also remember the Trackmasterz produced “No Love Lost” on a DJ S & S mixtape I had, the track also featured Lord Tariq (of the “Deja Vu” fame…Uptown Baby, We Gets Down Baby!) and a pre-”In My Lifetime Vol.I” flop Jay-Z. Even though I could never dig his voice, the other half of the “Deja Vu” fame Peter Gunz manages to hold his own over a crazy dope Domingo instrumental on “Best To Worst” (I’m excluding Shaq’s lyrical performances here for a reason!). Remember that shit that Smilez & SouthStar dropped that was killin’ the radio a few years back titled “Tell Me”? Well, the Mobb Deep featured and produced “Legal Money” (which I bumped to death when it leaked on the mixtapes) shares the same sample that made “Tell Me” so irresistible (don’t front). I’m not gonna’ front either, “Let’s Wait A While” had me open with it’ s “Impeach The President” loop courtesy of the Trackmasterz once again. The syrupy Janet Jackson “interpolation” still gets my head noddin’ even today, as corny as it may be. Rounding out the album’s highlights are “Game Of Death” which features an always consistent Easy Mo Bee doing what he does best on the boards while the legendary Rakim Allah provides the hook and a verse that is what we’re accustomed to hearing from one of the greatest emcee’s of our era. In the long run, “Can’t Stop The Reign” will be good for a listen or two once in a while, but about half the album is difficult on the ears. Nevertheless, probably the best rapper/actor/ballplayer on the mic…..I guess it pays to have friends in high places, or better yet have established rappers at your door waiting to spit a hot 16 on your shit just got you got a few rings…-Eric

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Tim September 26, 2007 at 12:25 pm

Good to have you back Eric, lol.

Funny, I was listening to that Miilkbone album just the other day. I remember hearing ‘Keep It Real’ on the radio in 1995 and hitting play and record on my tape deck two lines into the first verse ’cause the guy was just tearing the track up. The combination of that piano loop and AZ sample is just awesome, and Miilkbone’s performance is first class. I think the rest of the album is really impressive, all things considered. You can tell the guy came up under Treach in terms of rhyming style.

As for Shaq, well, I’m keen to download this as it’s one of those albums I used to have on cassette that I’ll never get around to ripping into mp3s. My personal favourite is the DJ Quik production on ‘Straight Playin’, especially with the vocoder on the hook – no one sings that shit like Quik. And I feel you on the janet Jackson sample – no matter if you know it’s soft, that melody draws you in!

Thanks for the rips.

Dart Adams September 26, 2007 at 2:59 pm

I love how Suge Knight “persuaded” him to sign with Death Row and diss Eminem. Poor Millkbone. One.

elgringocolombiano September 27, 2007 at 5:18 am

Eric “found this one in the $1.99 bin after fingering through all the Color Me Badd”

[||] aka pause aka no homo just in case!

Eric, good to see you back at it. Do what you can. Even 1/post a month is better than shutting it down, nahmean?

I found most blogs, such as, live to shit on everything. I can really appreciate blogs like yours & Poisonous Paragraphs that are discovering & proppin’ up good new isht & slept-on classic oldies.

Commish CH September 27, 2007 at 4:16 pm

any wonder when Shaq stopped rapping and making horrible movies, he got himself four rings. Oh yeah, some guys named Kobe and DWade helped too.

Owen Prior September 27, 2007 at 9:48 pm

Yo what’s up? On the megauploads pages it says:
“The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable.”

jrrider September 30, 2007 at 9:58 pm

I awlays liked that Milkbone tape back in the day. Mostly for the Jeep beats

Shaq’s best song is No Hook w/ RZA and Meth. I used to love watching that video on Rap city.

Anonymous October 4, 2007 at 5:03 pm

Eric’s a fucking pussy ass motherfucker. Such a dickless basatrd

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