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Most Played For The Week

by Eric on September 27, 2007

1. “Let’s Get Higher”-Stat Quo

When I first heard this on Shade 45 last Wednesday while driving to an appointment, I damn near swerved off the road. “Stat Quo?” I said to myself while making a funk face that would make even Craig Mack envious. I don’t know who produced this banger, but Stat does give a shout to a cat named “Diverse” so I’m assuming that’s who crafted this masterpiece. I know that I tend to coin alot of beats as “soulful” but it is what it is and that happens to the type of shit that me…approaching the ripe, old age of 32 loves nowadays (see Ill Poetic, Cunnin, Blue Scholars, Blu & Exile, Panacea, etc.) Uhhh, question….what in the hell is Shady/Aftermath doinya’ll!!?? Hurry up with “Statlanta” already! Even though I’ve never quite caught on to the whole “Down South movement”ere’s there is no denyin‘…Stat’s a beast on the mic! YEAH! The chorus is just too damn catchy….”I heard heard Lindsay Lohan just left rehab and Amy Whinehouse won’t go…I heard Bobby Brown can’t put the pipe down and Anna Nicole OD’d on blow”….Now turn your radios u..u..u..u…up, let’s get higher”. Damn, this is some catchy ass iddish!! Be sure to watch the video for “Let’s Get Higher” below!

2. “Tears Dry On Their Own”-Amy Winehouse

WTF!?”..Yeah, I know right….Amy Winehouse! While doin‘ some CD shopping on my lunch break this past week (picked up Panacea “The Scenic Route” & Mr. J “Of Gods & Girls”) I hear “Tears…” blaring over the store’s sound system. At first I thought it may have been the chick that sung the hook on Nas‘ “Can’t Forget About You” Chrisette Michelle, but much to my surprise at the song’s finish I hear “That was “Tears Dry On Their Own” from Amy Winehouse’s new album “Back To Black”. “Shit”, I said to myself…I think that I bashed this chick in a “THOUGHTS” post earlier in the year….now I’m gonna’ have to by the album. “Tears…” gets a ghetto pass simply based on the fact that it’s (along with a few other tracks on the album) produced by Salaam Remi, who’s also crafted a few classics for the likes of Nas (in particular “Made You Look”), The Fugees & Zhigge to name a few. After listening to the album I’ve come to see just what “all the fuss is about” and the Mark Ronson & Remi productions provide the perfect backdrop for Miss Winehouse. Better late then never, I guess.

3. “Wonderful”-Cunninlynguists f. Devin The Dude

Not much else I can say about this track that I didn’t already say last week. On a trip to Missouri this past weekend I must’ve let this track play for two hours straight. Everytime the “ohh yeahhh” sped up sample hits during the break I get goosebumps. Kno truly did his thing production-wise on “Dirty Acres” and Deacon & Devin’s lyrical performance on “Wonderful” is nothing less than captivating….”to hug you from the back I need to ex-tera hands” and “girl I don’t wanna’ offend ya’ but I sure wanna’ put my thing in ya”… of those tracks that I don’t ever see myself getting tired of.

4. “Sum Of Me”-The Away Team (Sean Boog & Khrysis) f. Evidence of Dilated Peoples

My dude Matt from Movement Marketing sent out a streaming link for the promo of Away Team’s forthcoming LP “Training Day”, I finally got around to listening to it this week after passing it over a few times on my Ipod. The jury is still out on “Training Day”, I honestly need to give it a few more listens before I state the facts. Upon a few listens in full I’m definitely lovinKhrysis‘ production, but what else is new? “Sum Of Me” is the first track that really grabbed me as the soulful, bass heavy track is evidence (pun intended) that once again the NC to CA connection works wonders (as also
witnessed on the appropriately titled “NC To CA” from Ev’s superb “The Weatherman”). Along with a beautifully sung hook by the reigning crooner of the Justus League (sorry Percy Miracles)Darien Brockington this track just has a nice, laidback feel to it that’ll have your head bobbin’ for days.

5. “Change”-Mr J. Medeiros f. Strange Fruit Project & Rez of The Procussions)

I finally picked up Mr. J’s impressive solo debut “Of Gods & Girls” at Best Buy this week. I was extremely surprised with this album when it first leaked around mid-June, but for reasons unknown I really haven’t listened to it all that much over the last few months….this week that all changed! “Change” may not be my favorite track from “Of Gods & Girls” (it’s extremely hard to compete against the vivid imagery of “Constance”) but it’s more or less my “flavor of the week” from the album. I’ve always liked Strange Fruit Project and Mr. J’s lyrics are well thought out and delivered with confidence and clarity, what’s most impressive is that Mr. J handled the bulk of the production duties on this Rawkus release himself. If you’ve been sleepin‘ on “Of Gods & Girls” be sure to check Mr. J out, a very dope album that’s pretty clean cut yet soulful enough to keep you noddin‘ away.

6. “Sweetest Language”-9th Wonder Presents The A.L.L.I.E.S.

Props to HipHopBootleggers for re-upping this EP a week or so back. After hearing the A.L.L.I.E.S. rip “Reminisce” from 9th Wonder’s “The Dream Merchant Vol.II” I had to pop “Sweetest Language” in the deck this week and give it a few spins. I love this song now, but when this first leaked back in the winter of 04′….oh man!!, I just couldn’t get enough of this shit. “Sweetest Language” still goes down as one of my favorite 9th beats ever and Big Remo and Novej sound soo fresh over this “neck snapper”…even though it utilizes “that same ol‘ snare”. Peep the EP HERE(props Krook!!)

7. “Clap Yo’ Hands”-Naughty By Nature (click to download)

Taken from Naughty’s best album to date “Poverty’s Paradise”, which you’ll soon see this week on “Top 100 Tuesdays”. “Poverty’s Paradise” was yet another “bargain bin goodie” that I just couldn’t pass up. Listening to this album in full over the last few weeks has really made me appreciate Kay Gee’s production. “Clap Yo’ Hands” is in my opinion one of Kay’s finest beats ever. Treach delivers his usual rapidfire lyrics and VinRoc serves as the perfect “wingman“. Remember Treach giving props to Puba on Naughty’s self titled debut? Treach stated at the time that Puba “was one of the fiercest emcees”…don’t sleep, Treach could’ve saved those same words for himself back in his heyday.

8. “All Of Me”-50 Cent f. Mary J. Blige

Let’s get a thing or two clear here….yes, I’m aware of all the backlash that 50′s “Curtis” is receiving and his so-called lyrical deficiencies. No, the album’s not as nice as “Get Rich…” or “The Massacre”, but there’s no denyin‘ that dude knows how to churn out a hit or two. Just cause’ I dig a few tracks on 50′s new shit, does that make me any less Hip Hop? I don’t think so. Now, let’s state the most evident…..Jake One is not fu*in’ around! I could honestly give two shits about what 50 is spittin‘ on “All Of Me”, Jake’s beat is freakin‘ BANANAS. So, you can’t vibe to this shit just cause’ it’s 50? Damn son, take the Jansport off your back and kick the Dunks off your feet and at the very least appreciate Jake One’s production on this joint. Damn, those horn stabs are serious! I’d put this track (the beat) up against anything on Kanye’s “Graduation”.

9. “Runnin“-Piakhan

Don’t thank me for this one folks, Ill Po’ sent me a downloadable link to share with ya’ll for Piakhan’s debut “Khankrete” this past week….dude is

no joke! For fans of Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek’s “Reflection Eternal” some of you may recall the Stat Quo like vocals of Piakhan on “Touch You”. Although I’m still not sold on “Khankrete” just yet, the Ill Poetic production “Runnin” (I’m tellin’ you, dude is the white Just Blaze) has been in the headphones for the majority of the day. Piakhan has what many emcees are lacking in Hip Hop today….a presence! Piakhan sounds more like a “seasoned vet” rather than another new jack hailing from Cincy. So you be the judge, here’s the LINK along with a brief press release compliments of Ill Poetic:

“If any of you are familiar with Piakhan, then ENJOY!!!If not, you might remember Khan’ from “Touch You” on Reflection Eternal, his “Wide Open” 12″ from late 90s/early 2000′s, his joint on the “Brown Sugar” soundtrack, etc. Don’t sleep on dude…he has one of the sickest flows I’ve ever heard in my life. I never get tired of it.This is an LP that was released primarily in Cinci’, but i’m trying to help spread the word far as i can…feel free to do the same…take this link wherever you want…it’s good for a week! HaHa!.The LP features Bootsy Collins, Maker (Glue), Animal Crackers, myself, and much,much,much more…Once again, enjoy..
Piakhan’s MySpace

10. “Ressurect”-Akir (click to download)

Taken from Akir’s “Legacy” that was released sometime last year. Damn, I’ve been sleepin’ on this album big time! You can’t tell me dude doesn’t sound JUST like AZ! I don’t know much about Akir other than that’s he’s down with Immortal Technique and was on that Terror Firma release a year or two ago, but I’m most definitely lovin’ this track and “Legacy” is really growin’ on me as well. Akir is a talented dude lyrically and the album sounds pretty solid, I just may have to buy this shit!

One final thought…damn, it feels good to be back doin’ this (even though I hardly ever left). The comments and e-mails were greatly appreciated and very overwhelming. I never thought that my “two-cents” and this site meant soo much to soo many people, it’s a good feeling and very satisfying to know that for just a few minutes in a day’s time you can sit down and enjoy a blurb or two and…well, reminisce. My wife hit the nail on the head in her post, it’s funny cause’ the few days that I told myself “I’m Done” the John Legend riff from an old Kanye joint kept playing over and over in my head..”I can’t see myself, gettin’ out the game”………..

Stat Quo-”Let’s Get Higher”

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ThaDeacon September 28, 2007 at 4:52 am

Good look on We Get Higher!!! I was playin instrumentals in class the other day (I teach hs) and I put that on the playlist from the latest j-armz… I played it all day. I’ve heard the song before, but never had it to bang the f– out of it. Super good look and you gotta rider for a wife ma dude ta put up wit your music obsession. My wife is in the same spot ma dude lol…

Tim September 28, 2007 at 6:42 am

Wow… I’ve heard pretty much none of these. Looking forward to listening and downloading that Piakhan when I get in from the office. Thanks Eric (and Ill Poetic!).

almightykd September 28, 2007 at 2:57 pm

“Let’s get higher” is a nice track. But I still have no expectations for Statlanta. It will probably be littered with Eminem production and I can’t look forward to that.

adrm September 28, 2007 at 3:35 pm

lovin the stat quo song, not the sort of beat you expect on a shady records release. devin the dude is a guest on statlanta as is scarface but as almightykd says i just hope it’s not spoilt by em wack production.
also thanks for the piakhan link, i’ll be checkin that out fo shizzle. gd to have you back eric, now we know who wears the pants in your house!!

AaronM September 28, 2007 at 8:00 pm

I missed these posts. Dope stuff, especially “Let’s Get Higher”.
I going to need to watch for this cat Diverse.

Anonymous October 2, 2007 at 12:09 am

damn, E…I mentioned this before but you’re like my brutha from anutha mutha…that ALLIES track is on repeat constantly for me…I like those types of beats for some reason…

Anonymous October 5, 2007 at 5:46 am

that is soooooooo. funny!

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