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Trav's Favorite Producers, Part Four: Sir Jinx

by Travis on September 28, 2007

Sir Jinx is a left coast legend who doesn’t nearly get the credit or recognition that he deserves as a producer. His influence in the west coast history is also greatly overlooked. Jinx has been down with the game since Ice Cube, Kid Dee aka K Dee, and Jinx jointed together to form the group C.I.A. (aka Crew In Action, aka Criminals In Action), which was an early west coast group that was in exsistence before the conception of N.W.A. The group started off by doing a parody of “La-Di-Da-Di”, changing the words around to fit their surroundings. This would attract the attention of Lorenzo from the World Class Wreckin’ Cru, signing the group to release a single that contained the tracks “My Posse”, “Illegal” among other cuts. After doing a few shows and getting a little rep from LA to as far north as Seattle, Ice Cube would leave the group to join N.W.A. after penning Eazy-E’s “Boyz-N-The Hood”. There would be no hard feelings between the members and Jinx and K-Dee even are shown on the N.W.A.’s album cover “NWA & The Posse”.

It was during this time that Dr. Dre, who happened to be Jinx’s cousin would come live at his crib. Jinx would see the artists such as DOC, Above The Law, and Yomo & Maulkie start off under Dre’s tutelage. During the tours N.W.A. started doing, Jinx would go out on the road with the crew where Eazy would pay him $150 a date. Crediting that experience for “learning the ropes” of being a DJ, Jinx would start doing some work on the side with Coolio in the early 90′s.

When Cube jumped ship, he would take Jinx with him to New York and meet up with “The Bomb Squad”, although both Cube and Jinx claimed that he had a lot to do with the creation of “Amerikkka’s Most Wanted”. It was during this time that Eric “Vietnam” Sadler of the Bomb Squad took Jinx aside and gave him the confidence to be the best producer he could be. A lot of stuff from Jinx in the pre “G-Funk” era sounds strongly influenced by the Bomb Squad material. “Death Certificate” and “Ain’t A Damn Thing Changed” have that flavor to them. “Death Certificate” had DJ Pooh as well, another producer which Jinx claimed to learn much from.

It would be those albums plus his work on the WC joint that gave Jinx a name in the business. In ’92, Kool G Rap would come out west for his third album and get Sir Jinx to produce all but three tracks on “Live & Let Die”, giving it an almost theatrical feel to the album with a heavy west coast influence. In 1995, Jinx would release his little known solo album with guests (a producer album before they became popular) on Jinx beats. It’s probably not as good as it could have been with a heavy G-Funk influence, but still worthy enough for the Jinx and west coast fans out there. He has worked with everyone from Yo-Yo, Too Short, Tone Loc and had a large part in Xzibit’s second album “40 Dayz & 40 Nights”.

Kool G Rap & DJ Polo – Live & Let Die (Cold Chillin’, 1992) (Albumbase link, but will rip my personal CD on Monday)

1 Intro
2 On The Run
3 Live And Let Die
4 Crime Pays
5 Home Sweet Home
6 Train Robbery
7 #1 With A Bullet
Rap [Featuring] – Big Daddy Kane
8 Operation CB
9 Straight Jacket
10 Ill Street Blues
11 Go For Your Guns
12 Letters
13 Nuff Said
14 Edge Of Sanity
15 Fuck U Man
16 Still Wanted Dead Or Alive
17 Two To The Head

Sir Jinx – Chastisment (Deez Days) (Raging Bull Music, 1995) **albumbase linke, which I’m sure is from Bust the Facts, will also be switched out Monday**

01 – intro
02 – all about money
03 – i putz it down
04 – city never sleepz
05 – no love
06 – ain’t givin’ up no love
07 – right here
08 – pic-a-nic
09 – rally park
10 – skit
11 – who’z the man
12 – life styles
13 – sho-nuff
14 – come blaze wit me
15 – skit
16 – don’t get it twisted
17 – insert
18 – beaz & nigz
19 – whoz watching who
20 – free your mind
21 – the mindstate
22 – insert
23 – power to the people

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