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Linkety Laink 9/28/07

by Travis on September 29, 2007

Traversing across the great big wide world of blogs this week, we find the best of the best, or at least the stuff that interested me and hopefully it will interest you, the reader. Some might be old news, some might be something that you overlooked. I hope there is something new out there for those blog traveling caravans.

Dread at Bust the Facts never fails to amaze what he pulls out of his crates. This week he posted up a Gregory D & DJ Mannie Fresh (yes, that Mannie Fresh). The 1987 LP “Throwdown” makes an appearance, surprising even me. All old school crate diggers should pick this album up.

Souled On keeps it hot and poppin’ with part XIII of the Souled On Samples series, which is a personal favorite of mine anyway. Scholar just keeps droppin’ it like its hot. Amazing. Also check out a nice little mix by the guest blogger of the week, Larry from the Funky 16 Corners blog. Good stuff.

Eric had a wild week over at When They Reminisce in a 36 hour period, he cashed in his chips and announced the sites closure, joined WYDU, had wifey tell him that he was crazy then re-opened up shop. I’m glad he did, he keeps me on my toes.

Dan Love does a great beat deconstruction of Pete Rock and CL Smooth’s “Lots of Lovin’”. Its what Dan is known for by now.

The boys at have came up with an interesting little competition. A battle royale of sorts, having sixteen combatants submit 25-30 minute mixes and compete against each. Dorkiness is all its internet glory. Yes, I’ll probably submit something myself. Click the link for emails and essential details.

Slurg at “Press Rewind If I Haven’t Blown Your Mind” drops an excellent article from Rap Pages from CL Smooth and Pete Rock from 1994. I love old magazine articles and this site is the best for them.

I know all of you drink 50′s vitamin water, so you’ll be happy to know that now there is a healthy breakfast cereal to go along with your Formula 50, “Empower!” Seriously, just check it out.

Jaz drops some things on his mind along with pointing out all the dope reissues this year that have dropped on the scene. Since I haven’t bought as many of them as I’d like, anyone looking for Christmas present ideas for me, just take a look at the list.

My boys from Streets On Beats drops a nice little write up of the Boo-Yaa Tribe. If those dudes don’t scare the crap out of you, then your obviously not to bright

Werner Von Wellenrod dropped some dope shit this past week, giving up some rare Percee P shit, then doing a two part interview with former Cold Chillin’ artist, Grand Daddy IU.

Good to see Tommy B back and posting once again at Miscreant Produtctions. He has some sex tapes, movies and all sorts of shit going on this week.

A great Kurious Jorge interview with the best interviewer in the blog game, at

Some great Paul Nice mixes at Mass Corp, good stuff, check it out for all those mixheads. (couldn’t get the single link to work, but its from 9-25)

Dart Adams has been a mad man this week, covering, well just about everything. Movies, his beloved Red Sox, Jena 6 and more.

A couple True Mathematics singles can be found on To The Break Of Dawn, you know I had to point that out after the Bomb Squad praising I did last week.

Dirty Waters has some nice 12 inch remixes of Distortion of Static from the Roots, Get Funky from the Beatnuts and Crossover (Trunk of Funk) remix from EPMD.

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