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Weekend Lite: The Week That Was……

by Travis on September 29, 2007

Another week in the “As The World Turns” world of hip-hop. Things were kind of quiet on the home front this week. Top news was LL Cool J and Jay-Z flipping shit in each others direction.

There was this myspace thing from LL.

My first reaction to this is: “Does it really fucking matter?” I was a huge Cool J fan in my younger years. He was probably my favorite MC up until Redman came out. I also love hip hop beef that stays on wax, which most of LL’s do (although there are rumors of Moe Dee and LL going on it fisticuff stylee ). Its part of the male macho braggadocio style that encompasses hip hop. That being said, I haven’t bought a Cool J album since “Mr. Smith” which I grimaced when I heard “Hey Luv” (ask my boy Dino). I like Jay too, I know its not the “cool” thing to do, but fuck, I don’t care. Jay is nice and has been since day one. To me, LL hasn’t be relavent for a long time, although he still puts on a dope live show. Does it matter if LL comes at Jay-Z? I mean I still support the “old school” (I guess Cool J is these days) but LL arguably beat Canibus. I would even accept that when it came down to song against song that ‘Bis won, but LL still took him out, because dude never had a career. Whether thats from Bis lack of making a decent solo album or not, is debatable, but Bis had “2nd Round Knockout” and that alone was pretty strong. Speaking of LL and Bis, E at WTR sung this way, a phone convo between Canibus and LL…its more than real, you can hear the call waiting going on…….First time I’ve heard that convo. Bis comes out like a little bitch on that parlay, and yes, he reads the internet.

Jay Z responded with this non conformable quote:

I’ll be honest if I wanted to go there, I just really go all the way out there. But I got respect [LL Cool J] did a lot of things. I don’t like the way he’s carrying it cause we coulda definitely talked about this. Or he coulda gave me a phone call… but I respect him as a legend in the game and he’s gonna get a couple passes because of that.”

Well Cool J has started taking shots at Def Jam boss, Jay Z. Hopefully if they start throwing disses at each other, its over actual tracks and not some bullshit spit song over some existing beat already. It could be could if they actually put effort in it and it would be good for hip hop and New York hip hop altogether. Somehow though, I’m not going to hold my breath on this. It’ll probably be some overblown hype that I could care less about, which is sad coming from two strong New York MC’s.

Hip Hop being examined in Congress (Philaflava jack)

Congress examines hip-hop language
By Jim Abrams, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON — Lawmakers, music industry executives and rappers disagreed Tuesday over who was to blame for sexist and degrading language in hip-hop music but united in opposing government censorship as a solution.

“If by some stroke of the pen hip-hop was silenced, the issues would still be present in our communities,” rapper and record producer David Banner, whose real name is Levell Crump, said in prepared statements to a House Energy and Commerce subcommittee hearing. “Drugs, violence and the criminal element were around long before hip-hop existed.”

At the hearing, music videos showing scantily clad women were played; music executives in dark suits testified on the uses of the “B,” H” and “N” words, and black civil rights leaders talked of corporate exploitation.

“We have allowed greedy corporate executives — especially those in the entertainment industry — to lead many of our young people to believe that it is OK to entertain themselves by destroying the culture of our people,” E. Faye Williams, chair of the National Congress of Black Women, said in prepared remarks.

“From Imus to Industry: The business of stereotypes and degrading images” was the title of the hearing, referring to former radio host Don Imus, who lost his job after making derogatory comments about the Rutgers women’s basketball team. The Imus incident has sparked debate within the music industry about black artists using offensive, misogynist and violent language.


Former gangsta rapper Master P, whose real name is Percy Miller,
told the panel he is now committed to producing clean lyrics. In the past, seeing his relatives and friends shot and killed, “I just made the music that I feel, not realizing I’m affecting kids for tomorrow.” But he said he found he didn’t want his own children to listen to his music. “So if I can do anything today to change this, I’m going to take a stand and do that.”

“This hearing is not anti-hip-hop. I am a fan of hip-hop,” said subcommittee chairman Bobby Rush, D-Ill., who gained national prominence in the 1960s as the founder of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panthers. But he said there was a need “to address the issue of violence, hate and degradation that has reduced too many of our youngsters to automatons.”

Record company executives defended the parental guidance labels and edited versions they said keep the more controversial material away from children and stressed that uniform standards or censorship won’t work.

In the ’50s people were deeply offended by Elvis Presley, and a decade later many were scandalized by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, said Edgar Bronfman Jr., chairman and CEO of Warner Music Group.

“We have a responsibility to speak authentically to our viewers,” said Philippe Dauman, president & CEO of Viacom Inc., which owns such cable networks as MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and BET.

He said his company takes an active role in editing obscenities out of music videos and excising gang symbols or portrayals of violence, but “we also believe that it is not our role to censor the creative expression of artists.”

Alfred Liggins III, chief executive officer of Radio One, Inc., one of the largest media companies that primarily serves African-Americans, said the company reviews the contents of songs before broadcasting them and takes care to comply with Federal Communications Commission guidelines. But “Radio One is also not in charge of creating content, or in the business of censorship or determining what is in good or bad taste.”

The hearing was reminiscent of, although tamer than, a similar event in 1985. At the earlier hearing, lawmakers where exposed to Van Halen’s Hot for Teacher and Twisted Sister’s We’re Not Going to Take It, and the late rocker Frank Zappa hurled insults at Tipper Gore, wife of then-Sen. Al Gore, and Susan Baker, wife of then Treasury Secretary James Baker, who were urging the recording industry to voluntarily police itself on song lyrics.

Again, I’m not much one to speak on politics unless I find it to be utter bullshit and well….guess what, I find this utter bullshit. No one said shit until it started affecting white folk (remember, I am “white folk”). Give me a fucking break. Secondly, its the white owned labels thats promoting this bullshit. I still think the any white person can never venture in the use of “n—-r” or the same shit that Imus said, that should be a given, people that say that its okay because black people say it are just kidding themselves. Give me a break.

Dope Hip Hop Tee’s

It’s hard these days finding some dope throwback hip hop tee’s, well thankfully Jason Gloss at Philaflava pointed me in the right direction for some dope shirts with TONS of designs. They are out of Canada and according to their ebay store, they’ve been in Toronto for 22 years. They seem reasonable as far as prices go and I haven’t heard of one bad report as far as quality and delivery time. Check them out and say that you saw it on WYDU, maybe I can get a free shirt out of the whole ordeal…haha

Free Stuff
Dope Oddisse mixtape on his blog called “Oddisee 101 Mixtape”. The mixtape can be found on Oddisse’s blog.

1. Intro (rhymes: Oddisee/ Beat: Tone Mason)
2. Once Upon A Mic (Rhymes: J-live/ Beat: Oddisee)
3. A Song For That (Rhymes: Oddisee/ Beat: M-Phazes)
4. Can I Catch A Break (Rhymes: 1st vrs- Oddisee, 2nd vrs Unknown/ Beat: Mudd)
5. iHate rap (Rhymes: YU/ Beat: Oddisee)
6. Delusional (Rhymes: 1st vrs Phonte, 2nd vrs Big Pooh, 3rd vrs Oddisee/ Beat: Oddisee)
7. Lost Without You Oddisee remix (Beat: oddisee)
8. Do Our Thing (Rhymes: 1st vrs Substantial, 2nd vrs Iomos Marad, 3rd Oddisee/ Beat: Oddisee)
9. Money On The Clock (Rhymes: Oddisee/ Beat: Roddy Rod)
10. Ride’n (Rhymes: XO/ Beat: Oddisee)
11. All Because She’s Gone (Vocals: Phonte/ Rhymes: 1st vrs oddisee, 2nd vrs Phonte/ Beat: Oddisee)
12. 95 North (Rhymes: 1st vrs Lo-G, 2nd Akir, 3rd Enigma, Chorus: Oddisee/ Beat: Oddisee)
13. Soul Clap Remix (Rhymes 1st vrs Aziz, 2nd Jean Grae, 3rd Phonte/ Vocals: Josh Collins/ Beat: Oddisee)
14. Sand To The Beach (Beat: “” group that consist of Oddisee, Unknown & Kolai)
15. The Beginning (Rhymes: Hezekiah/ Vocals: Muhsinah/ Beat: Oddisee)
16. Random Verse (Rhymes: Oddisee/ Beat: Kev Brown)
17. Book Of Days (Rhymes: Soulstice/ Beat: Oddisee)
18. The Perch (Rhymes: 1st vrs Oddisee, 2nd vrs Phonte, 3rd Tor/ Beat: Flying Lotus)
19. Chain Letter (Rhymes: 1st vrs Kay, 2nd Zoin I, 3rd Brew, 4th Oddisee /Beat: The Are)
20. Chocolate City Dreaming (Beat: Oddisee)
21. Life’s Pie (Rhymes: 1st vrs Don Will, 2nd vrs Fresh daily, 3rd vrs Finale/ Beat: Oddisee)
22. Represent (Rhymes: 1st vrs Kenn Starr, 2nd vrs Akir, 3rd vrs Oddisee/ Beat: Oddisee)
23. Camera (Rhymes: Oddisee/ Beat: Oddisee)

From The Inbox of a Blogger

Straight out of my inbox, stuff that has been shared with me by those that….well, what it to be shared. If you have any tracks that I think I should post up on the weekly “Lite” post, then please feel free to email me at my contact email next to my name under “contacts”.

A few more Wu-Tang Killa Beez links, the understudies are starting to make noise as well with pending release of Wu’s “8 Diagram” LP that hopefully is dropping in November. Be on the look out for (fingers crossed) interviews with some Clan members in the near future….

Fes Taylor and Mr. Prezident – Staten Island
(Heart Foundation) – Staten Island (This is a NEW single off their NEW album, King of Heartz, In-Stores October 7th)

Solomon Childs – Women Of Tomorrow
(This is a NEW buzz single and it’s good to hear a track with a positive message. It will appear on the NEW album My Motion Picture, courtesy of Wu Music Group)

Willie The Kid – Ch Ching
Produced by Don Cannon (This is a NEW buzz single as well, and according to Willie, it will be on the his NEW album coming soon, courtesy of Aphilliates Entertainment)

Then we have some new stuff coming from the likes of Smif N Wesson, The Away Team and Special Teamz…..

The Away Team f/ Sean Price – Pyscho Ward
Psycho Ward,” from the Away Team’s sophomore effort, Training Day, which will be released on 10-30-07 on Hall Of Justus Records. “Psycho Ward” features a guest spot from your favorite rappers favorite rapper–Sean Price!

Specialteamz f/ Ill Bill – Dirty Money
“Dirty Money”, from Special Teamz debut, Stereotypez, which is now in stores today via Duck Down Records. “Dirty Money” features a guest appearance from Ill Bill!

Smif N Wesson – Gotta Say It
“Gotta Say It,” from Smif N Wessun f/Chuckii Starr, taken from taken from their forthcoming 4th LP, The Album, which will be released on 10-23-07 by Duck Down Records. Tek & Steele getting all political on us? Say Word!!

Little Brother – Time Of My Life
Didn’t see this track listed on the track listing of the album. Not bad, but not great either. Interesting interview with Big Pooh.

Trav’s Top Spins For the Week
1. Cunninlynguists – Dirty Acres
It should be fairly obvious that I am a big CL fan. This album has been growing and growing on me. More and more tracks are starting to really jump out at me. I won’t even start to say this is the “album of the year”, because something has to stay with me for a month or so for that privilege, but I will say that I’m enjoying this album. “Yellow Lines” and “Wonderful” have gotten a big part of this albums plays.

2. A collection of songs….We’ll call them the “K Collection.” Old soul songs, hip hop and corny R&B
This is about a collection of 10 songs that have been hitting the conscious late
ly. There is a reason behind it, but I’ll spare the details. It’s 10 songs ranging from Cunnin (Phonte’s verse is the verse of the year), to Blue & Exile, to U-Krew, to Otis Clay, to the Delfonics, to Sharon Jones, to Temprees. We’ll just say that these songs have gotten major play.

3. Archtype – Bleed For Them
If I plan on reviewing an album in the upcoming future, I try to leave it off of this list, just because its a given I’m going to be listening to an album a lot for a review. But if its something I genuinely want to listen to, I’ll include it in this list. This is one such album. This shit keeps growing and growing on me. I guess its fair to say its going to get a pretty good review. And it deserves it as well.

4. Blu & Exile – Below The Heavens
As I’ve said for the past three or four months, their are some inconsistencies on this album, but the great songs are just that; GREAT. The potential these two posses is freaking phenomenal. For now, I’ll say that even as an inconsistent album, it still battles for “Album of the Year” title, which says something about the album or the weakness that has been this year.

5. De La Soul Discography
De La is probably my favorite hip hop GROUP of all time, every so often, I just play them often. This week, it was my “go to sleep” music. If I can fall asleep to something, thats a good sign. It means I am comfortable enough to get “lost” in the music and drift away on a peaceful bliss of sleep. If I don’t like the music, I’m listening to and its just bugging the fuck out of me, meaning I’m not going to fall asleep anytime soon. Easy enough, right?


Why is the new Del dropping on Def Jux? Actually its a pretty good fit, but I’m not too excited about the whole thing.

Why do I love this Camp Lo freestyle so damn much?

Why do I think its great that the HOF is getting the Barry Bonds ball WITH the asterisk on it as well….Good shit people.

Why do all New York MC’s sound the same any more?

Why do I not believe Saigon will drop before the end of the year?

Why does this new digital song craze seem like a bad idea? If people aren’t buying CD’s, then what makes anyone think they will pay for the same thing they are getting for free? I’m still a little worried about future backlashes against blogs. Still no negative remarks yet for me, we’ll see if it continues.

Why would anyone be against the wild card in baseball after seeing the NL race this year? Fuck the Scrubs, fuck the Mets, go Rockies and Padres. Oh yeah, the Pirates are fucking pathetic.

Why, speaking of the Padres, was that Milton Bradley thing the craziest thing I’ve seen forever. The ump may have baited him, that still doesn’t give him any excuse to react that way. You are a professional ball player, fuckin’ act like one.

Why did I draft Drew Brees on my fantasy football team this year? Fucker.

Why have I never heard of this Jay Electronica dude that seems to be getting a buzz? And why is that a lame name? And why do I have a bad feeling about dude since he is dating Eyrika Badu. Dude is screwed. He is probably already eating Tofu burgers and talking about the trees, the plants and the earth already

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