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Linkety Laink 10-5

by Travis on October 7, 2007

Eric (WTR) drops a nice compilation of mostly newer material entitled “Show Me Your Soul”. The comp sees tracks from some nice MC’s and albums, everything from Cap D, to Blu & Exile, to my new found favorites Archtype (be on the look out for these cats). Good music to listen to on a Sunday afternoon after watching your NFL team take the “L”.

My homie Scholar drops an excellent post concerning cover songs for some classic soul, R&B, and even a tad of rock. He continues to “wow” me with great ideas and expanding my horizons with the other types of music out there.

Mike Dikk and his crew of “Expert White Boys” drop their monthly “Expert Whiteboy Analysis Top 25″, which is always good for killing an hour or so at work. They cover the Kanye and 50 albums along with their monthly “what is going on with Dipset” and other humorous antidotes

Dan Love at “From Da Bricks” drops a review of the Pete Rock show he went to recently. Not surprisingly, Dan had good things to say about that show.

I had to get a chuckle out of a-one posting the video clip of ODB interupting the grammy’s. Its funny seeing Dirty all liquored up (or maybe more) and going on a rant about Wu Tang is for the children. Man I miss Dirty.

Dart drops his opinions on a couple albums, including his own opinion on one of my favorite albums of the year in “Dirty Acres”.

Good to see Animal Mother at “And It’s Still All Good” back at the blogging tip again. He comes back in grand fashion with “Attack of the Killer Collabos”, a nice little collection of classic posse cuts.

Some classic old school videos at DJ Marioka’s “Real Hip Hop” blog, Ill Al Skratch, Trendz Of Culture, Dred Scott and a couple of others. Love the old videos.

DJ Ragz from the Jazz Addixx has posted some nice personal mixes that he has done in the past. Some good listening going on here. Good to see some of the artists embrace the blogs.

Music Selections drops a nice Paul Nice mixtape, who I’ve always been a fan of. “Journey To The Center of Beats” is a top notch little mix with even a Masta Ace freestyle that I don’t remember hearing before.

Nice little write up on some hard to find British old school hip hop on the the Northern Author. Since I’m not the best with the UK hip hop, its nice to read stuff on Hijack, Overlord X, and Demon Boyz.

The VH1 awards are celebrating…….the New Jack Swing movement? Wow, Polarity will be freaking ecstatic about that. Oh Word drops an interesting little write up about the whole thing.

Jeff Weiss from the Passion, fills everyone in on why he is a little weary of Slug and Ant of Atmosphere. Something to do with Porn ‘staches. Never trust a big but and a……porn stache? He actually might be on to something here.

Great old (and when I say old, I mean before I started buying “The Source” back in ’91) school interview with Ice Cube in The Source, around the time NWA broke up.

Oliver Wang is back at it again with a cool little series of groups using the same samples and asking “Who flipped it better?” Creative and fun….O-Dub just keeps setting the bar higher.

A couple pretty nice mixes by DJ Blueprint at This is Tomorrow. Really feeling the first one.

Too many dope 12′s being dropped at “Time 4 Sum Aksion” to individually mention, but damn, shit will keep me going with the maxi singles for the next while, for sure. Speaking of dope 12′s, Mad Human has some of the rare shit as well.

Nice write up on one of my favorite soul/funk albums in Baby Hueys’s “The Baby Huey Story: Living Legend”, at Milk Crate Breaks. Its always nice reading up on some of these albums.

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