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Weekend Lite

by Travis on October 9, 2007

Well by now, we’ve all seen the new layout and design. I realize everyone has their own preferences, but honestly I was growing bored with the old design and it wasn’t the easiest on the eyes by any means. This one was in the making for over two months, with Chris probably getting sick of me saying “add this, take away that, darken this, lighten that”, and probably not completely done doing that either. Either way, feel free to voice your opinion. Can’t promise I’ll take what you have to say in consideration, but at least you’ll get your voice heard.

Seems like the big news in the world of music itself is the judgment handed down on a woman for file sharing (peer to peer). She has been ordered to pay $222,000 for sharing music online. Looks like the RIAA is at it again. I mean, really? Really? The judgment came down at about Nine Grrr per song, for basically 24 songs. To me, this seems kind of excessive, although she was the first person to take the RIAA to court. I understand the whole copyright infringement thing…..I guess. But it seems to me there is a lot questions to be answered here. Did anyone actually use her music for “illegal purposes?”, thats something to be asked. And how the hell do you come up with $9,000 per song?

In all honesty, I’m surprised they haven’t gone after the bloggers. It seems like an easy target, but I like to think they are seeing the free promotions they are getting from sites like this. I know I’ve had a lot of labels (mostly independent with the exception of Atlantic) contact me about certain things. It is something to keep an eye on though. I think things are going to get worse before they get better.

RZA discusses “The Heart Gently Weeps”

RZA talks about how the song came about and the history. Good talk for all the Wu-Tang fans. I’m not sure what I think of the song yet, but I’m sure it’ll probably grow on me. The anticipation mounts. If you have been sleeping, the track can be found at Oh Word.

From The Inbox

The inbox was a little skimpy last week with my usual “connections” not sending much my way and what was sent weren’t exactly my type of thing, but regardless….

Nas – Surving The Times
New song from Nas’ upcoming “Greatest Hits” project dropping next month. I’m actually feeling this track quite a bit. Nice mellow beat and Nas does what he does best. For me Nas is usually hit or miss and this is a hit.

Ghostface – My Guitar

With all the hype surrounding the new Wu track, most of the blog nerds and internet heads will undoubtedly point out that they already used the sample for a Ghost track in ’04. Of course it never came out because of the sample issues, but its a great track that a lot of heads were trying to track down when it was rumored to be out there.

Phonte & DJ Spinna – One 4 Jay

Spinna re did a Dilla beat and Phonte of Little Brother is singing over it, yes, singing. I’m not sure what to think of this. I like when Phonte doesn’t take the singing part serious, but on this track he seems pretty serious. The beat is Dilla influenced for sure, but I’m still willing to say that not everything Dilla touched was gold.

Oldies but goodies….

Paula Perry – Extra Extra (produced by Primo)

The female member of Masta Ace Incorporated, Paul Perry was probably one of my favorite female MC’s at one time. She completed an album, but to my knowledge, it was never properly released, although I’ve heard from people that I would trust that have said there are promo versions of the album floating around. That means you would think this would pop up on the scene sooner or later. This track was produced by DJ Premier in the late 90′s so you know he was on top of his game.

Doswell – Watch Yourself (produced by Primo)
Not all that old (2003) but those was a dope track that not many people mention. Primo switches it up enough that you can’t say “That’s a DJ Premier track”. I know next to nothing about Doswell. The track though is a good example why New York hip hop is slipping so damn much, because this track was different enough, but still encompassed that traditional boom-bap New York flavor.

Trav’s Spins For The Week.

1. Archetype – Bleed For Them
I know Eric gets gung ho about certain artists and I’ve never really gotten overly crazy about anyone in particular myself, with maybe the exception of Storm Davis, but I must say, this group could turn into my “Ill Poetic” of the year. I’m just loving this album. The review is coming this week in which I’ll drop a little more knowledge on them and hopefully get the okay to post a couple tracks. For the time being, visit their myspace page.

2. Cunninlynguists – Dirty Acres
Just to show you how much of an effect that Archtype album is having on me, its even stealing some spins from the new Cunnin’ LP. Don’t get me wrong, I still played it an awful lot and its still growing more and more on me. It’ll be up there in the end for sure.

3. The “K Collection”
Assorted of music that is kind of like the soundtrack to some personal stuff I have going on. Nice nice old soul tracks and the such. Music has always been important in my everyday life and has always been a back drop to what may be going on in my personal life.

4. Edgar Allen Floe
– Floe Almighty

I played this quite often when it came out and it has a hand full of songs that I really like. I think there were two or three tracks that made my top 100 last year. I have a little something coming up concerning Floe, so I revisited the album. As good as I remembered.

5. J-Ro – Rare Earth B-Boy Funk Vol 2
I’ve been a big Alkaholiks fan since first hearing them on King Tee’s “Tha Trifflin’ Album”. J-Ro has been my favorite member of the crew although I’ll agree that Tash is a much better MC. There has been talk of a J-Ro solo album ever since 98 or so when I picked up a J-Ro and the Wolfpack mixtape at a Liks show I attended. This album is different than your typical Liks album, which isn’t much of a surprise, but there is some fun party stuff that will sure to help you pound some 40′s.


Why is all of sudden cool to proclaim “the number one ringtone” on a song now a days? Has hip-hop really slipped this far?

Why do I find it kind of funny that Lil Wayne got arrested in my birth place?

Why is Lupe acting like its not that big of a deal when it came to him fucking up the words to a A Tribe Called Quest song on a ATCQ tribute at the VH1 award. By him bringing it up and starting threads at Okayplayer he is making it a big deal.

Why do I kind of agree with Tay on the whole thing?

Why is Papoose doing a song using internet slang? Ehhhh….never mind, I’m not going to say anything else.

Why are albums like that Bee Why popping up more and more and how sad they didn’t come out when they should. There is some good music that didn’t drop when it should have….nature of the game I guess.

Why does that “American Gangster” flick look pretty damn cool. Its been awhile since I saw a good gang/mafia flick.

Why was I not aware of Phife’s battle with diabetes until now? Then again, there was that line “The Funky Diabetic”. I’ve lost too many brain cells. Get better Phife.

Why did I figure it was bound to happen, the two biggest egos in hip hop were bound to collide. KRS said that Kanye is NOT hip-hop. Hmmmmm……As much as I love KRS, why do I think this is an attempt to be relevant again.

Why, or better yet how, does Jermiane Dupri have the material to release a greatest hits package?

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