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The Interviews…

by Travis on October 10, 2007

We’ve all seen and read them, the hip hop interview. They’ve been around since well, hip hop started blowing up around the world. I know as a kid, I loved a good interview. There was always something to learn about an artist or group that I didn’t really know much about besides their music. Whether it was in a magazine like “The Source” or even a good Arsenio Hall show interview. Some artists put on a good interview, others are rather boring. You’ve always had the most over used phrase in hip hop being used by just about everyone with, “knowhattaImsaying”. You had others that just went bonkers during a live interview ala early Beastie Boys and you’ve even had controversial interviews that lead to someone getting fucked up or started beef. I’ve gotten a few interviews lined up in the next couple weeks and to kick off our celebration of the almighty interview, I’ve lined up some classic interviews from hip hop’s past.

Vanilla Ice on the Arsenio Hall show. Yes, its Vanilla Ice, and yes, they are talking about Hammer as well. I just think its funny how Arsenio puts Mr. Van Winkle on blast during the interview. Vanilla is just stammering along trying to get out of the thing with a little bit of respect.

Classic DMC interview where he shows off his pimped out Caddy. I was surprised I couldn’t find more earlier interviews with Run DMC as a group

The infamous Ice-T/Bodycount incident hits Australia. This was a huge thing back in the day, Warner Brothers went through the ringer and in a way so did Ice, who is probably lucky to make it through this whole thing in fairly unscathed fashion.

The Beastie Boys on the…..Joan Rivers show? The older heads will remember a Beasties group that wasn’t trying to save Tibet, or the calm dudes they are now. The Beasties were, the best way to put it, brats. If anyone ever saw the video release they did with “Licensed To Ill” will remember the crew groping barely old enough girls, putting their hands down their pants, throwing water on a journalist in a hotel room and basically trashing a hotel room. This interview has the B-boys in raaaare form with Joan Rivers. Hilarity ensues.

A classic interview with Masta Ace. You know I couldn’t sneak by without posting some “Slaughtahouse” vintage of Masta Ace. Also an added bonus of him in the “Music Man” days.

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