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Weekend Lite: The Quiet Before The Storm

by Travis on October 12, 2007

The last couple weeks have been relatively quiet on the retail front in the music biz. As most casual observers know, the fourth quarter (the last three months) of the year is prime pickings for the big dogs to throw out their projects in time for the holidays. I noticed last night that Little Brother’s “The Get Back” leaked. Not sure I’d lump them in with the “big dogs”, but I’m sure plenty underground heads have been waiting for the release. I haven’t heard enough to give a viable opinion (one listen does not make a review), but I think we can count this as the start of the rush. Of course there is the Jay-Z release for the film “American Gangster” which is sure to dominate much of the message board/blog talk for the next couple months. Its already gaining steam, with the single “Blue Magic” being leaked (not sure I like it or not) a long with a video. An interview also popped up this week discussing the new album? A return to the hustler Jay-Z? We shall see.

Nas has his “Greatest Hits” LP dropping as well. I think greatest hits comps are a thing of the past, with people being able to make their own. Trust me, my Nas’ greatest hits would be much different than what they have on it. Oochie wally? Give me a break and how can “Nas Is Like” NOT be on there? That “Surviving The Times” track that I posted last week is nice though.

December 4th is turning into a big day for hip hop heads, if all the release dates hold up. Saigon’s album, “The Greatest Story Never Told”, FINALLY sees the light of day. Reportedly produced by Just Blaze, Saigon has been on the hustle for a while now. I’m actually starting to anticipate this more than I have in the past. Just Blaze is probably my favorite mainstream producer out there these days, including Kanye.

Styles P, Wyclef (yawn), and Three 6 Mafia all reportedly drop on that faithful Tuesday, although I’m sure with Wu being moved back to Dec 4th, will cause some of the other lesser artists to scramble to reschedule their drop dates. Also a new entrant to the fiasco, Wu’s own Ghostface says he too will also drop an album on Dec 4th as well, which is puzzling to me to say the least. Then again, I can see a lot of Wu-Tang fans picking up both at the same time, so it might be a smart idea. We shall see. Ahh, it could be a crazy fourth quarter.

In other Ghostface news, Tony Starks is dropping a book:

The World According to Pretty Toney is set to drop Nov 1st via MTV Press…

For all y’all smart dumb cats out there.” Legendary Hip Hop artist, Ghostface Killah, settles into one of his most popular characters(Pretty Toney(and offers readers a hilariously unique perspective on life via guides to and advice on everything from sex to gambling, family to education, even how to eat on just $5 a day, better known as The Hustler’s Diet. A singular twist on Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People for the hip hop generation complete with illustrative photos.

Born as a series of shorts on MTV2, Pretty Toney and his musings quickly became a channel and online hit, with fans uploading the shorts on YouTube and circulating them virally.
The book will also include a CD of Ghostface reading the material, the perfect accompaniment to enjoying the book.

Barnes and Nobles… Amazon… ECampus all have it up already. BN has it for Nov. 28, but last I heard Nov. 1 was the release date.

This is going to turn into a weekly feature that will appear with the Weekend Lite post. If you wish to have something to promote please feel free to email me and I’ll throw it up here. Do try to keep in mind the type of visitors the site has. Some types of music probably won’t reach your targeted audience as well as it would other places.

It was a busy week for the inbox this time around. Some dope stuff, some stuff that I’ll let the readers decide on……

Project Pat’s “Rubber Band Man”, which is better than “Don’t Call Me No More”, not that’s saying much. But I could hang with this one if I had to.

Project Pat – Rubber Band Man

Camp Lo – A Touch Of Mink (Philaflava swipe)
A track off of some foreign DJ’s joint (someone I’ve never heard of before). Pretty nice joint, probably just as good as anything that was on “Black Hollywood”.

New single, “Hustle Hard,” featuring and produced by Alchemist, from Infamous Mobb’s forthcoming LP, Reality Rap, which will be released on 11-6-07 and features guest appearances from Mobb Deep’s Havoc, Erick Sermon, Alchemist, Big Noyd and features production from Havoc, Alchemist, Erick Sermon and Evidence.

Infamous Mobb – Hustle Hard

Some more Wu stuff from my “inside connections”…yeah, thats how I’m rollin.

Hell Razah f/ Shabazz the Disciple (Produced by Blue Sky, Black Death aka BSBD) – AudioBiography (Off The New Album ‘Razah’s Ladder’ In-Stores October 23!)
Sav Killz (Produced by DJ Architect) - Catching Wreck (Off The New Mixtape ‘Sav Killz – Still Determined’ Coming Soon!)
Solomon Childs f/ Will Geiss – Nothing to Lose (Off The New Album ‘My Motion Picture’ Coming Soon via Wu Music Group)

JoJo Pellegrino – Possessed (Produced by Marco Polo)
In addition, here are 2 joints from the Kryme Life’s (Theodore Unit) album, ‘The Kryme Wave’.
Kryme Life f/ Tommy Whispers and Triple OG
Kryme Life – Stars & Stripes

Young Buck
Hot off the heels of his recen
tly released sophomore album, “Buck the World,” Young Buck returns to the scene with the release of “Young Buck Presents: Product Of The South” compilation on his very own Cashville Records. The album features the mic-wielding of 615 and Outlawz, among others. More than just a musical force to be reckoned with, Buck will also be entering the world of clothing and jewelry by the end of year, illustrating the type of triple threat he is becoming.

Young Buck – Driving Down The Freeway

I actually really like this song. Never heard much Buck before, for probably obvious reasons, but this was a smooth song.

Donnie Darko – Summer Time Madness b/w On My Block pt 2

Hue Hef – Carolina Heat b/w Cloud 9

Videos (also from the inbox)

New video from Smif N Wessun, “Gotta Say It,” directed by Rik Cordero (who also filmed Jay-Z’s “American Gangsta” Trailer) off Smif N Wessun’s forthcoming LP “The Album” in stores Oct. 23rd.

Boot Camp Clik’s “BK ALL DAY” directed by General Steele (Smif N Wessun) and Cynical of BTU Entertainment. Off BCC’s “Casualties of War” album in stores now.

I’m digging this song more now after seeing this video. Who says videos aren’t useful in promoting songs?

Trav’s Top Spins For The Week

1. Archetype – Bleed For Them
I think I said everything I can say in the recent review of this album. The more I get into this album, the better it is. The beats, the rhymes….its just good music. Check the tracks if you haven’t already.

2. Cunninlynguists – Dirty Acres
I have a feeling these first two albums could get the most play for the next little while at least. I don’t think I’m going end up liking this one as much as APOS as it just doesn’t switch up things enough for my tastes. I’m not talking drastic changes, but just an uptempo joint here and there.

3. The “K Collection”
The mysterious collection, which as I’ve said is just a collection of songs that kind of reflect some feelings and thoughts I have in this juncture of my life. Little bit of hip hop, some soul and funk and even a lame R&B song…but I spend an hour or so each night listening to these songs. Kind of like talking to an old friend.

4. Poorly Drawn People – Nothing Stays Gold
Storm Davis’ crew brings it on a free mixtape I upped a week or two ago. Nice variety of things on here and my man Storm brings a sharper flow to the mic. Very enjoyable and I don’t have to feel guilty for downloading. Guilt free enjoyment is always the best kind.

5. Dev Rocka – The Night Shift
Another production album from the dude who did a lot of the JuJu Mob, Chief Kamanchi, and Reef production. This is a solid effort that got more than a few spins from me. Lots of different artists show up to drop a rhyme or two.

is probably waaaay to late for Ras Kass even though he FINALLY got off of Capitol. This is coming from someone who would consider Ras one of his all-time favorite lyricists.

Why did it take this long for Def Jam to let Joe Budden go?

Why has Def Jam just gone to shit for the past….oh, well I guess 10 years plus. Oh well.

Why do I love the title track from Public Enemy’s “How You Sell Soul To Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul”, maybe because of the G-Wiz production? Reminds me of something on the old PE joints.

Why do I have a bad feeling about Prodigy of Mobb Deep serving 3 1/2 years in prison for a gun charge? Dude gets his ass kicked on the outside enough, jail can’t be any easier.

Why did I think Jadakiss was already signed to Def Jam?

Why, despite hating bandwagon fans, and still proclaiming the Pittsburgh Pirates as my baseball team, am I right smack dab in the middle of the Colorado Rockies bandwagon? Yeah, I know living here has something to do with it, but there is something likable about the team. Except Matt Holliday, he is a douche bag.

Why doesn’t Lupe Fiasco just shut the fuck up before he digs himself in even deeper? Hammer was way more popular than Tribe? He was more into Hammer than Tribe? Fuck that shit.

Why, after three listens today, I’m not really feeling the Little Brother joint. I want to, I really do, but its just go way too much singing and this is coming from someone that LOVED the Foreign Exchange project when people said that had too much singing. That said, I’ll still probably support and probably still keep listening to this and try to like it…but I don’t know. “Sirens” is pretty tight though.

Why did Phonte leak his own album? And shit, it caught like wildfire across the internet.

Why do I not care about the rumors of Canibus retiring? Can someone say Hip Hop’s version of Joe Charboneau?

Why don’t LL and Jay-Z just get it on? I’m interested to see if LL still has anything left in the tank.

Why does it piss me off that Al Gore won the Noble Peace prize? No, I’m not anti-gore, but there was a lot of bogus bullshit in that documentary he did…a LOT of bullshit.

Why do I hope the Cowboys and Patriots just injure each other and fuck up both of their seasons this weekend?

Why would JT Money go and do something stupid like shoot someone in a club? Man, I always like Poison Clan too.

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