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The Terrible Two's and The Week In Links…..

by Travis on October 15, 2007

I’ve been so busy lately that I completely forgot that The Daughter celebrated her second birthday last week (a link to the post that started it all off….yes, nothing remarkable). Did I think I’d still be doing this two years later? Eh, not sure, but I’m glad I have. It’s been a wild ride. The Daughter has grown up over the years from being a single track blog with no more than 50 visitors a day to being known for out of print albums to the new phase “more of us and less of the albums” and seeing 1,000+ visitors a day. We’ve had fans and naysayers, but I never claimed to do this for anyone other than myself for the most part. We still have every person who has ever contributed to the site, even though a few of them are MIA as far as the blog is concerned although I’ve been in touch with pretty much everyone the past month or so. So a big thanks to everyone who has ever checked us out, left a comment, sent off an email or voiced an opinion. It makes it easier spending the at minimum 5-10 hours a week (probably more, but that would look even worse) working on this blog. A lot of “blood (the time I tore off my toe nail getting up from the computer desk), sweat (working on the blog when my air conditioning was out) and tears” (the time the computer crashed with a huge “Friday Request” almost done) have gone into this blog. I hope it continues on.

What do we have lined up for the future? World domination, or at least being able to say I got some ass because of this blog by the third year of its exsistence. Yeah, probably wishful thinking on both parts. For now, I’ll just say I have more interviews than I know what to do with and I really mean that, I don’t really know what to do with them all. But we’ll find away and I hope it makes for some good reading in the future.

WYDU also has another magazine appearance, or at least so I’ve been told. The co-founder, Polarity has hooked up a monthly column (again, so I’ve been told, I haven’t seen the magazine or done any of the talking) in a new magazine that is in Australia called Peak Street. As I’ve mentioned, I’m don’t know much about it, but Polarity and I turned in our first column, which was basically a “remix” of our Knucklehedz column due to time constraints and the such. Each month, Polarity and I will do what we do best and highlight a lost album from yesteryear. So if you are from “the land down under” then check it out, then send me your copy of the magazine so I can see it as well.

I guess today is conscious environmental blogger day, which means I should say something environmentally conscious. I debated on what to talk about. As someone that has spent the last four years trying to finish out a meteorology degree, I’m not sold on the fact that global warming is totally man made. They don’t tell you about the natural bounce back out of the last Ice Age we are naturally experiencing. They show you all those “records” we are having, yet we’ve barely been record keeping for a hundred years in some places and anything temperature and weather observation that is past 50 years is suspect to say the least (equipment and observation practices were suspect). I’m not saying its not happening, I’m just saying people need to once again think for themselves before jumping on the bandwagon. Obviously we are adding to the problem, so I guess my food for thought is…..If you can walk, ride a bike, take a train/light rail, or car pool, by all means go for it. Enough preaching, as liberal as I like to claim to be, I’m probably not the most eco-friendly person in the world. Yeah, I know, I’m a dirty bastard.

I finally broke down and set up one of those “Rate Your Music profiles. Actually I signed up back in August, but I finally got around to doing something with it just now. Since 90% of my collection has been either on this site or been found on another site, if you are interested in what I have laying around then take a gander at it. Of course its a work in progress and with just 150 albums or so on there currently, I’m just scraping the surface. With my upcoming changes in my personal life, I could have a lot of spare time on my hands to update it though.


My man Dart Adams, adds his own flair to the art of album reviews with a nice little ranking system that quite frankly has me jealous, although that dime piece that he has for “maybe” gives me that special feeling in my loins.

Scholar is my idol, plain and simple. I wanted to find a reason not to ride the jock, but once again, I couldn’t. More great “Souled On Samples” popped up last Monday. I just love that series. Then Scholar grabs one of my favorite sites, “Martini & Joparelli’s Music Selection”, to do the guest post with some great tunes to be had. I’m sure Scholar has more guest bloggers in the wings waiting….hmmmmm…..I wonder who else might show up?

Speaking of Martini & Joparelli, a “Happy Birthday” also goes out to Music Selections. They are kickin’ off their birthday celebration by having some guest bloggers hit up the site dropping some knowledge. Who knows what kind of misfits you may find.

GREAT POST by Animal Mother on the history and the finer aspects of that overlooked 5th element of the Hip Hop culture, the art of Beatboxing. For worthwhile read.

Flood Watch Music drops one of, if not the best post of the year with its look inside the “The Science Behind the Hip Hop Kick Drum”. Sure, it might be kind of technical, but shit like this simply amazes me to no end. The depth that is found in this post is freakin’ amazing.

Volume 2 of Jaz’s JVC Tapedeck Fat Tape pops up on Jaz’s “Cold Rock Da Spot”, I dig the shit Jaz puts on these. Hard to find and good music populate this one.

Nice little collection of Bay Area tracks from Hugo The Dude. I’m not the most knowledgeable person when it comes the Bay Area stuff by any sense of the means, so this even schooled me some.

The one known here in Colorado as CH Commish drops an interesting little write up on all the things you may or may not have known about Lord of the Undergrounds “Chief Rocka”.

My man Dan Love continues his streak of fire posts with a great interview with Eddie James who did some production in the late 90′s for the likes AK Skillz.

A-one at Know Good Music drops one of my favorite animals last week, 90′s mixtapes straight from NYC. This one is DJ Clue, who had his questionable moments, but still had some good shit back in the day.

Eric at WTR drops his two cents on the recently leaked Little Brother LP, “The Get Back”, claiming its not as bad as he originally thought. In other “Get Back” news, Andrew also throws up the note that Phonte included in the leak, which still puzzles me. Travis stays mum on the whole thing for the most part. At least I’ll check them out on concert…again (they are a good live show).

The crew at Streets On Beats drops an indepth review of Insane Poetry’s “Fallen From Grace” LP. Something different from the normal everyday blog shit we all read.

O-Dub continues his incredibly entertaining “Who Flipped It Better” series, comparing uses of the same sample by different artists, or in some cases, the same artists.

Treebeats aka What It Is aka Too Fat, Fat You Must Cut Lean continues his assault on the alphabet of his “A to Z posting compilations of things really dope” with highlighting the letter “K”. One of the more original on the “blog scene”, but go ahead and give him shit for not having up the new Little Brother album for download. And even if that doesn’t interest you, there is a hot picture of Kim Kardashian, which is one socialite that I don’t mind seeing more of…dayum, those curves!

Names over at Brew Rhymes with Crew aka Developing True Heads Since ’07 drops a heartfelt post that makes me feel like there still is hope for some of the younger heads out there these days. Do you still love her? (And he isn’t talking about you mom neither.)

Northern Author drops some science on some recent releases from across the pond. If you are like me, you tend to over look a lot of the stuff coming out of the UK, so get the DL on Plan B and Sway.

Essential Elements is dropping some crazy shit as of late. A video of some live concert footage from a PE show in 1987 and a grip load of Funk joints in his compilation called “Hit The Breaks”. I know I’m digging this shit.

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