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by Staff on October 17, 2007

As most of you I’m a fan of Scholars Souled on Samples series, I know there are a lot of heads out there that know every fucking sample premier has ever flipped, or at least they claim to and there are a whole lot more people who are more into this than me. It was only when I first got a record of the “premo collection” and first listened to the Meters “Funky Miracle” and Marlena Shaws “California Soul” that I realized that through hip
hop I could discover more great music I couldn’t enjoy due to my age or where I was coming from or whatever..

So here’s a compilation of a bunch of my favourite samples , pretty much all classics, so most of the people who are into this should already have those mp3s in their collection, basically you will most of the times immediately be aware who used this or that track. So it’s nothing hard to find and you don’t need to be an expert to find out where this is coming from, well some (let’s say most) tracks I grabbed from the souled on samples series anyway… haha.

Travis also already pointed out on the previous post that Scholar dropped a new one. I don’t know how you feel but I’m pretty much enjoying only those one’s I’m immediately recognising, I think Eric from WTR also did a couple of series influenced by the souled on samples, so guys keep up with that stuff…
Ps:put corrections in the comments there might be some..


1. David McCallum – The Edge (dr. dre-next episode; masta ace-no regrets)

2. Fred Williams the Jewels Band – Tell Her (talib kweli-listen)

3. Sting – Shape of My Heart (nas-the message)

4.The Jackson 5 – All I do is think of you (the roots-can’t stop this,jdilla-time the donut of the heart)

5. Joe Sample – In All My Wildest Dreams (2pac-dear mama)

6. Buddy Miles – Pain (murs-the pain)

7. Willie Hutch – Hospital prelude of Love Theme (masta ace-good ol love,notorious big-ready2die, mobb deep-still shinin)

8. Aretha Franklin – One Step Ahead (mos def-ms.fat booty)

9. Stan Getz – Saudade Vem Correndo (the pharcyde-runnin’)

10. Ray Charles – I Got a Woman (kanye west-gold digger)

11. Black Ivory – We Made It (nas-revolutionary warfare)

12. Marlena Shaw – California Soul (gangstarr-check the technique)

13. The Temptations – Message From A Black Man (mos def-undeniable,ill bill-unstoppable)

14. The Five Stairsteps – Ooh Child (2pac-keep ya head up)

15. Rose Royce – Wishing On A Star (masta ace-beautiful)

16. Jimmy Spicer – Bubble Bunch (busta rhymes-do the bus a bus) HAHAHA


On a side note, for the Digital Underground fans who haven’t noticed, I think Shock G is updating his website. This might be due to their new release or something, so for those who still don’t got it, get their free “The Lost Files” album which is already up there for years, but which could be down in a minute, who knows…

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