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Weekend Lite: The One With The Crazy Weekend

by Travis on October 19, 2007

Well boys and girls, another week comes to a close. The personal life keeps getting more hectic, but the blog is looking good so that makes things a little easier to handle things. Yes, this blog has been somewhat therapeutic to me in a sense. This weekend…oh boy, its on. My best friend for the past ten years is flying into town for the weekend. Needless to say, when him and I hangout, there is always an outside chance that one or both of us will wind up in the city jail for the night. We’ve done everything from take on a night club’s security force which turned into a full on brawl, kind of like you’d see in the movies, while we sneaked out the side door to stealing a life sized cut out of Boba Fett from a movie rental place drunk off our asses.

This weekend he flies in tonight (Friday night) and we will both go to the Broncos Vs. Steelers game Sunday night. He is a Broncos fan, and of course we all know that I am a die hard Steelers fan. When we were roommates in the late 90′s, we had some vicious wars in our apartment the week of games. In ’97 when the Steelers were well on their way having the best record in the AFC, the two teams met up in December. The week leading up to the game, we both bartended together so both teams banners got ripped down off the bar’s walls, my Steelers helmet was redecorated with a Broncos logo, signs reminding him of Denver’s four Super Bowl losses littered the apartment. It was out and out war. This year with the Donkey’s being a little off, Steve-O isn’t expecting much, but I’m sure the war of words will heat up after a few beers. Needless to say, you probably won’t see much of me this weekend. I’m writing this up Friday morning in hopes to post it up Saturday and if I happen to get another post before he flies in at 9pm tonight, then it’ll go up Sunday, but I might be late answering emails and cbox responses. Here’s to inebriation.

On to some music…..

Goodies From The Inbox

Mick Boogie returns with a new classic…
Co-starring Kanye West, 9th Wonder and Terry Urban!
(download link below!)
Mick Boogie and Terry Urban link up with legendary producer 9th Wonder to come with this exciting new release…

Kanye West ::: The Graduate

(sponsored by LRG)
Featuring special interludes from Kanye himself…

League Crew/Kanye West: Intro
Kanye West and 50 Cent: Flashing Lights (Mick Boogie Mix)
Kanye West and Nas: I Wonder (Terry Urban Mix)
Kanye West and Jay-Z: Never Leave Me Down (9th Wonder Remix)
Kanye West and Jay-Z: Big Brother/Encore (live)
Kanye and Mos Def: Good Night
Kanye West: I Still Love Her
Kanye West: Stronger (Original Unreleased Verse)
Kanye and Nas: Major League (Mick Boogie Mix)
Kanye and Biggie: Kicks Open Doors (Terry Urban Mix)
Kanye West: A Million And One
Kanye West, Little Brother and Lil Wayne: Breakin’ My Heart (Mick Boogie Mix / produced by 9th Wonder)
Kanye West: Champion (live)
Kanye West and Jay-Z: Everything I am (Terry Urban Mix)
Kanye West: Freestyle
Kanye West and Common: Get ‘Em High (A-Trak Remix)
Consequence and Kanye West: Complications (Mick Boogie Mix)
Kanye West and Ludacris: Breathe In (9th Wonder Remix)
Kanye West and Talib Kweli: The Bounce/Two Words (live)
Kanye West: Two Words (9th Wonder Remix)
Kanye, Dr. Dre and Busta Rhymes: Imagine 2008 (Terry Urban Remix)
Kanye West, Consequence, & Patti Labelle: Anything
Consequence and Kanye West: Skillz (Terry Urban Mix)
Kanye West and Common: Glory (Mick Boogie Remix)
Kanye West and Termanology: Everything (The Diddy Song)
Kanye West and Consequence: Don’t Forget ‘Em
Kanye West, Common and Lupe Fiasco: Southside (Terry Urban)
Kanye West and Little Brother: Naaw (9th Wonder Bonus Track)

or find it at

Playaz CircleCheck out the hot new single Duffle Bag Boy” by Playaz Circle feat. Lil’ Wayne . ‘Supply And Demand’ In Stores: October 30th!

The history of music is replete with dynamic duos, all of whom have made an indelible impression on this genre of music called hip-hop. Over the years great acts like EPMD, Raekwon &
, Outkast and 8ball & MJG have made history by consistently releasing classic material that has impacted the lives of generations to come. With the release of
Atlanta-based duo Playaz Circle‘s fantastic debut LP entitled Supply And Demand, Tity Boi and Dolla Boy will make history by expanding the list of seminal hip-hop duos by one more entry.

Check out the hot new music here:

Duffle Bag Boy – Video

We Are – Video

Check out the entire Mixtape “The Saga Begins” below.



01. We Are: featuring Jihod and M Beezy
02. We Workin
03. Duffle Bag Boy ft. Lil Wayne
04. Everytime ft. Rick Ross
05. Get Money Freestyle
06. We Are the Ones ft Jihod
07. Tony Montana
08. Get Doe
09. 2nd to None ft Raekwon
10. I Love Money
11. The LockDown ft Jihod and M Beezy
12. Bitch Chill ft EightBall and MJG
13. Gucci Bag
14. Million Dollar Habits ft Slick Pulla
15. Streets Ain’t Safe
16. The Re-Up
17. I Feel Sorry
18. No Grudge ft Lil Wayne

Check out the official MySpace page below:


Blue Sky Black Death feat Hell Razah – Razah’s Ladder

I’m really feeling this track. I wasn’t a big fan of last years Blue Sky Black Death album, but I really enjoyed Razah’s solo effort this year. Haven’t heard the album as of yet, but I’m looking forward to it. Here is the new video for the single


I got 2 new bangers for you. One by Fes Taylor off an upcoming solo album, as you know he’s an Inspectah Deck protege (he’s one hungry MC). The other is by 9th Prince of Killarmy, whom is currently locked down till Summer 2008. The album is being released to help support his wife, while he serves his time. If possible, please mention the producers of these tracks.
1) Fes Taylor - Money (Produced by Granddaddy I.U.) (Off the Upcoming ‘Taylor Made Part 2. album – Coming Soon!)
2) 9th Prince (Killarmy) – Bottomline (Produced by William Cooper) (Off The Upcoming ‘Prince of New York‘ album – In Stores October 30th!)

Talented Staten Island emcee’s straight out of Park Hill (Fes Taylor) & West Brighton (Mr. Prezident, formerly of the group The UMC’s). They have asked me to push these 2 joints for their album ‘King of Hearts’ which came out today:

Heart Foundation (Fes Taylor & Mr. Prezident) - Won’t Lose (New Album ‘King of Hearts’ In-Stores Now!)
Heart Foundation (Fes Taylor & Mr. Prezident) – Fightin Fussin (New Album ‘King of Hearts’ In-Stores Now!)

(Trav): The UMC’s? Really? So both UMC’s members are doing their own thing these days? Ver interesting

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