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A new drink!

by Juice Mannen Hugo on October 21, 2007

Alright people what’s good? A minute ago Travis dropped a comment on a post I did over at my other site saying I could do a couple of posts here. Didn’t think twice, writing for an established site like this. I might just ad something, who knows what’s to come. New look, new writers, WYDU’s making moves! Hopefully for the better! Being slightly younger then the other writers here naturally I got a different point of view on hip hop. I wasn’t around as a fan during the golden era. I been given hints on which records where the biggest or which songs where had the most radio play but it’s a different thing reading about in a blog then living it. Shit I learn new stuff every day just reading blogs, like Richie Rich was in a group called 415? Never knew… And I’m Swedish, so WYDU is now even more international! That shouldn’t matter any though, except my post may come at strange hours and I got a different keyboard so I can confuse yall with letters like these Å, Ä, Ö! Haha.. Pöss! Enough nonsense!

Hm, I was planning on writing something classy on how I can bring a fresh view on a lot elder hip hop because lots of supposed classic records aren’t mementos sort to days long gone, which I’m thinking they are to anyone who was around when they dropped. Meaning I have a different view point on say, Strictly Business considering first time I actually listened to it was like six months ago. But nah, it’s not working I couldn’t come up with anything understandable so I’ll just leave it at this. So…

…anyhoo, I know a couple of records I feel still get missed out even among bloggers. Like the Messy Marv debut Messy Situationz. Messy Marv is from the Fillmore district of San Francisco, California and has been rapping since the mid nineties. In 1996 he was living life as a criminal in the Bay area doing all kind of illegal activities, selling drugs as a main source of income. He even lived in his car till the family of fellow rapper Sann Quinn took him in giving him a safer and better everyday situation. Right now Messy Marv’s more productive then ever, even though he’s in prison he’ll release another record mid November.

Even though he claims he didn’t take rap seriously back then he managed to make a decent debut record. Starting with a ghetto tale about that sets the vibe for the whole album, a ghetto production with the usual topics covered. Storytelling about gangster life, the ups, money, drugs, women. And the downs, mother on welfare addicted to cocaine, racism, poverty, snitching. Messy Marv anno 1996 is a fully adequate rapper focusing on the storytelling, sort of painting lyrical pictures describing any kind of situation he want to speak on. I’m having problems finding any kind of information about this record really. From what I figure most production is from JT The Bigga Figga. Also a couple of tracks done by Mess himself, and some by G Man Stan and The Sekret Service, never heard of those guys before. Funky beats with lots of piano loops and some blues samples. Kind of laid back simple beats, no wicked scratches or anything like that. There’s also a whole bunch of guest appearances which I have no info on, I’m pretty sure I’m hearing Sann Quinn a couple of times tough.. The strongest track is the first. It starts off with some dude singing blues for a couple of seconds over some keyboard playing or something (I really don’t now nothing on how these sounds are created, even the low tech beat making is unknown to me). Right after that Mess lays a solid verse and threw out the whole track the funky production and piano play together creates a memorable track well worthwhile listening to again and again.. Enjoy!

Messy Marv – Messy Situations (1996)
Released 05.15.96

1. Ghetto Blues
2. Children’s Story
3. Phd’s
4. In The Game
5. Dank Sessions
6. Messy Situations
7. A Poor Mans Dream
8. On The D.L.
9. Ghetto Glamour Hood Ho’s
10. Game to Be Sold
11. Too Hot
12. Freak Down
13. The Back Streets
14. The Chronic

Messy Marv:

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