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Rhymes Galore…

by Staff on October 24, 2007

This post right here is for the party people and goes back to ’99, my second year being into hip hop, when I first started to buy those maxi singles…

Dj Skribbels Everybody Come On was the first one I bought (well ok the first one was Will Smith’ Men in Black in ’97 haha..), I bought it mainly because of the video which was dope as hell, I couldn’t find it anywhere so if anybody got that let me know, I think it was only puppets doing some wild ish can’t remember much of it.

I also found the original sample of that track which has been posted not long ago on Certified Banger. It features a now more established and known Consequence, Busta Rhymes in his good days, Rampage and Spliff from the Flipmode Squad and Ed Lover. It was released by Fila Records, never knew they had a record label, their internet site has been replaced by some Chinese site or something like that, well anyways..

…next would be a collaboration between Germany and the States by none other than Dj Tomekk and Grandmaster Flash featuring Afrob, Flavor Flav from Public Enemy and Mc Rene, it’s a banger, even if you can’t understand some German parts, hell just the instrumental version makes this worth checking out and don’t compare this with what Tomekk is doing those days, whatever that may be..

So with that being said, I don’t wanna bore you anymore, reminiscing on my “old” days (haha) , grab it here:

DJ Tomekk vs Grandmaster Flash feat. Afrob, Flavor Flav, Mc Rene:
1,2,3, Rhymes Galore (from new york to germany)
1.Radio Version
2.DJ Desue Remix
3.Bubblez Remix
4.DJ Sepalot Remix
5.Jeep Mix
6.Instrumental Version
Download here

DJ Skribble feat. Busta Rhymes, Rampage, Spliff, Consequence, Ed Lover
Everybody Come On
1.NMCB Radio Edit
2.Original Radio Edit
3.Stripe Remix Edit
4.NMCB 12’’
Download here

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